Monday, August 10, 2009


Or, The Dark Horse

[Originally Aired November 30, 2005]

Morning on the beach, Sun and Jin embrace outside their tent. Hurley gives them a thumbs-up. Not too far away, Sayid digs a grave. In the bunker Jack tends to Sawyer. In his delirium, Sawyer asks "Where is she?" then follows that with "I love her." Jack is annoyed. Flashback and Kate sits on her porch and her drunk-ass step dad drives up. She helps him inside and puts him to bed. He tells her she's beautiful and wants her to take off his pants. She storms out of the house and hops on her motorcycle. As she wheels away from the house, it explodes. Kate visits mom at her job at a diner. Mom's arm is in a brace, and she come up with some b.s. about bumping into something. Yeah, right. Kate hands her an insurance policy on the house and tell mom she's taken care of her. "What did you do?!" mom demands to know as Kate runs off into the night. In the jungle, Kate picks some mangos, or maybe they're papayas, I can't tell, and she suddenly sees a black horse. This freaks her out. She goes back to the hatch and tells Jack to go to the funeral and that she'll look after Sawyer. Jack is annoyed. Eko tells Ana he is going to the funeral too, but she declines to attend. Probably for the best. Still, Eko assures her most everyone understands Shannon's death was an accident. At the funeral Sayid says a few words, but breaks down, ending only with "I loved her." The other survivors each drop a handful of sand into the grave. Back at the hatch, Kate plays some Patsy Cline and tends to Sawyer. He wakes, clutches her throat and yells "You killed me! Why did you kill me?!" Flashback again and Kate is buying a bus ticket to Tallahassee. Someone in line asks her why the hell she'd want to go to Tallahassee. It's Marshal Mars (AKA Marshal Gunfingers), and he arrests her, telling Kate that her mom ratted her out. Kate bloodies his nose. Later, he's transporting her to her arraignment and he asks Kate why she did it. Was it because her step-daddy beat her mom? Was it because he molested Kate? She tells him he never touched her. A black horse bolts in front of the car and they slide in the rain and crash. Kate uncuffs herself, boots Gunfingers out into the rain and jumps in the driver's seat. Before she pulls away, she sees the black horse standing a short distance away, staring at her. Back at the bunker, Jack and Locke return from the funeral and the alarm is beeping and Sawyer is on the floor and Kate is missing. With just 23 seconds left on the timer, Locke gets the button pushed. Jack heads into the jungle to find Kate. He meets her in the jungle and asks what the hell happened. She tells him she's sorry she's not perfect and good like he is. Then she kisses him. Jack is annoyed. Back at the bunker Locke uses some bolt cutters to snip off Jin's cuff, finally. Locke then shows Michael the computer and notes how nothing can be typed into it before the alarm sounds. He also offers to show the film to Eko and Michael. After the show, Michael remains skeptical, and he asks what Locke thinks is missing from the film. Locke thinks the skips are just a few missing frames. Eko says nothing and leaves. Michael points out blast doors on the bunker, something Locke hadn't noticed before. Kate sits at the grave site and Sayid arrives and the two talk. Kate says she's going crazy. Sayid says he saw Walt in the jungle and asks if that means he's crazy too. In flashback, Kate enters an army recruiting station and talks to her father. She asks him why he never told her that her step dad was actually her biological father. He says he knew if she ever found out she'd kill the man. I guess he was right. Hurley wanders through the jungle and sees Jack cutting wood. Hurley mentions his surprise that Bernard is white. Then he asks why Jack is mad at Sawyer. Jack asks what the hell he's talking about and Hurley says he learned about transference in the mental hospital. Jack is annoyed. Eko tells Locke he has something to show him. First he tells some bible story about Josiah and the Temple and blah blah blah. He then hands Locke the bible he found in Arrow Station. (That's the other hatch, if you ain't caught on to that already.) Locke opens it and sees it has been hollowed out. There is film in it. A missing piece of the orientation reel. Kate again looks after Sawyer and convinced she's talking to the ghost of her dad/step dad tells him she killed him because she hated that he was part of her and how she'd never be at peace because of that and also how she hated how Sawyer reminded her of him and every time she got a boner for him it makes her mad. Sawyer wakes up and tells her she's sweet. Then asks why he's in a bunk bed. Then asks if they've been rescued. "Not yet." Locke and Eko splice the film back together while Michael pokes around the computers and the wiring in the dome. Locke marvels at the coincidence of Eko bringing the missing footage. Eko tells him it wasn't a coincidence, it was fate. He's like the otherside of the island's version of Locke, ain't he? Kate shows Sawyer around the bunker and he is pretty sure they've been rescued until she takes him out into the jungle. He's crestfallen, sure she was just messing with him. Then he thinks he's hallucinating when he sees a black horse. Kate asks if he can see it too. He nods, and she approaches the horse and pets it. Sawyer asks if she knows the horse. She says she does. Eko and Locke re-watch the film and the new section admonishes them not to use the computer to communicate between the other stations. That could trigger another "incident." Meanwhile, as Michael is poking around the computer is starts beeping. He looks at the screen. "Hello?" Michael replies, hello. "Who is this?" Okay, Michael plays along, "This is Michael." The on-screen reply: "Dad?"

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