Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Or, The Medical Hatch

[Originally Aired March 1, 2006]

Aaron is crying. It's the middle of the night. He has a fever. And a rash. Claire frets. She decides to head to the hatch to see Jack. Locke tells her to stay and says he will go fetch Jack for her. Claire tries cooling Aaron by dabbing him with wet towels. Someone approaches from the jungle and Clair thinks it is Jack. It's not. It's Rousseau, who tells her Aaron is infected. Then she asks if Claire remembers. Kate shows up and chases Rousseau out of the camp. Jack arrives and says the baby is just sick, it happens, probably roseola and not worry about it. Jack says he'll come back in a few hours and check on them. In the morning Claire asks Libby to hypnotize her so she can remember what happened while she was missing. Jack and Locke feed Henry and Locke gives him some light reading (Dostoevsky) to pass the time. Jack asks him about it and Locke tells him about how Hemingway felt he could never get out from under Dostoevsky's shadow. He then asks Jack what the long-term plan is for Henry. There is no plan. Duh. Libby hypnotizes Claire right into a flashback and Claire is at the OB-GYN and he's asking about her last checkup. She hasn't been in a while, she says, and mentions she's on her way to L.A. to give up the baby. The doctor turns out to be Ethan and he's giving her a shot. Freakout commences on the beach as Claire snaps out of her trance and demands Libby hypnotize her again. Libby refuses. Eko chops down the trees he marked. Then he visits the hatch to borrow a saw from Locke. He notices the cot in the armory, but says nothing. Kate asks Sawyer for a gun. He makes her tell him why she needs one. Because Claire is heading into the jungle to find Rousseau and Kate is going with her. Claire asks Sun to watch her baby, and Sun tells her she doesn't think the trip is a good idea. Claire snaps at Sun and is turning into kind of a douche about everything. Eko approaches Jack and tells him he needs to talk to the prisoner. Jack refuses until Eko tells him he'll spill the beans about the secret captive. Flashback and Ethan gives Claire an injection of CR4-81516-23 42. Claire complains about the pain, and Ethan assures her the baby needs the injections but tries to cheer her up by showing her a surprise. They walk down the hallway and on the wall is the Dharma logo, but no swan, no arrow, instead a caduceus in the middle. There's a nursery set up wherever they are. A nice crib, pretty blue walls, animals on the walls. Claire asks where it all came from and Ethan tells it would be too much for her to comprehend. There are Oceanic planes on the mobile above the crib. As Ethan shows them around they are interrupted by another man. It's Cap'n! But he has no beard! And he's dressed in clean, tailored clothes, not the jungle rags he's seen in later. What the fuck? Cap'n tells Ethan he's gonna be in trouble for not compiling a list before abducting Claire. In trouble with whom, exactly? Kate and Claire search for Rousseau and Kate tells Claire that Rousseau killed all her companions. Why, she asks. "They were infected," Rousseau says, appearing from the jungle. Claire demands Rousseau take her back to the room with the medicine and the lights and the teenage girl. Rousseau agrees to take them to where Claire scratched her, as per Claire's request. When they get there, Claire complains there is nothing there. Rousseau asks where to from there, and Claire is confused. She says Rousseau was taking her back to the room, so she should know where to go from there. I wonder how long it will take them all to figure out what really happened. I guess we just have to wait it out. Rousseau gets in Claire's face and Kate pulls her gun. Rousseau tells her to shoot her, please. Jebus. Claire wanders into the jungle and stumbles across a familiar log. Flashback and she's in the same spot with Ethan. He tells her he will miss her when she goes back to the beach. He explains how there is only enough vaccine for the baby. She protests she's not sick. He lies and tells her she doesn't have to give up the baby if she doesn't want to. In present time Claire starts searching through the nearby brush, much to Kate's confusion. "What are you doing?" she asks. Seriously, did they drink a bunch of the stupid water before they left the beach? Rousseau tells Kate to let her search. At least the crazy woman has a clue. Kate finds tarp. Underneath is a door to the Caduceus hatch. The trio heads down and Kate finds some flashlights and the place looks abandoned. The nursery is stripped. The exam room is empty. Kate finds a locker room. Hanging up in one of the lockers are some jungle rag clothing. There is also a fake beard and some theatrical glue. What. The. FUCK! You have got to be shitting me! Claire finds a bootie she was knitting for the baby and has another flashback. A teenage girl wakes her and tells her she has to leave now. Claire is confused. They peek down the hall and the exam room is being set up for surgery. The girl tells Claire they're cutting out the baby tonight. Claire freaks and so the girl chloroforms her. Claire finds the fridge and when Kate and her get it upright and open all the vaccine is gone. Claire freaks out (again) wants to know why Rousseau won't tell her where the vaccine is. Then she figures it out. Jebus, about time already. Claire wakes in the jungle as Ethan and the Others search for her. Rousseau finds Claire first. Claire yells for Ethan to help her until Rousseau clubs her over the head and carries her away to safety. In the bunker, Claire apologizes. She tells Rousseau that her daughter helped her escape the Others. Rousseau tells Claire she hopes the baby isn't infected, but if he is she hopes Claire will do what needs to be done. Jebus. Eko visits the the Swan and Jack tells him he knows about Henry. Locke lets him in the store and tells him not to tell Henry what the alarm is for. Eko asks what the alarm is for. Eko then apologizes to Henry for killing two of the Others. Henry asks him why he is telling him that. Eko says he needed to tell somebody. Then Eko slices off the two little beardy things on his chin and hands them to Henry. On the beach, Aaron's fever has broke and his rash is clearing up. Claire gives him the lone bootie she stitched and apologizes to Aaron for wanting to give him up. Locke feeds Henry and Henry asks if the Hemingway story is true. Then he asks is Locke is Hemingway or Dostoevsky. The genius or the one living in the shadow of the genius? Then he asks why Locke lets Jack run the show. Locke gets pissed and smashes up the dishes.

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