Sunday, August 02, 2009


Or, Dharma Home Movies

[Originally Aired October 5, 2005]

Flashback and Locke can still walk and is attending support meetings for anger management. Compared to having his kidney stolen, most of the others' complaints seem pretty trivial. Locke hooks up with Peg Bundy after the meeting. In the hatch, Kate sneaks up on Desmond and konks him with a shotgun and he fires off his pistol and hits the computer. Desmond then seriously freaks out. The Others approach and hit Jin, Sawyer and Michael over the head and throw them into a pit. They try to break out but are unable. Then Ana, from a few episodes back, who had shared a drink with Jack at the airport, is chucked into the pit too. Turns out she was on flight 815, in the tail section. I guess they're not all dead afterall. Good for them. Desmond tries desperately to fix the computer, while Kate guards him. Desmond tells Locke and Jack to go watch the film hidden in the library behind "The Turn of the Screw." (ISBN 4815162341. Okay, not really.) Post-coitally, Peg wakes up and finds Locke dressing. He says he has trouble sleeping in strange beds. She is annoyed. The film is an odd training number explaining a bit about the Dharma Initiative and how the numbers must be entered every 108 minutes. It doesn't say why exactly, but it is intimated that there are to be two person teams working at the station working in shifts. Replacements are due in 540 days. Needless to say, they're long overdue. By the way 4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42 = 108. 108 x 5 = 540. Also, there are other stations. Five total, I think. Where? On the island, or around the globe? Desmond tells how he was on his round the world running tour when his boat crashed on the shore of the island. The island is a magnet for crashes, isn't it? Locke sits in his car in front of Dad's house. This seems a regular occurrence. Dad gets in the car and tells Locke to hit the road, that he isn't wanted. Locke cries. Desmond fixes the computer and fires it up. But it is not fixed and the power to the bunker shorts out. Desmond freaks out again and tells everyone something bad will happen if the numbers aren't punched in at the interval. Kate heads to the beach to find Sayid. Desmond flees into the jungle. Six months into their relationship, Peg gives Locke an anniversary present: A key to her apartment. It comes with one condition, that he stop stalking his father. He agrees. Sawyer devises a plan: Next time one of their captors comes to the pit, he's gonna shoot them upside the head. Before that can happen Ana punches him and takes his pistol. She then calls out and is pulled from the pit. Damn! Locke sits in front of Dad's place in the middle of the night, and Peg confronts him. Locke confesses he is afraid to move on. Peg asks him to take a leap of faith. Sayid gets the computer fixed. Jack finds Desmond in the jungle. Desmond remembers Jack and asks what happened to the woman he was trying to help. Jack says he married her, but that they aren't married now. Jack returns to the bunker and Locke tells him to push the button. He refuses. They argue. Jack does not understand how Locke can believe the story. Locke can't understand why Jack doesn't. At the last moment Jack pushes the button and the clock resets.

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