Friday, August 28, 2009

Civic Pride

I live in a pretty cool and fairly progressive town, all things considered. We've a crazy tree-hugging mayor whose pants are so spunked up over reducing congestion and pollution he's spent most of the city's money painting bike lanes everywhere (as we're trying to scrape together money to pay for firing up street-lights (oh, and did I mention we've a problem with street crime here? Never mind that!)) We've three colleges downtown (including one of the finest journalism schools in the Midwest), a huge student population, a book store called The Peace Nook, two gay bars, and every one of our Quiznos have gone out of business. I mention that last bit partly because the space one formerly occupied has found a new tenant. This is a pretty cool town, but every once in a while something like this comes along:

This is one business I will not be supporting.

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