Friday, August 07, 2009


Or, The Dark Side of the Island

[Originally Aired November 16, 2005]

A sunny, clear day on the beach. Until a plane falls from the sky. Damn. I had to watch that twice. The tail section of Oceanic 815 splashes down on the far side of the island, near enough to shore for survivors to swim to land. Flames, carnage, blood, survivors, water. Mr. Eko pulls a kid out of the water. Ana performs CPR on her. Libby sets a man's broken leg. Someone comes running out of the jungle, says there is man in the trees who needs help. Ana and the man, Goodwin, head into the jungle and see Bernard up a tree. Still strapped into his seat. Ana takes charge and talks him down. What is she, a cop? She doesn't seem to take no mess, that's for sure. Back at the beach, Eko starts dragging dead bodies out of the water. Later, Bernard asks him if he found any African-American women among the dead. Eko says no. Goodwin tells Ana he's in the Peace Corps. One of the other survivors is a boy with a teddy bear. The first night the Others attack and kidnap three of the survivors. Eko brains two of the Others with a rock. He is very remorseful about it and stops speaking for forty days. The next morning the survivors discuss moving off the beach but a guy named Nathan suggests they stay where they are. The dead Others have no shoes, no ID, no tags sewn into their clothes. It's like they're the Lost Boys, but no one ever smashed in Peter Pan's skull with a rock. The man with the broken legs dies. A week later the Others attack again and take nine more survivors, including the little boy and girl. Ana brains another attacker. There's a lot of skull-splitting in this episode. Ana rifles through the dead man's pockets and finds a small knife and a list. A list of survivors to be taken. With their names and descriptions. Uh oh. There is a spy in their midst. They pick up camp and head to a safer location. They find a place with fresh water and defensible terrain. Ana digs a pit. She decides Nathan is an Other (oh, man, if his name turns out to be Nathan More, I'm gonna get agitated) since he disappeared to take a pooh for two hours and plus he had the great idea to stay on the beach. Ana kicks him in the face and throws him in the pit. She leaves him in the pit for days. When Goodwin asks her what she plans to do with Nathan she says she'll cut one of his fingers off tomorrow. That night Goodwin helps Nathan out of the pit and tells him where to hide. Before he can get away, Goodwin snaps Nathan's neck. Well, it least he didn't brain him. The next morning they find Nathan gone and decide it is no longer safe. They head into the jungle looking for another encampment. They discover a Dharma door, inside are batteries, a bible, blankets, a radio. Oh yeah, and there's someone's glass eye. Goodwin decides to take the radio to a high point and see if he can get a signal out. He tells the rest to stay in the bunker, but Ana goes with him. At the top of a nearby hill, Ana asks Goodwin why he killed the children. Totally busted, Goodwin tells her the kids are safe. In fact they're better off. He tells her they didn't take anyone else because they were "bad people." They fight. Ana kebabs Goodwin through the chest. She returns to the bunker telling everyone they are safe here now. Bernard tries the radio and picks up a signal. Boone's distress call. Damn. Ana turns off the radio believing there are no other survivors, just the Others trying to lure them out. Later, while fishing, Libby and Cindy find Jin washed up on shore. Eko ties him up but he escapes. They chase Jin and run into Michael and Sawyer, and Eko hits them all over the head. Montage, as the events of previous eps replay briefly until we're caught up. In the jungle, the whispering voices start and Ana whips out her gun and suddenly Shannon runs out from the brush. Ana fires, hitting her in the abdomen. Michael and Jin stare in shock. Shannon stumbles back into Sayid's arms.

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