Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Or, Everyone Deserves A Flashback

[Originally Aired April 12, 2006]

Rose and Bernard stock the Gilligan shelves with food from the parachute and Bernard asks Rose if this bothers her. She doesn't look a gift parachute in the mouth, and Bernard is pissy because he thinks everyone has given up on being rescued. In flashback, Rose's car is stuck in the snow until Bernard comes along and helps her unstick it. She asks him for out for coffee. Later, Rose and Bernard are at Niagara Falls and Bernard gets down on his knee and asks her to marry him. She replies with "I'm dying." Bernard is stunned at first and then reminds her "You never answered my question." At the hatch, Locke scribbles on paper, trying to remember the drawings on the blast door. Jack has to remind him to push the button. Meanwhile Ana asks Fake Henry about Walt. Fake Henry says the Others will never give him back. On the beach, Bernard rounds up some survivors and gives them an inspiring lecture about being rescued. Because everyone loves a lecture. He cons some of the survivors into helping him create a giant S.O.S. sign on the beach out of lava rocks. Rose tells him he should run this by Jack, and the two argue more. Jack decides to head to the jungle to find the Others and asks Kate to go with him. In the Aussie outback, Rose and Bernard enjoy their honeymoon until Bernard reveals he's donated $10,000 to a faith healer to cure Rose's cancer. Rose is pissed. They visit the faith healer but he tells Rose he can't help her, and offers to return the money. Rose tells him to keep the money, and says she'll tell Bernard he helped her anyway. In the hatch Locke asks Ana to open the door so he can talk to Fake Henry. She says no, so Locke just yells at him through the door, demanding to know if he pushed the button or not. Bernard tries to recruit more help, but Charlie and Eko refuse to halt construction on their church. Slowly, Bernard's crew dwindles to nothing, and he is alone trying to drag black lava rocks to the shore. He blames Rose for undermining him, and the two bicker more until Bernard says she wouldn't even be alive if it weren't for him. Jerk. In the jungle Kate finds a doll on the jungle and Jack tells her to leave it be but she's in dumbass mode and when she picks it up the two are snatched up into a net. Jack asks her if she's deaf. Kate comments that the net is not sophisticated enough to belong to the Others and must be one of Rousseau's. The two take turns trying to shoot the rope, and when they finally do, they end up all tangled up and sexy and lying on top of each other. Hawtness. On the beach, Rose and Locke chat, and Locke says he's done with the hatch but Rose reminds him how the island has healed him before and soon he'll be his same-old self. Later Rose apologizes to Bernard, telling him how the faith healer didn't help her and she's just lied about it to make him happy. But she says since the crash her cancer has disappeared. She does not want to leave the island. Bernard stops working on his sign and agrees to stay with her here forever. Flashback to the airport and Rose drops one of her prescription bottles. Locke wheels by, leans over, picks it up and hands it back to her. In the jungle Jack screams and yells for the Others to come out. Kate tells him she is sorry for kissing him. He's not. Then he asks what she meant about the net not being sophisticated, and she tells him about the medical hatch and the costumes and the fake beard. As night falls, the two hear someone or something in the brush. What the hell? Michael stumbles into their camp and collapses.

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