Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Or, Thy Rod and Thy Staff

[Originally Aired January 11, 2006]

Somewhere in Nigeria, kids play soccer, until a truck of goons with AK-47s arrive and fuck up everything. They round up a bunch of kids and drag out an old man. They hand one of the boys a pistol and tell him to shoot the man. The boy wavers, until his older brother steps in and takes the gun, shooting the old man in the head. The goons ask his name. "Eko," he replies. He's dubbed Mr. Eko, born killer, by the goons, as they yank off his crucifix, telling him he won't need that where they're going. The men with guns ride off with Eko in their mitts. On the island, Claire asks Eko about the verses he's carving into his murder-stick. She tells him Charlie is religious because he carries around a Virgin Mary statue. Eko immediately demands to know where the statue came from. Claire doesn't know. Eko demands again. Claire still doesn't know, but she takes Eko to her tent where Eko smashes the statue and shows her it was filled with heroin. Locke changes the combination on the arms storage in the bunker. Then he shows Michael how to shoot giant bottles of ranch dressing. At the tide pools Charlie is jibbering like an idiot and singing a Kinks song and trying to talk to Jin whose limited English doesn't seem yet developed enough to discuss the finer points of early British rock music. Eko storms up and demands Charlie show him where he found the statue. Charlie agrees, but only if he can tell Claire where they are going first. Back at the tent, Charlie claims to have not known what was in the statue, but Claire doesn't believe him. In Nigeria, Eko is all grown up and now a warlord of some sort. He buys some heroin from another warlord and then slits his and his partner's throat. So, I guess he really didn't buy anything. Eko then heads to a church and there is a woman out front selling Virgin Mary statues to raise funds for polio vaccine. Inside Eko meets the priest, who turns out is his little brother Yemi. Yemi now wears Eko's crucifix. Eko asks Yemi to let him use his aid plane to fly the heroin out of the country. Yemi refuses. In the jungle Charlie and Eko stop and Charlie lies and says some random tree is where he found the statue. Eko doesn't believe him. Then Eko sees the Monster briefly. We get a good look at it too. Very smokelike. Weird. Charlie and Eko continue on into the jungle and Charlie whines about how Eko ruined everything between he and Claire and gets all pissy because he says he used to be a good person and now all everyone thinks he is is a junky. Kate gives Sawyer a haircut, and he's mean to her and she tells him that he can stop being such an assface because everyone loves him now. To prove her point Hurley walks by and says "Glad to have you back." Sawyer calls him Pillsbury. Eko sees the parachute and finds the body of the dead priest. He pulls open the dead man's shirt but finds nothing underneath. Eko looks in the man's mouth and finds a gold tooth. Charlie asks if he knew him. "He saved my life," Eko says and Charlie is mystified. Really, after all that's happened on the island shit like this is still surprising him? In the bunker Michael volunteers for a shift at the computer and uses that to contact Walt again. He asks if Walt is okay. Walt says he is. Walt also says he can't type too long as "they're coming back soon." Michael asks where he is, but before we get an answer Jack comes in and has a heart-to-heart with Michael. Jack tells Michael they well go find Walt as soon as they're able. Jack gets up and looks at the screen. It's blank. Eko returns to his brother's church and demands he sign papers ordaining him and his friends as priests. If he doesn't sign the papers Eko says his partners will burn down the church. Yemi relents and signs the papers. Eko buys all the Virgin Mary statues, handing Yemi a giant wad of cash. In the jungle Charlie confesses he's lost so Eko sends him up a tree to catch his bearings. Will perched on a branch, the Monster attacks. Sort of. Well, it gets in Eko's face, but Eko doesn't flinch. We get a real solid look at it, which is funny, because the Monster is anything but solid. It's a whiff of thick, black smoke. It whirrs and buzzes at Eko and images flicker inside the smoke. What the hell? Seriously: What the hell? After a moment, the Monster turns around and disappears. Charlie asks why Eko didn't run. Eko says he wasn't afraid. In Nigeria, Eko and his two partners, all dressed as priests, load up an aid plane with their statues. Yemi arrives and tells them the authorities are on their way. Moments later the army arrives and shooting commences. Yemi is shot and killed. Eko puts him on the plane. But before he can board, his partner, the one with the gold tooth, kicks him to the ground and takes off in the plane. The army arrives and mistakes Eko for a real priest. Charlie leads Eko to the plane, and inside Eko finds Yemi. Charlie asks is he knew him, and Eko tells him the man was his brother. Eko removes Yemi's crucifix, then lights the plane on fire. Charlie asks Eko if he's a priest, and Eko responds that he is. The two recite the 23rd Psalm at the plane burns. Before they leave, Eko gives Charlie a Virgin Mary statue to replace the one he broke. Back at the beach, Hurley helps Libby build a shelter, and Jin gives Ana a fish. Meanwhile Claire boots Charlie out of her tent for being a lying junky and he apologizes but she still wants him gone. That night Charlie returns to the jungle and stashes his new Virgin Mary in a cache with several others he's hoarded.

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