Friday, August 07, 2009


Or, Love and Death On Lost Island

[Originally Aired November 9, 2005]

Flashback and Shannon is a ballet instructor. She has applied for an internship at the Martha Graham Ballet Academy. It's a longshot,, but it is her dream to dance in New York. Good for her. She gets a phone call. Her father has just been in a car wreck. Not so good for her. Or him, really. She rushes to St. Sebastian Hospital. St. Sebastian Hospital? Really. That's awesome. At the hospital we see Jack in the background. Back on the beach Sayid has built a new shelter for Shannon. Where did they get all the tarps? Was there a crate of them in the cargo hold or something. Nevermind. Sayid and Shannon totally do it (probably doggy style; but that's a just a guess because it happens off-screen) in the new shelter. Afterward Sayid goes to get some water, and when he's gone Walt comes into the tent. Again he's sopping wet. And speaking gibberish. Except it's not gibberish. He's speaking backward. What the hell? Someone's been listening to too many Judas Priest records. Anyway, she freaks out (who wouldn't?) and runs out to the beach looking for him. Sayid tells her it was a dream. Claire asks what is going on and gets a lecture from Charlie about waking Aaron. At the hospital, Shannon and mom find out dad was in a head-on collision and died from his injuries. Mom also makes sure the doctors know Shannon is her step-daughter. Nice. On the other side of the island, Jin and Michael and Sawyer and Eko meet the other survivors and they all trek off along the shore, hoping to meet up with the folks from the midsection of the plane. Eventually the shoreline turns to rock and they are forced to cut through the jungle. Along the way Sawyer passes out. Infected wound, fever, he's gone all pasty too. Sawyer tells Michael to leave him behind, but instead Michael builds a stretcher, He and Jin carry Sawyer. Locke shows Claire how to swaddle Aaron, and the two talk about Charlie. Claire thinks Charlie is religious since he carries around a Virgin Mary statue. Shannon's rent check bounces. In the flashback, not on the new shelter Sayid built her. She talks to her stepmom. She's been cut off. Apparently dad left all the money to his wife. None for Shannon. What a douche. Stepmom tells Shannon to get a job. Her dreams of interning at the Martha Graham Ballet Academy are falling apart. (She may not be able to dance anymore, but it looks like Jack's future wife will.) Meanwhile, back on the island, she tries to get Vincent to track Walt. He just takes her to Boone's grave. I hope that doesn't mean Walt is dead. Maybe the dog is just a dumbass. Sayid asks her what she is doing and she storms off again in search of Walt. In her apartment Shannon packs her things and Boone stops by and tells her he was unable to get any money out of mom for her. She asks if he can crash at his apartment in NYC, and he confesses he's taken a job at mom's company in L.A. and is leaving New York. Boone offers her all his money, but she refuses, saying she can take care of herself. In the jungle, the trail dead-ends at a steep incline and they all struggle to pull Sawyer's stretcher up the hill. After much effort they finally reach the top and suddenly notice that Cindy, one of their party, is gone. Well, shit, how did that happen? Then the whispering voices start again. Meanwhile Shannon and Sayid traipse through the jungle elsewhere until the become separated. Shannon falls, and when she looks up Walt is there. Again, all wet and shushing her. Sayid arrives and she asks him if he can see Walt. Sayid nods. Shannon cries and says Sayid will leave her as soon as they are rescued. He says he will never abandon her. Walt disappears into the jungle and Shannon races after him. There's a gun shot. And Shannon stumbles back into Sayid's arms. A few yards away is Ana with the smoking pistol in her hands.

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