Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Or, More Lies

[Originally Aired March 22, 2006]

Jin and Sun are about the get their fuck on. Sun likes to get her fuck on. Jin only wants to procreate and asks if Sun ovulating. Romantic, that one. The two argue. Sun says Jin works too much. Jin says maybe her daddy-o will give him a desk job (i.e. one not beating the shit out of people) if they have a kid. Jin suggests they see a fertility specialist. On the beach Locke asks Ana to interview Henry, since she used to be a cop. Ana asks if it is okay with Jack. Locke says he doesn't need Jack's permission for shit. He's getting a chip on his shoulder. In flashback, Sun studies English. With Mr. Lee! Ain't he supposed to be in America with his girl? Later Locke runs the idea past Jack and when Jack says it is okay, Locke says Ana's already with Henry. Sun tends to her garden and Jin approaches and asks why she's all alone in the jungle. He tells her to come back to the beach, and when she refuses, Jin trashes her garden. Someone's back on the douchewagon. Sun stomps back to the beach, leaving Jin behind. At the shore she gets a little light-headed. Rose and Bernard bicker over him having forgot her birthday. He says he didn't forget, he just has no idea what the hell day it is. Rose assures him it is Saturday, and he missed her birthday. They ask if Sun is feeling okay, she says she's fine. She probably pregnant. Duh. In the hatch Ana interrogates Henry and convinces him to draw her a map to his balloon. If she finds his balloon, everyone will believe his story. Sun interrupts Sawyer who's reading some Judy Blume. She asks him for a pregnancy test. In Korea Sun and Jin find out Sun cannot get pregnant due to scarring on her inner tubes and whatnot. Jin accuses her of hiding it from him before their wedding. She lashes back that she'd have no reason to trap a fisherman's son like that. Ooh, burn! Jin throws a tantrum in the doctor's office before storming out. Ana leaves her interrogation with the map, but doesn't tell Jack or Locke about it. She asks Sayid to help her find the clearing and the balloon. They head out on their quest and for some reason Charlie goes with them. Just like when he was in Lord of the Rings, I suspect he is going along for the express purpose of getting captured by bad guys. Damn, that guy should learn to stay home. Sun pees on her test and her and Kate see that it is positive. Sun looks unhappy about this. They ask Jack how accurate the test is, and he confirms she's probably pregnant. He also suggests Sun tell Jin everything. Meanwhile, Bernard tries to fish for oysters, so he can give Rose a pearl necklace for her birthday. Jin tells him there are no oysters and Sawyer arrives, calls Jin "daddy-o" and chats with Barnard. Jin is annoyed he can't really understand them. Sun and Lee continue their lessons, even though Sun is pretty much fluent at this time. Lee asks why she's learning English. She says she's moving to America. He relates how his trip to America didn't work out and asks her to stay. He asks her to stay and be with him. Ana and Sayid study the map and believe they're heading the right way. Sayid notes they may be heading where Henry wants them to, but not necessarily to his balloon. Ana asks Charlie about the gun he is carrying and tells him he should give it someone who knows how to use it. Charlie gets all kettle-blacky and calls her a murderer. He gives the gun to Sayid nonetheless. That night, as they sit by the fire, Ana apologizes to Sayid for killing Shannon. Sayid says she was just trying to protect her people, he understands that. He blames the Others for her death. In the jungle Jin replants the garden. Sun asks him what he is doing. "Correcting a mistake," he says. Then he tells her how much he needs her. He has no one to talk to other than her. Flashback and the fertility doc approaches Sun alone in the park. He tells her he lied. Jin is the one that is sterile. Fear of him and who he worked for caused the doc to lie. Sun tells Jin she's pregnant and he is stunned. She tells him about what the doctor said, and he wonders how it is possible for her to be pregnant. Sun assures him she's never slept with anyone else. He believes it is a miracle. Then he giggles over Sawyer's "daddy-o" comment. As he starts to head back to the beach Sun tells him "I love you." This surprises them both. Ana and Sayid and Charlie find the clearing in Henry's drawing, but there is no balloon. Ana insists they thoroughly search the area before returning to the beach. At the hatch Jack lets Henry out of the lockup and offers his some Dharma Krispies. Henry asks how old the food is. Jack and Locke don't know. Henry comments they don't seem to know much about the hatch then tells them about the map. He contemplates what he would do if he really were an Other. He says he'd have sent the searchers to an isolated spot where they'd be ambushed and taken prisoner. Then the Others could use the prisoners to trade for him. Good thing he's not one of them. Then he asks "You guys got any milk?"

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