Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Or, Everybody's Looking For Something

[Originally Aired October 19, 2005]

Sun's mom really wants her to get married. She keeps arranging dates for her. She seems, at best, ambivalent about it all. Jin puts on a suit for an important job interview. He leaves the tag on his tie so he can return it later. His roommate reads his horoscope and tells him love is on the way. Just look for orange, he says. Jin's job interview goes poorly, with the Man snatching the tag off Jin's tie and calling him a yokel who stinks of fish. What a douche. Nonetheless, he hires Jin as his hotel's new doorman. He tells Jin to keep out riffraff and bumpkins like himself. What a douche. On the island Sun has lost her wedding ring. Jack tells her how he once lost his ring. She asks what he did about it. Jack tells her he went to a jeweler and had a replica made. Yeah, that's helpful. What's she gonna do, run over and smelt something behind that fern over there? On the other side of the island, the other survivors leave their bunker and break off into groups to find food. Jin and Ana and Bernard go fishing. Ana and Bernard suck ass at it, but Jin reels in a net-full. Michael and Libby look for fruit but most of the local trees are picked clean. When Michael asks why they don't head inland to find more trees, Libby tells him that's where the Others are. He runs off in search of Walt. Meanwhile, the guy who bonked everyone over the head introduces himself formally to Sawyer. His name is Mr. Eko. I'm trying hard to like him but he's the same actor who played Simon Adebisi on Oz, and that guy was a total shit. I suppose I shouldn't hold it against him. Sun's mother has set her up with a nice Harvard grad named Lee and they all meet for lunch at the hotel where Jin works. Sun and Lee hit it off. Lee actually seems likeable enough. The two meet again for lunch and Lee asks to keep seeing her. She is pleased until he reveals he only wants to continue the meeting to keep their parents at bay. He plans to marry an American girl in six months. Sun is crushed. On the island she looks for her ring, tearing apart her garden in the process. Locke appears and the two talk. She asks him why he never gets angry. He says he used to, but he's not lost anymore. She asks him how he got "found." He says he just stopped looking. VoilĂ ! Jin decides to head out and find Walt, and Eko goes with him. In the jungle Jin is attacked by a boar. They find a dead body, a survivor who was killed by the Others. Then they have to hide as a group of Others approach. From their hiding place, all they see are their legs. Someone drags a teddy bear behind them. Back on the beach, Kate tries to console Sun and assures her that Jin is okay. Sun confesses she knows the rafters aren't safe, telling her about the bottle. Sun and Kate dig up the bottle, and Kate starts looking at the letters as Sun protests. Kate laments not having said good-bye to Sawyer. Kate looks down and sees Sun's wedding ring. Jin and Eko find Michael but Michael doesn't want to rejoin the survivors. Jin tells him they'll find Walt. At the hotel, Jin lets a poor, sweaty man and his son in to use the bathroom. The Man confronts Jin and tells him to find the two interlopers and chuck them into the street. Jin quits instead. On his way home he passes a woman dressed in orange. He turns to look at her, laughing, and when he turns back he runs smack dab into Sun.

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