Monday, August 03, 2009


[Originally Aired October 12, 2005]

Hurley sits in the pantry of the bunker gorging himself. He turns around to see Jin. He and Jin talk until Hurley realizes Jin is speaking English. Jin says no, you're speaking Korean. And so Hurley is. Then some guy in a chicken costume shows up, confirming this is one weird-ass dream. Flash back and Hurley is watching the lottery numbers be picked. It's a record amount because there have been no winners in 16 weeks. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. Hurley passes out and when he comes to, his mother is berating him for being fat. Seriously, is everyone's parents on this show a giant doucheface, or what? She tells him to change his life, but Hurley says he likes his life the way it is. On the island, Jack has put Hurley in charge of the pantry. Hurley enlists the help of Rose to inventory the stockpile. Charlie asks him about food in the bunker, but Hurley doesn't answer. Charlie gets pissed and Hurley is despondent because he's been down this road before. Soon, he believes, everyone will come to hate him. Jin is pulled from the pit and sometime later so is Michael. Sawyer is left alone in the trap. Then later he too is brought out and it is revealed that the captors are not The Others, but survivors from the tail section of flight 815. On the other end of the island, Claire finds the message bottle as it washes ashore. Unsure who to tell about it, she takes it to Sun. In flashback, Hurley is at work at Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack; his best friend is D.J. Qualls. Hurley's boss calls him into his office and confronts him about stealing 8 pieces of chicken. Hurley quits. In the parking lot, D.J. comes up to him and tells him he's quit too, and they should spend their "day off" together. Ana leads the prisoners through the jungle. On the journey, Michael introduces himself to one of the other survivors named Libby. She tells Michael there were 23 survivors from the tail. He tells her there are 42 on his side of the island. While inventorying the food, Hurley asks Rose about her husband. She says she knows he is still alive. In California, Hurley and D.J. enjoy their day off. They stop at a record store and make fun of one-hit wonders Driveshaft. Hurley asks one of the employees out on a date. Hurley and D.J. steal a shitload (or vanload, more appropriately) of garden gnomes, and use them to spell out "Cluck You" on their former boss's lawn. Hurley makes D.J. promise that no matter what happens things won't ever change between them. On the island, Charlie and Hurley get into another argument over food, confirming Hurley's fears that everyone is starting to hate him. Out of desperation, Hurley decides to blow up the pantry with the spare dynamite from the Black Rock. Meanwhile, Jack and Sayid try to dig their way through the bricked up section of the bunker. Sayid says it reminds him of Chernobyl. Sounds like reason enough to leave it alone, if you ask me. Later, Jack sees Kate exiting the shower and the two sort of stare at one another uncomfortably. Sun buries the bottle. False hope is better than no hope. D.J. and Hurley tool around in the van and stop at a minimart. There are news crews outside, and D.J. finds out someone bought the winning lottery ticket there. The store owner recognizes Hurley and the news cameras descend upon him. D.J. gives Hurley a look. Things have changed. Rose interrupts Hurley's plan to destroy the food. Ana leads Jin, Michael and Sawyer to a Dharma bunker, and inside there are a few other survivors. Michael says he thought there were twenty-three of them. "There were." One of the survivors introduces himself as Bernard, and asks about his wife, Rose. Instead of destroying what little food is in the bunker, Hurley gives it all away and the survivors have a huge feast.

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