Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lost Character Update


Libby: A psychologist and possible love-interest for Hurley.

Ana Lucia: Former cop and murderer. Resident hot-head.

Mr. Eko: Nigerian warlord and drug dealer. Has re-imagined himself as a priest and holy man on the island.

Misc. Islanders:

Henry Gale: Crashed his balloon on the island. Imprisoned by Locke and Sayid.

Rose and Bernard: Appear when needed. Not needed very much.

Desmond: Hatchling and button pusher, disappeared into jungle.

Rousseau: Stranded on island sixteen years ago. The Others kidnapped her daughter.

Aaron (AKA Turniphead): Claire's baby. Born on the island. May be the devil.


Cap'n: As-yet-unnamed, grizzled leader (presumably) of the Others.


Walt: Snatched by the Others. Good with the island internet. Occasionally appears in the jungle, dripping wet and talking backward.

Michael: Gone all Bear Grylls in the jungle looking for Walt. Ain't been seen in four episodes.

Two Blonde Kids: Tailies abducted by the Others.

Cindy: Tailie Oceanic stewardess, abducted by the Others.


Shannon: Shot dead, accidentally, by Ana Lucia.

Boone: Shannon's step-brother. Died of injuries from fall.

Marshal Mars (AKA Marshal Gunfingers): Mercy-killed by Jack.

Ethan Rom: Has an anagram for a name. The Others' spy. Killed by Charlie.

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  1. Marshal Mars (AKA Marshal Gunfingers): Mercy-killed by Jack.