Friday, February 26, 2010

Harry Potter Star Speaks Out On Behalf Of Trevor Project

Daniel Radcliffe has filmed a PSA for the Trevor Project scheduled to air this spring. The Trevor Project operates the only nationwide, around-the-clock crisis and suicide prevention helpline for LGBTQ youth.

The actor states "I grew up knowing a lot of gay men and it was never something that I even thought twice about — that some men were gay and some weren't. And then I went to school and (for) the first time ... I came across homophobia. ... I had never encountered it before. It shocked me."

Radcliffe adds, "I think it's important for somebody from a big, commercial movie series like Harry Potter and particularly because I am not gay or bisexual or transgendered. ... The fact that I am straight makes not a difference, but it shows that straight people are incredibly interested and care a lot about this as well."

You may also recall, Radcliffe made a major contribution to the Trevor Project last fall, and has a serious case of gay face.


In Things Dr. Seuss Would Rather You Didn't Remember

Little known fact: During WWII, Dr. Seuss did his patriotic duty cartooning propaganda for the War Dept. and pencilling political cartoons for the tabloid PM. Really. Seuss's trademark whimsy runs headlong into racist, xenophobic demonization of the enemy. It's as unsettling as it is fascinating.

Just check out this drawing imploring citizens to buy savings bonds: A caged Seussian rhino, replete with Hitlerstache and totally swastikafied, is held captive by a smiling bald eagle in Uncle Sam garb.

Or this little number: A cutesy Josef Stalin (maybe a first) holds up a platter of stuffed, Nazi pig, captioned "They're serving roast Adolf at Joe's house tonight!"

And for added irony: A pile of wood labeled "War Work To Be Done" is emblazoned with a sign "No Colored Labor Needed," as two African American men look on, appearing somewhat gobsmacked. Racism is a bad thing, Seuss says here (see also The Sneetches). Except when Othering the enemy (see image above).

Like I said, unsettling, fascinating. More here.

[Cross-posted. And thanks to William for passing this along.]

Andrew Koenig's Body Found

Following up on an earlier post with some sad news out of Vancouver. Police have found the body of Andrew Koenig, dead of an apparent suicide. "Our son took his own life," said his father.

Koenig suffered from clinical depression, a real motherfucker of a disease. I had hoped for a different resolution to this story. But when that bleakness wraps it's tendrils around you, it's hard to pull yourself free. RIP Boner.

Criswell Predicts Pt. 5

[I, Criswell, America's greatest clairvoyant, present to you, humble follower, the final portion of my mindbending Criswell Predicts: From Now to the Year 2000, for your contemplation.]


What part will hypnosis play in your future? I predict that hypnosis will be used to ease the violent pain on the death bed, where the body is beyond human repair. When death is desired it will be reached through a hypnotic spell. The physical body will relax and peacefully enter the next world, silently and without effort.


I PREDICT that Juvenile Delinquency in America will increase steadily every year, as will teen-age use of drugs. A curbing of the trend will not take place until 1979, when laws will be passed sentencing juvenile offenders to "ray treatment"-a revolutionary system that uses controlled radiation to turn obstinate transgressors into meek conformists. It will be used on all criminals.

New York And The Shifting Coastline

New York will not exist as we know it today after January 21, 1980. Shifting ocean currents and earth tremors will begin to remake the Eastern coast of the U. S. beginning in 1971. At first the changes will be small, but within three years our geologists will know what is happening. As the coast-line shifts, the land will sink and the ocean will pour inland. Before 1978, Long Island will be mostly under water. Only the areas that can be protected by hastily erected dikes will escape--and they, not for long. Manhattan will become a city of canals, like Venice. Billions of dollars will be spent to save New York, but by 1980, all efforts will have failed and a new New York will rise, further inland, at a great expense.


As I envision it, invention will make your world of tomorrow brighter, easier and much lazier! YOU will do well to even turn over your hand for any effort. The most YOU will do will be to push a button! YOU will use sonic booms to cleanse your skin, dust your house, mow your lawn and wash your windows! YOU will have a tiny machine to tune in vibrationally for stomach upset, for a narcotic or alcoholic effect, to feel sad or elated! A handy dental machine will brush, clean and repair any tooth damage you may have. Another machine will repair any physical damage to any organ, your blood stream or your skin almost instantly! The day of the Doctor, the Nurse, the Dentist will be over! A Legal Machine will solve all of your legal problems once and for all! YOU will be able to find out about any one by merely pushing a button, and the innermost secrets of their lives will be told you in a clear unfaltering voice! Even YOU will be shocked to hear about your own life, deeds and misdeeds! Once a deed is done, it is recorded and nothing can erase it! YOU will live in a world of broadcast electricity and atomic power! There will be no wires to your telephone, TV set, radio or toaster, for none will be needed! YOU will live in an effortless world, without worry, concern or privation! INVENTION will see to it that every minute of your life is planned! INVENTION will keep you in a state of deep satisfaction! Even sex will be accomplished in a solitary way with a deep sonic boom with a "built-in" feeling of being wanted and adored! INVENTION will keep you from being inventive!


We think of cannibalism as a thing of the past practiced only in the wildest jungles far from our civilized way of life. However even today cannibalism is practiced in our own society but acts of such savagery are kept hidden from the public. I predict an outburst of Cannibalism that will terrorize the population of one of the industrial cities in the state of Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh!

Our entire nation is dotted with experimental laboratories which are kept under constant guard and operated in complete secrecy. Little is known about these many plants and laboratories for the experiments they conduct would startle and shock the entire world. Extreme precautions must be taken for the safety of every employee but quite often there are accidents which cannot be avoided. Naturally these accidents are hushed for word of them would violate the secrecy which is so essential. However I predict one terrible accident which will become known for it will be impossible to keep it within the confines of the walled and carefully guarded laboratory. I predict that one of the largest experimental laboratories in Pennsylvania will have a sudden release of gas from a large chamber which will be swept through every sector of the installation. I predict that these fumes will enter the ventilation system carrying to every corridor of the laboratory and will effect thousands of employees. This gas will have been developed by a scientist who is working on nerve gases that affect man's mentality. This unfortunate scientist will be the victim of a fatal heart attack and his sudden collapse will permit the dangerous fumes to be released and swept through the entire laboratory. The effects of this gas will be ghastly for it will create in man a desire for raw flesh and it will be an uncontrollable hunger and lust. Men employed in the laboratory will seek to quell their appetites and the acts they commit within the confines of these walls cannot be told. I predict many of them will satisfy unspeakable urges there but others will leave the laboratory and search elsewhere to appease their maddened crazed hunger. No one outside the laboratory will know what happened behind its guarded walls and the public will receive no warning until it is too late. I predict that over one thousand flesh mad and blood crazed men will wander through the streets suddenly attacking unsuspecting victims, I predict that many of these animal like men will be captured but others will seek hiding places and elude the authorities. Countless numbers of men, women and children will be kidnapped suddenly disappearing and will never be found. The state of Pennsylvania will go all out in an effort to stop this horrible mass murder and will begin the greatest man hunt the country has ever known. I predict that hundreds of terrorists will be found and imprisoned but they will have had a chance to bring death to a great many innocent victims. Each and every day more bodies will be found. Their flesh torn from their bones in a hungry manner. Many others will be found stripped of their clothing, bound and gagged in cellars and attics meeting a most horrible and foul death. I predict that the wife of a government official fortunately will be rescued and she will tell the most horrifying tale ever to be released to the public. She will relate in detail the actions of three crazed men who abducted her and threw her into a cellar with many others, all of whom were tied and gagged and half-eaten. This poor woman will reveal that the clothing was ripped off her body and she was pushed into a corner with several male victims who were also stripped. She will tell how one by one the helpless captives were brought to the center of the cellar and while still alive they were attacked by three mad men who tore the flesh from their writhing and tormented bodies. I predict that this woman's story will be anonymously recorded and it will later be found that she is the wife of the Governor of Pennsylvania. I predict the citizenry of Pennsylvania will demand added police and military protection and a curfew will be enforced. I predict no one will be permitted to enter the streets at night and during the day everyone will be ordered to travel in pairs. However at night husbands will return home to find their wives and children missing. Clerks will disappear from shops and empty trucks will be found on road ways. People will refuse to leave their homes. Business will shut down and a state of terror will reign. Policemen will disappear from their corners and post office employees will suddenly be gone. I predict that many innocent men will be accused of cannibalism and dragged away by angry mobs and put to death. I predict that the number of missing people will be frightfully high but many will later be found unharmed. This horrible orgy will continue for several weeks until the last crazed man is found and only then will the shocked and terrorized city return to normal. Mass mournings will be held for the victims. A smile will be unknown. The fate of this city of Pittsburgh, Penn., will never be forgotten and I predict that added safety measures will be taken in all chemical laboratories to make certain there is no similar accident. Date: November 28 to December 21, 1980.


I predict that John F. Kennedy, Jr. will serve the state of Massachusetts as a U. S. Senator but will not seek the presidency of the United States.


I PREDICT that it will be impossible for you to lie under a new medication which will be given you before you enter court to testify.


I predict that your television set will come on one side of the wall and the figures will be laser-caused, tri-dimensional and walk out into the room, in natural color, breathing, living, with odors to match. You will enjoy the bracing air of the Northwest, the warm enchantment of the South Seas or the swill of the swamps.


In Florida, billions of dollars will be spent to prevent the Atlantic Ocean's gradual inundation of the entire peninsula. Entire cities will be relocated beginning in 1979.


I predict that all newspapers, magazines and books will be printed on a spun plastic. They will come from a slot in your wall which will be radio controlled.

You will not only have a television screen that will keep you up to date all over the world but you will also receive from your television set type at the same time and when you are finished reading you can dip this plastic spun paper in a special chemical which will soften and clean turning the paper into a cloth.

Disease will be overcome completely through an artificially induced fever which can be instantaneous in its action and will destroy any hovering germ and bring you back to normalcy within ten seconds.

I predict that chance will be taken out of gambling completely for you will be able to afford a small electric brain in your own home. You can feed it equations and questions and get the correct answers, the right horse, the trumps in your opponents' hands and the right number on the roulette table. I predict a contometer which will reveal how long you will live and what disease will carry you beyond to the golden shores. Your life will be laid out like a checkerboard as nights and days. It is true you will have these choices and you may make your own choice. But nevertheless, it will be laid out for you in a checkerboard fashion.

I regret to predict the fabulous diamonds of today will lose their value completely for it will be found that a nearby planet is made up largely of diamonds. I predict that diamonds will be used openly and commonly as dress decorations as easily as we use rhinestones today.

I predict that there will be nothing to pollute our air. There will be no smoke from factories. Garbage disposals will be performed chemically and there will be no fumes from vehicles. Our garbage will be disposed of by a tiny pellet which we will place in our garbage pails. It will completely evaporate any solids and we are ready for the next garbage pail full.


I PREDICT that a small town in Nebraska will produce a woman physicist in the late 1970's who will develop a theory of magnetism which overcomes gravity. Practical application of her theory will result in aircraft and space vehicles which require no sustained rocketry propulsion.


I predict that the rising star of the Latin World, will be the new Brazil! ... Brazil, who today is rich in coffee, minerals, and yet untouched natural resources. The land of vast, unexplored jungles. Nation of the mighty Amazon! Here lies the power of a world-wide Latin Empire. Once, the Latin races owned the world, and they will do so again! For Brazil will lead the parade into Tomorrow! New cities will rise from the plains, and the jungles, and will challenge the Wonders of the World! Temples of splendor! Fabulous hotels, apartments, schools, universities. Great Churches will be built by faith, in the future, and winding, white ribbons will span the nation.


I predict that on a summer's day in one of America's larger cities women will find themselves facing a situation over which they will have no control. I predict one of the most horrifying things to befall any woman. I regret to predict that women will lose their hair. I predict that scientists will try to prove that the cause of this falling out of the hair is due to the gaseous fumes polluting the city's air. This terrible affliction will have unbelievable, effects on everyone concerned. It will lead to law suits, suicides, divorces, murders, desertions and even massacres. I predict this city will be placed under martial law. The first news of this tragedy will strike during a statewide political convention with many prominent women present. I predict the leader of a political group will put her hand to her head while delivering a speech and a large lock of her hair will fall to her shoulders. In less than 10 minutes this terrified screaming woman will be completely bald. I predict some members of the audience will laugh but they will soon realize the seriousness of this situation when they too find their hair is turning brittle and falling out. Within a very short time each and every woman present will be a victim of this strange malady. Hysteria and panic will be uncontrollable. Doctors and nurses will be called because many women will have to be placed in hospitals and sanitariums. I predict the situation will be much the same over the entire city; for no apparent reason hair will drop from the head. With no apparent reason I predict women in the beauty parlors will emerge from the dryers bald headed. Law suits will be brought against every beauty shop in the city. Several male hair dressers will be murdered. I predict beauticians will be beaten, slashed and shot. Divorce courts will be swamped with irate husbands seeking freedom from their bald-headed wives. Many men will leave the city, deserting their wives and families. Despair and unhappiness will burden every woman. Special laws will be passed to protect women from ridicule by men, cruel husbands, even mocking sons and brothers. I predict that one judge who grants divorces to any man who seeks one will be bodily removed from his bench by a group of women. His hair will be pulled from his head and he will be dressed in women's clothing and paraded through the streets of the city. Conditions will be so grave that I predict the National Guard will be called upon for assistance. Many women will place the blame on the water supply. Others will accuse the food distributors, the druggists and the doctors. I predict that many doctors will close their offices, druggists will shutter their stores and markets will not open for business. A group of scientists, medical men will not be able to cope with this terrible situation. But it will resolve itself. After three months new hair will be grown as mysteriously as it disappeared. Only the hair itself will have been destroyed. The roots and the oil glands will not have been harmed. And I predict that when the women of Missouri once again regain their hair, peace will be restored and all will return to normalcy in St. Louis. Dates: February 11 through May 11, 1983.

JUNE 1, 1995

Let us venture, you and I, to the year 1995. Dismiss the present moment filled with personal worry and grief. Shake off the shackles of man-measured time and man-made distance, and let us, in the twinkling of an eye transplant our personalities to June 1st, 1995--a mere few years ahead. You doubtless have anticipated a visit to a place that you've never been to, in fact you have projected yourself there so thoroughly that when you actually were there you were slightly disappointed! You lived for the moment in reverse. Let us do the same thing now! ... What is a mere few years to the millions of years already past? Even five minutes from now is the future -- so why fear it? Come with me to this day in 1995!

You awaken in the bright sunshine of your room. As you lie in your boxed bed and look up you see a glass ceiling of stainless gervo, so transparent that it is hardly visible to the naked eye! You look around and notice the severity of design. Clean, cool walls. Rugs made from airfoam. Furniture made to fit the contour of the body. You are puzzled by the neutral shade of everything, and then you spy the lighting system, which colors the room to suit your fancy of the moment. All the lighting is indirect, scientifically balanced to protect the eyesight. You throw off the coverlet which will keep you warm or cool, no matter what season. No night clothes are worn as this has been proven unhealthy, and besides they are not needed, due to the excellence of the coverlet. You are instinctively lead to the bathroom and there you find a deep sunken tub, a wash bowl and the lavatory. As you enter, the lights automatically turn on, painting the scene in a bluish purple, which you recognize as ultra violet ray. You use the tub, and turning on the water you notice that it churns and foams, and upon climbing in, you are aware that each portion of your body was being gently massaged, the muscles tightened, the fatty substances removed, and vitality restored. After a few minutes of complete relaxation, you step out of the tub only to find that the lights have grown brighter and that you are quickly being automatically dried. You comb your hair with a vibrator which smooths the hair in place without pomade. You look around for something to wear, and the only thing you are able to find is a cooley coat of the same spunglass material as your bed coverlet. The coat is roomy, light, airy, and is comfortable. You see some sandals there and slip them on. They have a cushion sole, straps that fit snugly, made of an elastic material, and are air conditioned.

The sun is now very bright, and the walls of your room are suddenly transparent. You are able to see the entire neighborhood, and you look toward the other houses to notice that they are quite solid looking, and then it dawns on you that you are able to see them thru your walls, but they are not able to see you. Suddenly you stand aghast--there is a woman, absolutely nude, romping on her lawn with her pet dog! You cannot believe your eyes--but other people passing do not notice it--for nudity is the accepted thing, and if anyone cares to shed their togs, they are perfectly in style to do so.

You go to the combination kitchen, dining room and pantry, only to find this reduced to one small stove, ice chest, and one shelf on which is an array of bottles, filled with powders and pills! You press a button by the stove and a yellow light appears from the very center. A small kettle made of unbreakable glass is handy, and you fill it with sparkling water, placing this over the yellow flame. The water immediately comes to a boil. You ponder this and find that the yellow flame is solar, and that the house is solar heated, and the water you drew from the tap was highly medicated to ward off any disease. You continue to examine the row of bottles and find that they are all concentrated foods-celery, onions, cabbage, potatoes, beef, lamb, pork, puddings, pies, turkey, apples, soups, stews, eggs, salads, and every conceivable edible your mind can recall. You choose grapefruit, bacon, eggs, buttered toast and coffee, and take one pill from each of these labeled bottles. The grapefruit is to be mixed with cold water, and you do so, which gives you a cup of concentrated grapefruit, which you drink. You also notice that the directions read, "Can be taken as is, or mixed with water." Some people are still old fashioned enough to want "bulk" in food, but the highly centralized education is veering people away from that "old" idea. Many of the children now scientifically raised have never known anything but pills and powders, and show a remarkable gain of health and intelligence over the "bulk!' eaters who still insist upon stuffing themselves. There is much rivalry on the two schools of thought, and there have been many public debates, riotous demonstrations and cries between the "Pill Takers" and the "Bulk Takers." You no longer class yourself as a "Republican" or "Democrat," but as a "Pill Taker" or a "Bulk Taker"-and these are true fighting words in 1995! You mix the concentrates with hot water and soon you have bacon and eggs, buttered toast and steaming coffee, which you enjoy. The plates are paper which are discarded after use, and the coffee cup is of non-breakable plastic, which keeps the liquid piping hot.

Suddenly you notice there is a voice that seems to float on air--soothing, clear and in measured sentences, giving you the news of the day: "And here is the news of the day--and today is a very routine day--The scheduled flight to Mars, Venus and Neptune by a group of holiday seekers was suddenly called off today because of the full eclipse of the sun. The authorities feel that they do not wish to be responsible for a similar accident as happened last year when the moon eclipse was visible and caused a shift in gravity, which ripped the ship apart in midair. The Government will no longer be responsible for the health and welfare of individuals who rebel against the new edict of the eight hours of sleep requirements, careful watch on the calorie totals consumed and flagrant violation of not using the outdoor swimming pools three times a week. All law breakers will be segregated until their habits are corrected. In your homes tonight you will enjoy one of the treats of 1995--it is the famous film, all talking, color and music--of a novel called "Gone With the Wind" circa 1939--and although this film is only 60 years old, it shows clearly the misdirected thinking of that period. You will laugh all the way through it at the quaint language, customs and philosophy. Other items will be an antiquated Mickey Mouse Cartoon, a travelogue showing our old National Capitol before it was moved to Wichita, and a style show of 1962. The style show is excruciatingly funny--This all-request period of revivals of 1940 to 1965 is of extreme interest to everyone as it clearly shows how the misdirected energy of that period brought ruin. And now if you will stand by, your complete daily paper will be delivered to you."

With this, the soothing voice stops, and a click informs you that a long roll of paper is hanging from a slit in the wall. You tear it off to read. The type is clear and bold, giving forth the chitchat of the day. You read further and find that "Children's classes in Occultism, Astrology, Spiritualism and Hypnotism will start as planned in the City Park, with a special course in Numerology added for the semester. This is required, and you are held responsible for the education of your child, so see that they assemble." "Three thefts were announced yesterday on a country-wide survey. The crime wave is showing a steady decrease." "Socialized Medicine has no record of diphtheria, smallpox, polio, mumps, indigestion, heart ailment, or malaria for the past ten years within our boundaries." "Artificial insemination controls the sex of expected child" and a last shocking article on "All Males and Females between the ages of 18 and 35 are requested to register for military service at once." Did this period of miracles fail to erase the greatest blot of human crime, that of war?

You decide to go out into the street and find it is a thriving place. You notice that there are no tall buildings, but small buildings and shops neatly spaced on plots of ground. Each lot has a portion of garden where vegetables are growing. There are no real shopping centers, no actual cities, as population has been scattered and decentralized after the disasters of the 70's and 80's. You walk into one of the shops and are surprised to find that there is no variety to the merchandise, no trademarks or brand names. There is only one soap, which is the best that can scientifically be manufactured, so why must all the money, effort and time be expended to sell the public one similar soap in place of another similar soap.

Hair oil, pomade, cologne, shaving cream, cold cream, tooth paste, mouth wash, razor blades, cold tablets, cough medicine, cosmetics, and chewing gum are all of one brand and only one. You later find this mono-market has spread to automobiles, autogyros, tires, house furnishings, cigarettes and food. The shelves are neat and clean, with uniformally sized vacuum packing of peaches, pineapple, pears, and other fruits. Pastries and breads are all of the concentrated style, resembling dog pellets, but highly nutritional. You find that all tableware and silverware has been replaced by paper plates and paper knives and forks. There is no linen on sale. The only thing used for tablecloths, napkins, and bath towels was a heavy, absorbent fluffy-textured paper made from cactus and moss. The civilization of 1995 is absolutely through with the frills and the fancies that once kept man and woman in constant economic bondage. The change has been gradual but severe. No garment has a tight bodice or an uncomfortable stiff collar, and they continually stay in style. The most popular cloth is of balloon weight, semi-transparent, and an equal conductor of heat or cold, made from "gervo."

You come to a street corner where people are lined up in a methodical order. A huge atomic driven vehicle heaves into sight, running noiselessly on a column of air above the surface of the highly polished street. You enter the bus with others and for the first time get a good look at them at close range. They are from two to three inches taller than the average is today; are thin, have all their hair, good teeth, and the law forbids the wearing of glasses or carrying a cane! The full socialization of medicine has forced each and every individual to have perfect health! Scientifically developed health is the order of the day and the law of the times. Everyone seems in a very pleasant frame of mind. There are no personal worries and no one is in a great hurry, as everything is running on schedule. Everyone is given aptitude tests. The new generation is taught to live life the new way. The child is never left for the parents to instruct, for parents have a selfish way of rearing their offspring that makes them totally unfit for the new unselfish life! Any physical deformity is corrected through plastic bone surgery. The slums and the underprivileged have entirely disappeared, but every now and then there are faint reports of some family going hungry or some individual in dire distress! Basketball, football, soccer, tennis, boxing and racing are extinct. People find looking on any sports events very dull, and only enjoy the sport if they are active participants.

There are no "dropouts" as all people by this time have been equally and uniformly educated. The question of love is purely put on a scientific basis without emotion or tenderness. Most children are the product of artificial insemination. There are a few that are romantically conceived, but they are of inferior stock.

Religion has ceased to be cultish, but there is an overall concept which everyone readily agrees to. The leaders of religion are women because the men have misused this great truth and caused wars, privation and want!

But all of man and woman's efforts to perfect this imperfect world will have been in vain, for this day, June 1, 1995, is a scant four years, two months and seventeen days before the end of this civilization we call Earth.


In another part of this book I have written of the dire predictions of Nostradamus regarding the WHITE DEATH. This will come about, says Nostradamus, as interpreted by the "Sleeping Prophet" Edgar Cayce, because of a shift in the poles. This will occur when a dying planet, which man shall name, as it approaches from the bowels of space, with the name Bullarion, races toward earth and passes within a short distance of our atmosphere. We will see this dying planet coming toward us for many years. We will fear a collision between our planet and this planet. But a collision it will not be in our future.

When Bullarion passes near us, it will exert an incredible magnetic pull on the gravity of the earth, shifting our poles away from their current axis. It will be this great gravitational pull by the passing of Bullarion that will cause the WHITE DEATH of which Nostradamus spoke.

It will be the passing of Bullarion so near our earth that will cause many of the earthquakes and the rising of the lost continent of Atlantis.

The gravitational pull actually will become so great, as Bullarion reaches its closest proximity to earth, that entire cities will be destroyed. Buildings will be literally uprooted from their foundations, in some sections of the world, as will trees.

All volcanoes believed dead will suddenly erupt, for the fires from the cores will be lifted and will wreck fiery havoc never before seen on the face of the earth. Only the oceans will remain intact, but great storms and tidal waves will completely wipe out islands and change the shorelines of vast continents.

I predict that this will come to pass in 1982.


I PREDICT that the most shocking medical news of 1971 will be "trans-sexual transplants." The first will be accomplished at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where trans-sexual operations are already taking place. But the trans-sexual transplant will include complete transplants of sexual organs from one sex to the other, enabling "former women" to sire children, and "former men" to bear children through normal pregnancy.


I PREDICT man will discover, through encounter, that life does exist on other planets.


I PREDICT a new one shot serum that will cure and control almost all diseases except leprosy and cancer.


Man will harness nature. Capture the sunlight, combine it with the atom and live in a push-button world! The Prophets of the world have predicted through trend, precedent, pattern of habit, human behavior, and the unalterable law of cycle, that the 20th Century would be our last. No prophet predicted beyond the date of 1999! Does this mean we will suddenly run out of time?

Even our Bible foretells the end of all the lives. So let us drink a toast to the days that remain, so that we may live each day at a time. "Ah, make the most of what we yet may spend, Before we too into the Dust descend; Dust into Dust, and under Dust to lie, Sans wine, sans Song, Sans Singer and sans End!" Yes, the fate of the world is in our hands. But our greed, plus the genius of science, will destroy! The final war, the most terrible war, is at the very end of the Ribbon of Time! But, this is not a war of man against man, nation against nation! This is a war of man against the Earth! Man, in the clutches of inhuman greed and lust, will destroy not only himself, but the very earth that gave him life! His knife plunges deeper and deeper into the heart of Mother Nature, until Mother Nature, herself, revolts against man! Just as the world was created in seven days, it will be destroyed in seven days!

Mysteries of Nature held captive since the beginning of Time, will unleash hellish, pent-up silent fury.

. . . . Our world will float silently through space which has no beginning, and has no end! The fortunate few who survive, must find new worlds ... perhaps the moon, Venus, Mars or perhaps a far-off undiscovered universe, beyond the Sun! Just as our great grandfathers sought a new world in the covered wagon, our great grandchildren must seek a new world, in Outer Space! Oh, my friend, we dare not doubt the honesty of God! For .... at the end of Time, God will give his final command! "Let there be Darkness!


There is a vision which repeats and repeats and repeats, It is a black rainbow in the sky. And this black rainbow will herald the coming of the end of the world as you and I know it now. This black rainbow will encircle the planet Earth and it will be seen from every vantage point on the face of the earth for at night it will glow with an iridescent light and at night it will be a black streak across our sky; a rainbow, a jet black rainbow; an ebony rainbow; a black rainbow which will signify the coming suffocation of our world. This black rainbow will seemingly bring about, through some mysterious force beyond our comprehension, a lack of oxygen. It will draw the oxygen from our atmosphere, as a huge snake encircling the world and feeding upon the oxygen which we need to exist. Hour after hour it will grow worse. And we will grow weaker. It is through this that we will be so weakened that when the final end arrives, we will go silently, we will go gasping for breath, and then there will be only silence on the earth.

Although it will be of no value for us to know the reason why, for we will no longer exist, the black rainbow will be a magnetic disturbance in our atmosphere, set about by change in gravitational pulls throughout the universe.

Talk to men of science about this and you will find, deep within them, a growing fear that this prophecy of mine may prove to be very true.

For after all life is gone on this planet earth, because of the absence of oxygen, the gravitational forces which stabilize our planet will soon be gone also. The sudden shift in gravitational forces will cause our earth to jump out of orbit and start flying through space, closer and closer to the sun.

Every tick of the clock brings us nearer and nearer to this destiny.


The world as we know it will cease to exist, as I have stated previously in this volume, on August 18, 1999.

A study of all the prophets-Nostradamus, St. Odile, Mother Shipton, the Bible--indicates that we will cease to exist before the year 2,000! Not one of these prophets even took the trouble to predict beyond the year 2000! And if you and I meet each other on the street that fateful day, August 18, 1999, and we chat about what we will do on the morrow, we will open our mouths to speak and no words will come out, for we have no future ... you and I will suddenly run out of time! Who knows but what future generations from some other planet will dig down through seven layers of rubble (Rome was destroyed seven times, and the first Athens lies under nine layers of rubble) and find us some 2,000 years hence, crowd around a museum glass containing a broken fragment of a Coca Cola bottle, a bent hairpin and a parched copy of our Bible which managed to escape the terrifying destruction of our civilization! They will wonder what on earth was meant by the words "Henry Ford" or "Hollywood", and what in heaven's name was a Criswell?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

In Which I Substitute an Email Conversation with Liss for an Actual Post

Liss: What. the. Fucking. Fuck.

Deeky: No.

Deeky: Seriously. This story is a hoax, right? As is this line: "The pair has Walter the Farting Dog in development at Fox, with the Jonas Brothers starring." There is no way this could be happening. No. It can't be.

Liss: I'm just... WHUT? There is no way that anyone thinks this is a good idea.

Deeky: George Lopez thinks the big fat paycheck he's getting is a good idea.

Liss: What a total jerk. And I don't know why I'm under the totally absurd impression that people in Hollywood would consider this a BAD idea, considering the existence of the multi-part Shrek franchise, the central character of which is literally just a collection of nasty Scottish stereotypes. Still. They don't even play Speedy Gonzales cartoons anymore because they're FUCKING OFFENSIVE. Still. Jeff "Jose Jalapeno" Dunham has his own show on Comedy Central. Still. Christ.

Deeky: Also in development: Beaners: The Motion Picture, Wetback: The Musical, and the dramedy Lazy Mexicans.

Liss: And the new Baz Lurhman musical, Picante Immigrante.


Criswell Predicts Pt. 4

[I, Criswell von Criswell, dark mage, give to you, my readers, the entire text of my famous Criswell Predicts: From Now to the Year 2000, in five easy-to-read installments, for both your delight and dread.]


We have no control over Mother Nature who can either be our greatest friend or our most treacherous foe. Nor do we have any control over the elements of outer space. Little do we realize how many times our earth has come dangerously close to being destroyed by comets and by meteors. Fate has been kind to us for in the past the countless numbers of meteors that crashed into our earth either landed in wastelands or found their way to the bottom of the sea. Many meteors and meteorites have been located and examined by our scientists but no one knows how many have pierced our atmosphere which have never been discovered. I predict in the near future newspapers will carry shocking headlines warning of the approach of a very large meteor heading directly toward the earth and with no apparent sign of burning up or altering its course. I predict that radio and television warnings will be issued by all nations and immediate measures will be taken to protect life and property. I predict that panic will grow as this menace from outer space grows closer but I predict that the panic will be controlled and will not result in tragedy which usually accompanies such wild panic. Not even the space scientists will know where the meteor will strike for it will travel in a zig zag pattern at a terrifying rate of speed. I regret to predict that one of the capital cities of the leading nations of the world will be struck by this meteor with terrible consequences. London, England will be the target of this heartless killer from outer space. This meteor will strike in a heavily populated sector of London and will hit with unprecedented force rocking the earth for hundreds of -miles and slightly shifting the position of the earth. Shocks will be felt as far away as Paris, Lisbon and Denmark, Australia, India, China, S. Africa, S. America and Washington, D. C. I predict that the once proud city of London will be a tomb of death. Entire slum areas will be completely wiped out.

The new London Bridge will crumble and the Houses of Parliament will be destroyed. I predict that Piccadilly Circus will be silent. Big Ben will never toll again and the historic London docks will be a mass of splinters and of rubble. Great ocean liners and the pride of the English Navy will sink to their watery grave. Vast arsenals will explode and within minutes destruction will almost be beyond human belief. The entire air fleet of Great Britain will be no more. I predict that fortunately many London citizens will have the foresight to flee from the great city feeling that it is safer in the countryside before the striking of the terrible meteor thus cutting down the number of fatalities. However, the death toll will never be known for it will be impossible to make a complete and accurate counting. I predict that property damage will run into the billions and many of London's historical monuments as well as the crown jewels will be smashed and buried. The royal family of the British Empire will not be spared for this meteor will have no respect for rank or nobility. I predict that several members of the royal family will meet their deaths but the monarch and several others will be safe in their country villas and their castles. I predict that this meteor will make a crater 8 miles square and it will jut into the air over 200 feet. I predict it will be white-hot for many days and will emit a poisonous gas fume which will prove fatal or cause a terrible illness. As things pass so will this terror of this frightening catastrophe and London will begin to dig out of its rubble and begin to bury its dead. I predict that the British Government will find it necessary to establish court in another city and that ironically will be Coventry which was once itself completely destroyed by a bombing attack of World War II. I predict that for many years London will be a city of ruin and desolation but the entire world will answer the plea of the English government and will give assistance and money quickly and freely which will enable the people of the Empire to restore their beloved London. I predict that a large public park will be constructed around this meteor. Atop it will be built a huge monument to remind the world of the countless number of people who gave up their lives to this heartless killer from outer space. Tourists from far and wide will flock to England not to view the Tower of London, Piccadilly Circus or the famed government buildings that will be a part of the past; for these will all be a part of the past, but to see and wonder at this great meteor which will be the No. 1 tourist attraction of the 20th century. The money these tourists bring into the country will enable England to rise once again and this meteor will more than pay for the destruction it caused. Date: October 18, 1988.


I predict that by the year 1980, one of the greatest shortages that America will be faced with is cemeteries. I predict that the year 1980 construction will begin on the world's largest cemetery, large enough to accommodate ten million bodies; with crypt facilities for fifty million more. This cemetery will be constructed in the state of Nevada.


O my Friend, sunset and the evening star and one clear call for me, and may there be no moaning on the bar, when I put out to sea! Yes, my friend, let us face it, where all the rest of the world is concerned, you and I and the entire human race will be the last to be missed by the sand, the wind and the stars and all moving creatures, for we are expendable! Man has only cluttered up the earth with unforgivable knickknacks, denuded forests, cut away hillsides to replace them with bands of concrete, dug into the earth for treasure, harnessed the air for personal greed, killed off the animal life for fun and made prisoner of Mother Nature. But she will strike back and man will be removed from the face of the earth like a hog shedding lice! And we will not be missed except for our poking around! Our pavements will again be lush vegetation! Vines will climb unhindered through our buildings! Animals will roam happily through our courts of law! Ants, bugs and roaches will have the delight of their lives infesting without apprehension! Mold and fungi will grow happily! The desert will again become the desert without frills built upon it! Snakes will sun themselves and accept life as it should be and will return to be, the true Garden of Eden without the sin of Man! You and I will have graduated into the higher life in yours and mine incredible, but very near, future!


I PREDICT that Mao Tse Tsung will die in the spring of 1971 and China will be rocked by Provincial Civil Wars. The Army general in each province will set up his own government and China will be divided as it was in the days of the War Lords. And it will never again be united but will become a number of small nations, such as we have in Africa today.
Puerto Rico and the Philippines

Puerto Rico and the Philippine Islands will become the 51st and 52nd states of the United States.


I predict that England will solve her growing welfare problem by paying only in scrip, which will not be acceptable for hard liquor, ale or gambling and, any one spending for this, will face charges of treason against the Crown! The scrip will merely be vouchers for exact food, exact clothing and exact amount of rent!


The medical facilities of the future will outreach present imagination. I predict huge cities built for health, preventive and corrective medicine. You will have an entire block laid aside, with huge buildings on it. In one nothing but scalp disease will be treated; in another, gastric conditions. Another, tuberculosis. An entire city will only take care of cancer. We will move into a world of even more specialists. Our federal government, through our Pentagon will train young doctors in a few months' time. You will find that they will be specialists and know all there is to know with the help of automation and the sources about a certain disease, and when you go into the medical facilities of one of these huge buildings which is in itself for that one illness alone, you are guaranteed a cure and you will come out a changed and well person. There will be few people really working in the world of medicine. They will merely be companions to stand back and look on and give you moral support for the machines will do all of the labor. You'll be skillfully operated on through automation, as I predicted before and in each one of these medical facilities which specialize in a certain ailment of the human body you will definitely come out cured.


What is the secret beyond the atmospheric belt which surrounds our earth, which we call outer space?

Is the secret so terrifying that we cannot be told about it by the Pentagon?

For years we have lived with the uninterpreted visions of many great men who in their visions saw into the depths of outer space, as our newest telescopes are beginning to do, and as the sharp eye of the television camera on space vehicles are beginning to do, also.

Is it true that the keen eye of the television camera has reported floating monsters who live in the murkiness of outer space, as do sea monsters deep in the murkiness of the ocean depth?

Is it true that fallouts from atomic and hydrogen bomb tests in the stratosphere has so disturbed the creatures from outer space that they are on the verge of self defense? What is their connection with the report of flying saucers?

Are they a part of the black rainbow that will spell doomsday for this world?

Is it possible the theory in vision is true; that these monsters of myth have at one time or another visited the earth. Is it true that far out in space, space itself becomes solid as concrete. And do these fearsome monsters inhabit the threshold of that solid world beyond our comprehension? Are scientists now burning midnight oil to fathom this mystery?

This is a vision to ponder for we stand on the verge of the unknown when we stand on the verge of space.

Predictions Concerning Each Of The Fifty States


I predict that Alabama will become the base of a new financial empire, consisting of Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. By 1980 these key states will be more influential in the financial world of America than is Wall Street today.


I predict that Arizona will utilize state and federal land to set up model communities for the increasing number of retired persons in the United States. Virtually the whole state will be irrigated by 1981. There will be only one problem arising from this and that will be riots in some areas due to squatters who will move in on these state and federal lands after they are irrigated and developed, and will refuse to move off. This will be one of the big stories of 1981.


I predict that during the next ten years the state of Arkansas will be developed as one of the year round vacation spots of America. Tourism will become its chief industry. But even as Arkansas develops as a vacation area, it will become more and more isolated as a state of ultra conservatism and a stronghold of states' rights. In the late 1970's, Arkansas will lead a movement for States' Rights that will be stronger than any movement since the secessionist movement of the 1850's.


I predict that California will boom as no other state in our history has boomed. An influx of industry and people will make California the largest and richest state in the United States before 1975. But California will also write a history of civil turmoil in blood in 1970, 1971, and 1972.

In the 1980's California will be the fortress state of America, as our entire arms industry and military headquarters are moved to the west coast, to offset the threat of war in the orient.


I predict that Colorado will see unprecedented growth and modernization during the early 1970's. But the disaster of the destruction of Denver will cause virtually all the citizens of Colorado to leave that state and it will be virtually a "ghost-state" for more than ten years, until people are convinced it is safe to return.


I predict that Connecticut will be the bravest state of the New England area and will withstand the inroads of the federal government. They will be particularly unhappy and very mad about the federal government's tax on food which will be 5% and the federal government's tax on rentals which will be 5%. This one state will lead the revolt in 1978, and others will follow. I predict that, like Arkansas, Connecticut will have a mind of its own.

I predict the only thing that Connecticut will have to watch out for will be storms in the Atlantic; which will come into the Connecticut area and devastate their entire coast.


I predict that Delaware faces troubled days ahead. There will be much labor trouble in Delaware which will drive many manufacturers out of Delaware.

The severe winters also will take a huge toll and Delaware is not epidemic proof.


I predict the District of Columbia within the next fifteen years will cease to exist as the capital of the United States. The seat of government will be moved to Wichita, Kansas, in the caverns beneath the city and the surrounding counties of Wichita.


I predict that the present boom in Florida will continue until that state is the second most densely populated state in the nation. However the prosperity of the state of Florida is doomed. With the shifting of our coast line and the natural upheavals of the earth's crust, as predicted in other parts of this book, the state of Florida will all but be completely submerged and the inhabitants will be forced to move back from this paradise peninsula onto the mainland of the United States.


I predict that Georgia will become one of the key manufacturing, business, and insurance states in the United States. But the largest industry in the state of Georgia ten years from now will be aircraft. I also predict Georgia will be the only state in the Union, after 1980, which will have retained its historical sites for future generations to see. I also predict that under a new constitution, to be drafted in 1977, Georgia will set up a new form of government, unlike that of any state in the Union, and will serve as the prototype for the type of government that will someday control the entire United States.


I predict that the gold, silver, lead, zinc, and copper mines will soon lie quiet for they will be replaced by new, all purpose material which will be manufactured from cheap chemicals. I predict that while prosperity continues into the late 1970's throughout most of the country, Idaho will be the subject of a great economic recession, because of economic factors over which it has no control.


I predict that the state of Illinois will be torn asunder by a series of racial riots in 1969, 1970, 1971, and 1972. The worst race riots in the history of America will take place in the cities of Illinois, particularly in the Chicago area. I predict that in Springfield, Illinois, the Abraham Lincoln shrines and historical sites there will be torn down and burned by rioting mobs in August, 1969. Racial strife that rocked the state will place it under martial law for months at a time. Thousands of persons will die there in the rioting. And there will be no peace in the state of Illinois until the racial problem of the United States is resolved, as I have predicted elsewhere in this book.


I predict that Indiana will face trials and tribulations in the future as divergent political forces fight to control the state government.

In the midst of all this turmoil I predict that from Indiana will come a new system of education and instruction that will be copied all over this country, and all over other parts of the world.


I predict that Iowa, which today supplies over 15% of the food consumed in the United States, will, within 15 years, have the largest number of organic farms in the United States, and will produce more than 50% of the food used in the United States.


I predict that Kansas will become the most important state in the U. S., due to the moving of the federal capital from Washington, D. C. to Wichita. The broad plains and prairies will be a roof above multi-story government buildings, constructed wholly underground. The largest airports in the world will be constructed in Kansas, to serve the needs bf the new capital of the U. S.


I predict that the state of Kentucky will, in the mid-1970's, produce a genius in the field of economics. This man will devise a system for economic development in the state of Kentucky in the field of tobacco raising and whiskey production. He will organize gigantic combines whose productivity will push all of the states out of competition in these areas. Kentucky will, through his guidance, become one of the most modern and richest states in the Union. And, because this man's programs will be implemented through state control, the benefits of the riches gleaned from his programs will be shared by all of the people of Kentucky, thus making it one of the first truly socialistic states in America.


I predict that Louisiana will become one of the busiest and wealthiest states in the Union, because New Orleans will be one of the key ports of the western world. And, because of the far thinking of the people of New Orleans, the older portions of New Orleans will be kept intact and other areas rebuilt, turning it into a little Paris of the western world. But, as predicted in other sections of this book, the glory of New Orleans, too, will pass away through a natural disaster.


I predict that from the state of Maine will come the president of the United States who will take office in 1984. By then, the liberalism that has run rampart throughout the United States for so many years will have come full cycle and this ultra conservative will plant the conservative philosophy into the United States through the federal controls that have been developed, thus giving our nation what is neither liberal nor conservative, but totally federal.


I predict that Maryland will suffer great losses at the hands of nature over the next ten years. The Chesapeake Bay will be ravaged by fantastic storms. And the damage from these storms, one after another, will force Maryland to ask for Federal Government aid for its stricken population. And, in other parts of Maryland, there will be great civil disorders, as a part of the growing racial tension and racial violence that will sweep the United States between 1968 and 1970.


I predict that Massachusetts will be known as the most tragic state in the Union due to the great area of Atlantic Ocean coast which will be the scene of many tidal waves and undersea disturbances. There will be millions of new acres in the northeastern part of America which will rise out of the sea but not without great damage to the present states in that area. I predict that Massachusetts will continue to lose a great deal of manufacturing plants to the southern states particularly Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi due to the increasingly bad winters they will have.


I predict Michigan will set the pace for industry in the entire Midwest. Michigan has long been a state fraught with strikes and with labor troubles, but that will completely change in the future. Flying machines which we will all own will replace automobiles. I also predict that Michigan will be the scene of some of the greatest civil rights disturbances we have ever known in America.


I predict that in this lake country there will be many tragic incidents. Some will be due to draining of the lakes and filling them for land expansion. Also there will be great earthquakes which will hit Minnesota--a series of them, beginning in 1973. And because this state is unprepared for such earthquakes, they will be doubly tragic.


I predict that Mississippi will continue to be torn by militant racial factions during the next five years. Then Mississippi will become the first all-Negro state, as predicted elsewhere in this book.


I predict that the state of Missouri will produce one of the miracles of the twentieth century--an electronically created fiber that will revolutionize the textile business in the U. S. I also predict that Missouri will not escape the great civil disorders that will prevail in many states for the next five years. And Missouri will have the dubious distinction of becoming the crime-center of the U. S., as most of the syndicate headquarters are moved by the Cosa Nostra from Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago and New York to the smaller cities of Missouri.


I predict that by the year 1981, the state of Montana will be known as the "Penal State." In this one state will be constructed the largest penitentiaries and criminal rehabilitation centers in the world. The Federal Government will take over the incarcerating of all criminals, and all state penitentiaries will be abolished and the inmates moved to the penal institutions of Montana.


I predict that Nebraska will become the center of our Military Aviation Complex. Future rockets and anti-gravity propulsion centers will be built in Nebraska. And we will also bury all of our Military dead in that state.


I predict that Nevada will experience astounding growth in the next ten years. Las Vegas will double in size by 1975, But the gambling and easy living of Nevada will not be the source of its reputation--the new Federal Divorce Laws of 1983 will be! The Federal Divorce center will be in Reno, Nevada. All divorces in the U.S. will be handled from there. Forms prepared by local attorneys for a $5.00 fee will be sent to Reno, where they will be processed by machines, and separation stipulations determined when the divorce is granted.


I predict that New Hampshire will be devastated by the worst ice and snow storms in history in the winter of 1974. There will be more than 5,000 deaths from this series of winter storms that will destroy all power facilities and block all roads and streets, and leave the people of New Hampshire at the mercy of the cold.


I predict that New Jersey will become so densely populated by 1980, it will be the first state to pass mandatory birth control laws. It is there that the idea of contraceptively-treated water will be first tested. And the state of New Jersey will experience violent storms as the result of our shifting coastline in the 1980's. By 1987, Atlantic City will no longer exist.


I predict that in 1971 there will appear in New Mexico a great leader of the American Indians who will spearhead a fight for return of Indian Lands to the Indians. And he will be successful. Virtually the entire state of New Mexico will be returned to the Indians by the Supreme Court in a ruling of March, 1976.


I predict that New York is doomed. I have covered its demise in other chapters of this book.


I predict that North Carolina will face economic growth in the 1970's with the development of artificial tobacco that is completely harmless. This will be developed in North Carolina. But that state will, while enjoying economic growth, be subjected to racial violence and disasters of nature. Many towns, large and small, will be the scenes of violence in 1969 and 1970. And the shifting coastline of the 1980's will destroy many coastal towns.


I predict that North Dakota will shock America in 1985 by becoming the first state to legalize polygamy. This will result from a series of events: First there will be a great worsening of weather in this state. Winters will be hard and will last from September to June. Earthquakes will rock the state. Thousands of people will leave the state, and polygamy will be one of the answers to the problem--by trying to lure settlers to North Dakota to repopulate the state.


I predict that the state of Ohio will face lean days ahead.

It will be beset by labor strikes until the national labor act which will force everyone to return to work at a given price and for the first time in America when these strikes happen in the Ohio area, these workers will be forced to return to their jobs and their price will be set by the government. This will be the first state in which Labor Unions will be declared illegal and this will be the testing ground of the government against union labor. The union leaders who will seek to destroy the government. This will be the labor battleground of the century. It will come not between management and labor, but between labor and the government itself. And the Supreme Court will support the government in setting wages. This will be a part of the beginning of absolute government control which will reign by the year 1989.


I predict that Oklahoma will become the richest per capita state in the Union by 1981. This will come about when the state government takes over the mineral rights to all the land and distributes the wealth among all the people.


I predict that Oregon will be the state selected for the Federal Government's Mental Illness Complex, the largest mental sanitariums in the world. Construction will begin in 1978. By 1980, all state mental hospitals will be abolished and all committed mental patients will be sent to the new Mental Health Complex in Oregon.


I predict death in Pennsylvania's streets beginning in the summer of 1968. The police, especially trained to handle riots, will be overcome by the sheer size and force of the riots of 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971 and 1972. And I predict that Pittsburgh will be a city of nightmares because of the cannibalism predicted in another chapter of this book.


I predict that Rhode Island will be the center of a new movement of the youth of the nation which will make the "hippie movement" look very normal. The next movement will be youth's rebellion through nudism. And this movement will begin in Rhode Island and spread throughout the land.


I predict that the large underground complex near Aiken, South Carolina, where hydrogen bombs are now made, will be tripled in size and our greatest new weapon, the Later Death Ray, will be developed there. I also predict that Charleston, S .C. will become the second largest port in America, second only to New Orleans. But I predict that Charleston faces many problems: many deaths from air pollution; ravaging storms; and race riots. The older sections of Charleston will be burned to the ground in the race riot of June 27, 1969.


I predict that South Dakota will become the first state to legalize prostitution and sale of marijuana. I predict that a group of ruthless men will control the state government of South Dakota in the late 1970's and their open traffic in prostitution and drugs will cause repercussions throughout the country.


I predict that Tennessee, where the first Atom Bomb was produced, will become the munitions capital of America. Huge factories for war will be built underground in the mountains. I also predict that a great new evangelist will come out of the hills of Tennessee in 1977 and will win many converts for a new church he will form.


I predict that Texas will, by 1985, be divided into three separate states. I predict that a new national political party will be founded in Dallas in 1976. I predict that San Antonio will double in size by 1980. I predict that Houston will be the scene of the first brain-transplant, not unlike the Russian system of grafting one dog's head onto another dog. I predict that the federal Government will move troops into Texas in 1975 to quell riots by Mexican-Americans protesting their treatment in cities and towns throughout the state.


I predict that Utah will experience phenomenal growth during the next ten years. I predict that many residents of Utah will migrate to North Dakota when that state legalizes polygamy. J predict that Salt Lake City will become an important industrial center for the electronics industry.


I predict that on February 11, 1981, there will be an abortive attempt by a foreign power to bomb the U. S. with atomic missiles. Most of the missiles will be destroyed by anti-missile missiles, but several will be only driven off-course and will drop on the helpless state of Vermont. The death toll on that date will exceed 50,000 persons.


I predict that Virginia will be the first state to recognize the domination of men by women under the matriarchal system of the 1980's. A "white slavery" of men will see its beginning in Virginia.


I predict that the state of Washington will become the "art center" of America, for it is in that state that a Federal Arts Center will be built. Persons showing aptitude in any of the arts-painting, music, dance, writing, acting, etc.--will be allowed to go to this Federal Arts Center and live at government expense to pursue their talents. From this center will come "road companies" of performing artists who will tour the nation.


I predict that the mountains of West Virginia will become a mecca for tourism. Replenishment of wildlife will result in making this state a paradise for hunters. Discovery of a rare metal buried within the mountains will cause a boom in the economy. Along with Arkansas, West Virginia will make a stand against Federal Controls in the 1970's. And there will emerge from this state one of the most beloved politicians in America's history, who will hold the office of Senator in the late 1970's and will become Vice President in 1984.


I predict that a strange malady will strike the domestic animal and livestock life of Wisconsin in 1977, marking the beginning of the end for the dairy industry in that state. The cause will be a heretofore unknown bacteria. Of course scientists today think they know all of the diseases that can strike animal life, but they face a new one in Wisconsin in 1977.


I predict that the farsightedness of many persons in Wyoming will make them the safest persons in the atomic holocaust of 1987. They will have shelters, and after the brief but costly war, we will depend on the many survivors who live in Wyoming to help rebuild many cities of the country.


I predict that the only war to be fought on American soil will be in Alaska in the late 1980's. A combine of Russian, Chinese and Korean forces will try to get a foothold on North America by bombing the U.S., then invading Alaska. That state will be virtually destroyed in the fighting.


I predict that in the late 1970's we will turn several of the islands into missile bases and launching pads for our defense and for our exploration of outer space. I also predict that in 1976, we will be shocked by the tragedy of earthquakes and tidal waves that will kill more than 75,000 persons in Hawaii.

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Evil Baby of the Day

A Great Part of a Nutritious Breakfast

Fruit Brute

Criswell Predicts Pt. 3

[I, Criswell of Criswellia, submit for your approval, the unexpurgated text of my tome Criswell Predicts: From Now to the Year 2000 (in five parts) for your astonishment and pleasure.]


I predict a catastrophe which will strike an unsuspecting lakeside resort in a European nation. This will happen without warning and will shock the world. This lake has long been the scene of many frolicking tourists from all over the continent enjoying boating, swimming, fishing, diving and other water sports. The vacationers will not give much thought to what they feel and will think the warmer temperature of the water on the fateful day is due to the noon day heat and the strong rays of the sun. I predict that the shallower section of the lake will soon become uncomfortable and some luckier bathers will wade to shore. However, the many boaters, skin divers and fishermen will not be as fortunate. Steam will slowly appear above the water and sudden fear will grip everyone in the area. The captains of the sight-seeing boats will try to reach shore but few will make it. I predict that below the surface of the lake divers will find themselves suddenly surrounded by water of a terrible heat intensity. It will be a shocking sight as their bodies rise to the surface boiled to a livid red. Tiny bubbles will appear over the entire surface of the lake and soon it will be a mass of boiling water. Boats will be tossed around like bobbing corks and scalding water will pour over the decks spraying the crews and the passengers. I predict that many vessels will sink but the majority will remain intact and afloat but there will be no life aboard. The intense heat will cause the sails of many boats to burst into flames and the vessels will gradually burn and sink below the water. The shore residents will flee for their lives. I predict this monstrous lake will overflow and for miles it will create havoc and terror. The entire resort area will be flooded and turned into a flaming ruin, trapping many helpless tourists and inhabitants. I predict that in the center of this lake a small cone shaped object will appear gradually rising and belching flame and smoke--a dormant submerged volcano. This volcano after centuries of sleep will suddenly be reactivated fatally by flame from beneath the earth's surface. Panic will sweep over the countryside.

This terrible formation will grow to such proportion as to endanger the entire nation. I predict this volcano will continue to rise for a period of 6 weeks and will then give forth a tremendous explosion. Flame, rock and molten lava will wreak destruction and havoc and for many miles around cities will be showered with flames and smoke creating a fiery holocaust. Lava will pour into the lake and in a short time the waters will recede as the lava and the intense heat create evaporation. I predict the flow of lava will cease but entire communities will be lost forever and thousands of people from all over the continent will be listed as missing. This volcano will remain silent having spent itself but until the end of time it will stand in the center of this lake, a terrible remembrance of this fateful catastrophe. I predict this will be Lago Maggiore in Switzerland. Date: August 27, 1977.


I PREDICT that America's foremost Rock-Polk Singer will commit suicide during Easter Week, 1969.


I PREDICT that a well known movie actor of purest-white reputation -- a veritable All-American-Boy will be arrested in October, 1969, on a charge of White Slavery. It will be exposed that this man and several of his colleagues have kept more than thirty young "runaway" girls in slavery in the secretly excavated basement of his Beverly Hills Mansion--where they have performed inhuman acts of sadism on these young girls, and have killed seven of them.


I PREDICT paste on bikinis for you girls and clamp on bikinis for you men.


Nostradamus, as far back as 1538, predicted many amazing things that have already come to pass. But, one of his most ominous, foreboding prophecies is almost at your very doorstep. Nostradamus predicted, "During the last half of the 20th Century, great White Death will strike a vicious blow, and overnight, the earth will become White Hell." Do we dare doubt the prophecy of Nostradamus? Even our geologists respect this long range weather forecast. Our weather cycle is making a tragic turn, and before long, suffocating, hideous snow will fall where only the tropic sun had shown. The day is not far off, in your lifetime, when this White Messenger of Death, will knock on every door! Nostradamus further predicted "After the last flake has left the skies, there will be no warmth for 40 days and 40 nights. Then will come the winds of ice, from the north, the south, the east ... and the west." Remember the words of Nostradamus for he has yet to be proven wrong.

Frigid, violent winds will sweep into your cities, your streets, and even your homes, turning everything into ice. And, for 40 days and 40 nights man will not be seen. Our heart of Mother Nature will melt, after 40 days and 40 nights, and man will slowly emerge from his imprisonment. But, the laws of Mother Nature are very strange, and just as night must follow day, the thaw must follow the ice and snow. One drop of water is innocent, but with others it can be a dangerous enemy.

And though our earth will survive the White Death, it will be at great cost of life and property.

Dates: August-November, 1982.


O my Friend, do the same things happen over and over, yet to different people? Must every generation face the same crisis? Must each century follow the same pattern of growth and decay? Why is it the moment we start growing, we start decaying? Will water be our downfall? Will all the drops converge at a given signal from Mother Nature and spell our doom as it did many times before? Water is life, it feeds, it cleanses, it warms, it cools, it carries, it protects, and without it, the earth would go barren, but yet it has a destructive quality second to none, not even fire! Our geologists cast a fearful eye upon the threat of the oncoming deluge of water--and if they are concerned, we should be terrified! They tell us that many times the earth has been flooded and a few hearty souls lived thru it, managed to escape the Niagara of death, to start anew. We look upon the story of the Biblical Noah and his Ark as something that couldn't possibly happen again! And yet a tiny tilt of our Earth could flood each and every continent in the twinkling of an eye ... the fish and ocean life would survive ... to perhaps crawl again from the ooze for a fresh start! Or if some one is smart enough to build an ark or a space ship to last out the deluge, they and they alone could survive! The geologists warn us of the coming event in no uncertain terms, which will be in your lifetime and mine!


I PREDICT that by 1980 you will be able to lift your own face in your own home for only $5.00. A new chemical will be developed in our Veterans Hospital for battle scar tissue will soon be available to the public. You will buy it by the jar, put it on your face and in three days look half your age.


Nudism will become more and more popular in America. In 1971 the Supreme Court will rule that no state may outlaw Nudist Colonies. This ruling will come just prior to the "consenting adults" ruling which will make legal any activity entered into by consenting adults on private property out of public view.


How would it feel to be the last person on earth? You may be that very one! You may have the chance to experience this very thing! One ion of oxygen can consume another, until no oxygen is remaining! All plant life, all animal life, all insect life and all human life will expire about the same time! The only way that you could survive would be to accidentally be surrounded by an air pocket! Even in mine disasters, where the deadly gases permeate every portion of the area, there is usually some small point it does not reach, and the individual is saved. Mother Nature may have the same thing in mind when our lovely lurching earth goes into a cascade of airless existence! The hydrogen bomb will be able to set off a series of reaction multiplying faster than cancer cells in the human body! This could doom our sideshow of a world! The very first atom bombs were very mild in their destruction, compared to what we now have! If these puny first trial bombs can damage the human body as it did, what can the more advanced modern ones do? We could have a sightless, hearless, hairless race of mankind, with all organs damaged so that copulation would be impossible! Our race could die a-borning! And if you are lucky to escape the hydrogen-atomic dixie finish of our brave new world thru an accident, you might find it most lonely, for you could be the only remaining living person in the world in your incredible future!







COINS: 1975

I predict that in 1975 all metal coins will be withdrawn from the market and only paper money used. This will be done by all nations of the world. Gold and silver will become more and more precious, and by 1990 metal will be extremely scarce. All metal will be a curiosity because all things will have been replaced by plastic. Silver and gold coins will become museum pieces and in the years to come our grandchildren will behold them with awe through a glass case that will be guarded.


I PREDICT school will be taught by television only. You will see your teacher on the screen and you will answer by a series of automated push buttons on your desk and receive a passing grade or a failing grade of that day's test, and if you fail, you must take that specific hour again until you have fully grasped what it means. There will not be teachers as we know them today, they will merely be companions, in fact, they will be part of the police department who will be there merely as wardens to see that your children behave.

I PREDICT that it will be entirely possible for you to master algebra, Latin, trigonometry, or even the German language within the period of a week to capture it and learn it. You will see it on the screen, you will follow the printed test, you will push push buttons for your automation examination and you will find you will retain all there is to know of the subject that you are studying. You will also be trained for the professions in this same way.


I PREDICT that an occurrence in Atlanta, Georgia, in the Fall of 1968 will rock this nation with outrage.


Chicago, Ill. Jan. 10, 1970: A revival of the old fashioned Dance Marathon of the 1920's for contestants over 85 will be held, sponsored by a vitamin company testing their new product!


Mexico City, built on a dry lake bed, surrounded by volcanoes will be a "ghost city" by 1985. Slowly the city is sinking into the lake bed. All efforts to save it are failing. The speed of its sinking will begin to increase in 1974. Sinkage in 1968 will be about one inch. In 1969 it will be an inch and a half. In 1972-three inches. In 1975--SEVEN INCHES!

The quicksand bed of the lake will compress more and more rapidly and, by government decree, the capital city of Mexico will be evacuated in 1985--and moved to the city of QUERETARO.


Does any one actually die? Does any one actually vanish from the earth without a trace? Psychologists tell us that this is impossible, for each and every man, woman or child leaves something of himself on earth and never, never actually vanishes into the void! Each personality leaves a memory, an impression, a good or bad deed, which is never erased, and it is handed down from generation to generation. From your own childhood, you can remember how a grandfather or great grandmother, told you about her grandmother or great grandmother, some incident that you have retold to your family many times! In Europe, there are houses and farms which have remained in the same family since William The Conqueror, trinkets which date back to the Crusades and, even in America, a young nation compared to others, has a rich heritage of Indian lore, which somehow will never die! The people, once thought dead, remain very much alive in a iiving legend, with far more power than when alive. An entire cult has grown up around Evita Peron, now elected for canonization, in Argentina. Stalin, in spite of his cold desecrated body, thrown on the ash heap of Red scorn, still is vital and breathing and is carefully followed by many Russian spiritualists who seek his advice from the Nether Realms! Yes, no one actually dies and leaves nothing behind, for no matter who they are, they live in someone's memory! And YOU will too, in your incredible future!


Back in 1448 Mother Shipton foretold: "The day of shame will come to pass, no clothes will wear the lad or lass. Who doff the shawl, the trouser too, and romp amid the morning dew." And this will be in your lifetime and in mine!

Yes, Mother Shipton was quite right, about nudism! Never in the history of our modern world, have we dressed so briefly on the beach, in the garden, or on the streets. I predict it will only be a matter of time, when you will join a nudist camp or health farm, and enjoy the complete freedom of nudity. The human body is nothing to be ashamed of, for we were all born in the likeness of God. And remember, it will be in your lifetime, when you walk down the street, you will shop, you will attend the theater in the nude. And, perhaps sooner than you think! It was also Mother Shipton who predicted "Waving fields of oats and wheat. In tiny pellets we will eat. Gone will be the knife and plate, for this will be the twist of Fate." Yes, in that far off year of 1448, the words vitamin tablet, and compressed food were unknown.

Human Progress

O my friend, what can be ahead in the ruthless progress of the human race? Are we more civilized than we were a century ago? Or are we more debased than ever before? The horror of the atom bomb is nothing to compare with our new hydrogen contraption which will not only maim, destroy or kill half the world at one dropping, but also will result in sterility of both men and women, bringing down the curtain on our mad little game of procreation! Animals, no matter how maddened or vicious, do not resort to the evil done between men in man's inhumanity to man! In our mad Orwellian existence, right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right! War becomes peace! Peace becomes war! Scarcity becomes abundance! Abundance becomes scarcity! In the war of governments for the control of our minds, we are in the midst of a great brain washing bath! "We would do better had we permitted our spiritual heads to cleanse our souls rather than to permit the politicians to cleanse our minds of all reason!" cry the Conservative Laborites of England. "There is no greed greater than human greed, and upon this the Devil plays his tunes," is repeated by our ministers of God! "Our politicians claim our Kingdom is greater than the Kingdom of Heaven" say the British Clergy, "and continue to defy God and all reason!" Whither have we drifted my friend, in your incredible future?


I PREDICT that a male birth control pill will be on the market in 1971. One pill will make a man sterile for thirty days, with no side effects.


I PREDICT there will be no newspapers, as we know them today, operating after 1980. Today many television stations are owned by newspapers and are an adjunct of the daily paper. After 1980, the reverse will be true: newspapers will be fed into the home via television transmission, where hard copies of print-outs will roll out of the set each morning and afternoon, complete with photos, features, etc. And, because television is under government control, every newspaper will be under government control also.


I predict renewed war in Korea before June, 1969.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Or, Daddy Issues: The Next Generation

Jacob appears to Hurley and tells him he has a mission for him. Hurley has to get Jack to sneak out of the Temple with him and cross the jungle. Jack doesn't want to until Hurley tells him Jacob says he has "what it takes." Jack is disturbed by this but is convinced to follow Hurley. They sneak out and head through the jungle. They bump into Kate. She doesn't want to go back to the Temple and she doesn't want to follow Jack and Hurley. She says she is going to search for Claire. In Alternative L.A., Jack is divorced (from whom we don't know) and has a teenaged son who is secretly a child prodigy. He disappears, and Jack finds him at a piano recital, trying to get into some school for piano nerds. Dogen is there too and he has a prodigy son too. Old Man Shephard is still missing. So is his will. Jack and Mom scour the house for it, and Jack wonders why his son won't talk to him. Mom thinks the boy is scared of him. They find the will and Mom asks Jack if he knows who the fuck Claire Littleton is. After the recital, Jack tells the boy (David) his father said he didn't have what it takes, and he's felt like an asshole ever since. He tells David he will never be a failure in his eyes. Claire rescues Jin from the bear trap he was stuck in and rubs aloe on his leg. She also takes one of the Others captive. She threatens the man with an axe. She wants to know why they took her baby. Jin says Kate took Aaron, but Clair kills the Other anyway. Then Jin says he was lying about Kate, that Aaron is at the Temple. He asks if she's been alone these last three years. She tells him her friend has been with her, whoever the fuck that is. Meanwhile Hurley and Jack reach their destination, a lighthouse. It's pretty awesome looking. Hurley climbs to the top and tries to set the mirrors to 108°. As it is turning Jack sees something in the mirror. Then he notices all the degree marks have names next to them. He's at 23 just like in the cave. He sets it to 23° and sees his house. WTF? He wonders how long Jacob has been spying on him and smashes the fuck out of the mirror. Jack wanders off to brood and Jacob appears to Hurley. Jacob reveals he really needed Hurley and Jack away from the Temple, because someone was coming. Who? Someone bad. Hurley wants to warn the people at the Temple, but Jacob tells him it's too late. Meanwhile, back at Claire's tent, they have a visitor. "John?" asks Jin. "No," Claire says, "that's not John, that's my friend."

Dream Journal No. 2

I was renting DVDs. I am not sure where. I never rent DVDs. I don't have an account anywhere. I was picking up something arty, as I recall. T was there. And he was picking up a couple pornos. And there was a problem with our credit cards or something.

The weird thing about our selections is they're probably the exact opposite of how they'd have been in real life. I'd be the one more likely to suggest Bareback Soccer Punks and he'd want to rent something by Werner Herzog.


Video of the Day

Hugh Cornwell: "Another Kind of Love"

Directed by Jan Švankmajer

Criswell Predicts Pt. 2

[I, Criswell, psychic extraordinaire, present to you, dear reader, the complete text of my magnum opus Criswell Predicts: From Now to the Year 2000, in five parts, for your bemusement and befuddlement.]


When you carefully check past history you will find that all the powerful leaders of the world were men; however. if you will look into the private lives of each of these men, you will discover that the motivating power behind these great leaders was the women in their lives.

As far back as the reign of the Caesars, it was woman who formulated the history of the world. It was a woman who unknowingly caused the eventual fall of the Roman Empire. The mistress of Nero, probably the cruelest man ever known, was his motivating force, hut his cunning and warped mind twisted her request and brought on all the horrible orgies and terror which finally ended the whole decadent period.

There were other great women who are mentioned in the history books who are quite familiar to us, but the true story of these women has never been told. Think back and you will recall such great women as Josephine who was the back-bone of Emperor Napoleon; Martha Washington who was really responsible for this nation having George Washington for the first President and leader; and as great a man as Abraham Lincoln was, he would have remained obscure as a lawyer had it not been for the driving force of Mary Todd Lincoln Eva Braun, though little known, controlled the powerful Adolph Hitler who tried to rule the world.

An American woman changed the history of England, when King Edward abdicated the throne far her love

I predict that in later issues of history books these women will be mentioned more and more and eventually they will become the great names of the past. The men will become insignificant and these women will be mentioned first and foremost; studies will be made into the lives of wives and mistresses of powerful men and the findings of these investigations will shock the world. Our schools will teach the influence of woman on the patterns of history. We will know the truth of the power behind such men as France, Castro, De Gaulle, Mussolini, Stalin and thousands of others who are in our personality parade of the great and the near great.

I predict that women will fully gain power throughout the world. Today they are in a much more potent position in society than ever before.

I predict that in 19S5, a woman will become the leader of the Orient. She will be of Caucasian birth and will be loved and revered as no past leader ever was. She will be known as the Lady of Light and Oriental women will believe she was sent to them directly from the heavens. She will make unbelievable changes in the Far East. Men will be placed in slavery and bondage and she will elevate woman to the highest position ever known. Men will revolt against her, but will rapidly be pushed aside and each time they attempt to regain their farmer status, they will become weaker, and weaker and weaker. I predict this Lady of Light will become the heroine of history and she will appoint women to government offices, to thrones, to cabinetships and place them in charge of industry and social activity. Men will be mere puppets to the female members of their families. Mere man will reach a new low and will be little more than a beast of burden which will be repayment for all the past blunders and the death and the ruination he brought through his selfishness and his wars.

I predict the world will gradually follow the influence of the Lady of Light, and she will place her personally trained leaders in many countries. Her power will be world wide and she will succeed where men failed. In the past, men tried to conquer. The purpose of this woman will be for the betterment of humanity and the release from bondage of the members of her sex. Through the leadership of the Lady of Light, magnificent cities will be built and slums outlawed and destroyed. Every unsightly building will be tom down and replaced by a beautiful modern one. Roadsides will be made beautiful and trees will be planted. Hunger will be unknown.

Everyone will be treated kindly, equally and with interest and respect. Cleanliness will become law and alcoholic drinks will be prohibited; tobacco will be a death penalty. Each child will receive an education. There will be freedom of religion throughout all of the Orient which she controls.

I predict there will be a great holiday throughout the world and the Lady of Light will be prayed for and revered in every country. No work will be performed on this holiday and there will be an occasion for prayer and celebration, like the Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. I predict in backward nations where men kept their people enslaved and bled the countries of their resources, great changes will come about, education will be unexcelled, natural resources developed and modem machinery will help to build beautiful cities. Farm implements will create fertile fields where once there was only wasteland. Where there was starvation, pestilence and fever, prosperity and good health will reign. 1 predict the Lady of Light will personally enter forbidden sections of the world where savages murder other trespassers and she will change living conditions, destroy all semblance of idolatry and human sacrifices and establish peace and harmony.

In the wilds of Burncu she will build a beautiful capital. This great leader will visit every nation in the world entreating all the leaders to act in accordance with her wishes and that no one takes improper advantage of their petition. Women who desire to remain with their men will be permitted to do so but they will have to relinquish their rights and perform the same duties as required of the men.

I predict prisons will be condemned and destroyed and all criminals will be placed an a large island where they will be reeducated. They will be offered kind treatment and their environment will bring forth the needed mental reform, No one will be locked in a cell, for the Lady of Light will believe this type of imprisonment only males man more bitter. Capital punishment will be a part of the past and the penal code will be completely rewritten. I predict the Lady of Light will show that all crime has a reason and instead of bringing about punishment for the crime itself intense study and research will find the inner reason for the crime and the criminal will be treated from that angle. It will be crime prevention, not crime control.

However, if any men are unchangeable in their attitude, they will meet the death sentence.

It will be psychologically proven that women's unhappiness stems from not being treated properly by a man, and woe to the man who makes a woman unhappy I predict when a man marries a woman, he must enter a contract under which the woman is always right and he has no recourse through law. Man will have to agree to complete subservience to his wife, of his mind, of his body and his spirit. The man must work or the woman will have the power to throw him out of her home and out of her life.

I predict that no marriage contract will be terminated by a man but must always be ended by the woman. The woman marries the man, the man has no rights when he marries a woman. I predict that the reign of the Lady of Light will come to tragic end. She will be mourned by every woman throughout the entire world I predict while touring a completely new district in an African country and walking among her people she will be overpowered by a group of men, and brutally raped.

The Lady of Light will be very ill for many months and will give birth to a baby girl as a result of her terrible ordeal and this will end in her death.

I predict that every nation in the Orient will construct a magnificent memorial with a glowing statue of gold dedicated to the memory of this glorious woman, the queen of womankind. I predict the Lady of Light will go dawn in history as the most wonderful, the most powerful and the most blessed woman ever to walk our lonely pathway of light.


It was Edgar Cayce, known as the "Sleeping Prophet" who beheld visions of our future which have come to pass. And it is in interpreting his visions, that I have found visions of my own regarding the incredible future.

Elsewhere in this book I have written of the shifting coastlines of our Eastern seaboard and the disappearance of such cities as New York and San Francisco. Edgar Cayce and I share this vision.

We share, too, the vision of the lost continent which shall arise from the depths of the ocean in the mid 1980`s. It will comprise a virtual bridge between western Africa and eastern South America. And upon it, we will find the ruins of a lost era of civilization which has came down to us through the annals of time as the continent of Atlantis

When this body of land rises from the depths of the ocean, where it has lain hidden thousands of centuries, the ruins man enplores upon it will answer many mysteries about the history of our world. Particularly we will know the secret of the Mayans and Incas.

It will in many ways not yet clear, convey to man how this earth shall end in 1999.


The face of our earth is ever changing. The world of 1000 years ago was entirely different from our world of today for time has made changes beyond imagination. And I predict that the world of tomorrow faces repeated onslaughts by the uncontrollable forces of mother nature -- more onslaughts, of a stronger type than have ever been recorded in a comparable short span of history.

I predict that in the year 1977 the face of the earth will be completely changed. Rain will not fall for a period of ten months. I predict that our great lakes will become beds of sand and rivers will slow down to a trickle. Waterfalls such as the Niagara and the Victoria will be silent for there will be no water to create their endless roars we know of today. The tides of the ocean will end, leaving huge ships stranded and aground. This will have a far reaching effect, for world trade will be practically halted. When the world is struck by this horrible drouth, I predict that the electric power will fail in many sectors for the dams which supply this energy will stand useless and deserted and empty. Scientists will be called upon to help save human lives for the world reservoirs will become dangerously low. Every nation will limit the use of water. Chemicals will be used for cleansing purposes. Drinking water will be measured for every individual and cattle will be slaughtered to prevent their death by dehydration. You will be given so much water each day. A cupful of water which you will guard very carefully and of course, value beyond precious gems. I predict that our world faces the worst drouth it has ever known. Only Switzerland will have an ample supply of water which they will obtain from the great snows of the Alps. This little nation will come to the aid of their fellow man and supply the much needed water for dangerous spots but this will hardly alleviate the suffering of countless millions. The results of this drouth will be catastrophic. I predict starvation, disease, insanity and death on an unprecedented scale. Hospitals will be overburdened and the death rate will be so high, that the dead will remain unburied for weeks at a time. This will be known as the era of the black death, the 20th Century black death. I predict that New York City will become a ghost town with industry at a standstill, for power will go dead, subways will be emptied and out of service, and the entire transportation system of this once steaming metropolis will be totally crippled. The populace will leave by the thousands in their search for water. The nation's highways will be filled with helpless, struggling people.

In the great Midwest, I predict that the dust bowl of Kansas will be the death trap for countless humans and animals alike. Farms, fields and homesteads will be covered by mountains of sand and dust and no form of life can exist.

I predict a sudden discovery of water in the State of Utah which will cause people to swarm there like flies. I predict the unearthing of a waterhole will create panic as thirsty men and women will behave like wild animals just for one drop of water.

I predict that these tortured souls will attack each other and this will result in a mass slaughter. Families will be wiped out. Brothers will kill brothers. Sons will destroy their own mothers. Husbands will slay their wives and children for water. There will be an endless trail of blood in the Utah area.

I predict that all parts of the world will be affected by this seemingly endless drouth.

The English Channel will be so shallow that people will walk from the British Isles to the shores of France.

In Africa, there will be the greatest mass slaughter ever known. Wild animals will leave their jungle areas and attack cities and villages, destroying all in their path. These vicious beasts will kill for human blood to quench their mad thirst.

I predict all ports of the black continent will be closed. There will be no place of safety in all Africa. Even men will kill other men to quench their thirst with human blood.

I predict there will be a migration to both the North and South Poles. Water will be available at both of these extremities due to the great abundance of snow and ice but there will be little or no food available for those who are able to reach there and death will result not only from thirst but from starvation and cold.

I predict that swamp land all over the world will dry out, forcing strange, hitherto unknown reptiles and serpents to invade populated areas which will create wild panics. Disease will prevail and these sections will quickly be ordered evacuated.

A strange and terrible fever will sweep the Orient. I predict that people will stumble about while clutching at their throats gasping for breath. Death will be quick and this malady will always remain a mystery. This sudden fever will attack even those in the best of health and medical science will find itself utterly helpless. I predict that the lack of rain will cause the entire surface of the earth to become a soft crust. Mountain sides will crumble, cities will collapse. Great sands and dust storms will plague large sections of the world. The mortality rate will reach fantastic proportions. And I predict that the percentage of babies who survive birth will be pitifully small.

Hospitals will be unable to operate properly for water will not be available and cleanliness will be almost unknown. Even by sonic cleaning this will not be possible for there will be no electric power.

I predict that two nations at war will suddenly end hostilities and will join each other on the battlefield in an effort to combat the tremendous forces of mother nature who will prove to be their greatest enemy. I regret to predict that human flesh will dry and crack and a terrible disease, very similar to leprosy, will rage. Not only limbs will be affected but skin will actually fall from the body and will peel and rot. There will be only one simple preventive: Bodies must be heavily oiled at all times to stave off this dreaded affliction.

In India and Ceylon, I predict that natives will go to the sea by the millions, drinking the salt and muddy waters which will result in death of over one and one-half million. Over one-third of the entire population of the Far East will die or become helpless cripples.

I predict that universal prayers and religious ceremonies will be held pleading for rain. I further predict that this drouth will gradually cease but mother nature will shower the helpless earth with even a more horrible disaster.

I predict the first rain will fall on the Island of Sicily in the Mediterranean. Ships from all nations will carry their human cargoes to this small island which will soon be overrun and overcrowded. The rains will continue but soon the dusty and sandy streets will turn into rivers of mud. The torrential beating of the rain will crush rooftops which will collapse, and no building in Sicily will be considered safe. The entire Mediterranean area will be on a verge of complete destruction. People will huddle in the streets for there will be no shelter to offer them protection. Yes, where once there was not a drop of water, it will suddenly be hated and unwanted. Water will be everywhere. It will be almost impossible to breathe because there will be so much water in the air and if we are not careful we could easily strangle or we could drown by merely walking across the streets in the sheets of water that fall from the heavens.

Black rain clouds of devastation will hover over Europe and the deluge will begin. It will be slow at first with small showers each day. Later, I predict, the rains will increase until, in time, the sun will be blacked out and rain will fall in an endless cascade. Production in Europe will begin again and electric power will be restored. Water will be plentiful and the fields will grow fertile once more. Gradually the sewers of the city will fill and the population of the continent will be thrown into wild panic as the streets begin to flow. I predict that the continuous rains will produce flood conditions which will create the need for emergency measures.

I predict in England a lost jet plane will crash blindly into the tower of London.

The lakes of Europe will refill, the rivers will soon overrun their banks, cities will return to normal, but evacuate again as the flood waters fill their streets undermining homes and public buildings. I predict that large sections of Belgium, Holland and France will be completely inundated and the roaring of the sea will plunge inland destroying all in its wake. I predict that a two mile section of land in Belgium will be so weakened that it will split apart swallowing entire villages as well as a midtown district of a large city. I predict that this city will be Brussels. I predict that for a time and a period of three months, the sun will not shine as the deluge continues. I predict that tremendous ocean going vessels will be lifted by the great tides and swept inland.

An English passenger ship fully loaded will suddenly be ripped from its pier, washed inland and overturn at the outskirts of Glasgow. I predict' that suffering in the Orient will be terrible and the foundations of the great wall of China will soften causing the wall to crumble in large sections. The city of Hong Kong will be totally inundated. Whole areas of Japan will disappear beneath the sea taking with them thousands of inhabitants.

Parts of Japan will cease to exist. There will be many parts of the world cut off and governments will mark certain areas off limits. I predict Niagara Falls will no longer be a paradise for newlyweds but will become one of the greatest danger points in the United States. Everyone will be evacuated for the power of the falls will cause the earth to tremble for miles around.

I predict the sandy waste of Egypt will turn into mud. I further predict the Sphinx will sink into the mire until only the top of his head is visible.

In Europe, a wall of water will sweep across Spain dividing the country in two. I predict that from the air the entire continent will resemble an ocean merely dotted with islands. I predict that Moscow will not be heard from for several weeks and all means of communication with Russia will be shut off. When that city is finally reached, it will be found that the government has moved and Moscow is a dead city with flocks of vultures hovering overhead as far as the eye can see, beyond the imagination of mere man.

I regret to predict that Washington, D. C. will be under water and all government files and records will be moved inland to safer quarters. I predict that New Orleans will become a part of the ocean and this will mean the death of the famed French Quarter.

I predict the coastline of California will undergo a dramatic change and the mountains will crumble into the Pacific. I predict the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, will be closed to all traffic.

I predict the tiny nation of Switzerland will not do as well as she did during the preceding drouth for terrible rains will create avalanches and village upon village will crumble under tons of snow, mud and slush.

I predict a terrible train disaster when the streamliner crossing the plains of the American Midwest will be caught in the sudden swirling tides and ripped asunder.

Planes will fall from the air and their entire passenger lists will be completely lost with not even enough left for a decent burial.

I predict there will be a story of heroism which will come out of this great deluge which will strike our earth. I predict this story will originate in the small community of Pratt, Kansas, where a woman will be responsible for saving the lives of five hundred people. I predict through her tireless efforts, this woman will row from house to house in a small boat, rescuing entire families and taking them to a higher ground. This brave woman will work night and day for one solid week without rest, sleep and very little food. Only her faith and love for humanity will give her strength to carry on. Eventually, this woman will collapse from sheer exhaustion and die. I predict this great woman will be immortalized by a beautiful memorial which will be constructed in Pratt, Kansas, to her memory. It will tower a mile high and it can be seen from the prairies and plains for many hundreds of miles.

I predict that the state of panic will exist in Florida for no city, town or section of that state will be safe. Alligators and reptiles will terrorize the citizens of Orlando and Jacksonville. Daytona Beach will cease to exist. Hotels on Miami Beach will crumble and collapse and Key West will disappear beneath a roaring sea.

The world will give up hope for everyone will believe this is the end of time for humanity but I predict the rains will stop falling in every corner of the globe at the same precise moment.

I predict that tremendous tasks of rebuilding and rehabilitation will then be undertaken and this will be a gigantic job. I predict that each and every nation will begin a restoration program and every man, woman and child will be ordered to help. I regret to predict that some nations will not survive and their remaining inhabitants will be evacuated to other countries. These poor individuals will have to adapt to the manners and customs and languages of the remaining countries, for these countries will be very strong, much stronger than those who are now gone.

I predict that the receding waters will reveal the bodies of countless thousands who were victims to this crime of mother nature. I predict the job of burial will be almost impossible and in Russia, the Middle East and the Orient it will result in an epidemic and disease of dreaded typhus. All over the world stagnant waters will be a menace. I predict that the body of Europe's most famous and powerful leader will be found beneath a layer of mud, his hand will be clutching the key to a strong box. This man will die in an attempt to rescue his wealth and his final act of greed will lead to his death.

In this great rebuilding of nations, I predict that war will be forgotten, petty grievances set aside for a while and everyone in the world, regardless of race, religion, creed or political belief will work side by side, hand in hand, united in their efforts to rebuild an earth which was shattered by a power far beyond their control, mother nature. These people will live in peace and prosperity for three short years and then will come another catastrophe.


The present method of embalming will soon be completely discarded for a new revolutionary arterial fluid which will preserve the body for a thousand years in a perfect life-like state. Your body will then be dressed in a fiberglass burial garment and encased in a fiberglass plastic casket which will outlast the elements and endure as long as time itself.

The natural enemies of the grave, insects, rodents and water will be completely conquered and it is very possible that in a thousand years your descendants from another planet might look upon your preserved life-like remains. Our body is a temple which will be preserved forever, even after all life here is gone.

Would It Have Made A Difference?

O my friend, would it have been different had all of the successes been miserable failures? What if Alexander the Great had failed to conquer his world of that time, but had lived to be an old, bitter man, dying in poverty? What if King Midas had lost every cent of his vast fortune? What if Caesar had not been killed on the Senate steps in Rome? What if Clovis, the first king of France, had combined with the Germans? What if George Washington accepted the British bribe of a royal title to keep the Colonists in line? What if Queen Victoria had backed the Confederate States 100% and had brought the Northern States to their knees? What if the slaves were freed in 1812 and moved to Africa at that time? What if Booth had missed with his bullet in Ford's Theatre?

What if Alexander Graham Bell had destroyed his invention the telephone thru discouragement? What would have happened had Karl Marx become a business success instead of a failure, and had written a book preserving capitalism rather than seeking to destroy individualism thru his Communist Manifesto? What if England, Italy, Japan, France and America had joined Germany against Russia in 1941? What if all the failures would have become blooming successes, would you be in a different place today, speaking a different language? The future is merely a continuation of the past, and success or failure could actually mean very little in the grand sum total of us all!!


A strange manner of death will come from the skies that cover China. Death from the unknown, from the elements of mystery! And the people of China will look to the heavens, in wonderment, and despair, and pray for deliverance. But they too must remember that in the Halls of the Ancients came the decree, that one day, the life of China must end! For this is the Day of Infamy!

Feeble and obscure China, will be unable to fight the black death, from the great beyond! Many will flee! Many will hide! But none will be able to escape the pointing finger of Death! Village after village will become cities of the dead. The Smiling Buddha will cease to smile, and the Temples of Fortune, will become The Temples of Misfortune! Famine and pestilence will cause the plague to spread like locusts. From the Sea of China, to the Gateway of Tibet, the cries of the dying will echo, as this age-old Prophecy comes to pass. But, one thing the Wise Men of the East could not foresee, was that the Great Wall of China could not hold back the Incredible Future! As Mother Nature destroys, Mother Nature also creates! And, as an old nation dies, a new nation is born!


I PREDICT that Ronald Reagan will not seek re-election as Governor of California.


I PREDICT that one of America's larger "merger conglomerates'' of business will begin to topple by mid-1969 and will bankrupt within six-months thereafter.


In the vision of many men, we have seen the inhabitants of other planets who have visited our earth. I predict that these visits will increase in frequency over the next 20 years. By 1988, there will be substantiated records of visits to earth from other planets.

And, from time to time, many earth people will leave this earth to return to alien planets with the visitors from outer space. And, in the long run, these will be the lucky ones. For they and their descendants will escape the doomsday that will come on August 18, 1999.


I predict drastic changes in the law. We will be completely subjugated by the state. That means that you will live for the state. This is not as bad, however, as it may sound. You will live under certain prescribed laws and that is all there is to it. It will be a super spiritual dictatorship. Just as you follow the laws of your religion you will be required to follow the laws of your state. Even the mildest traffic infraction will be so unforgivable and unthinkable you will not dare to do it in the first place. The radical new laws which we face will be for our protection, for after all, it is you and I the state wishes to protect. We will have a great respect for legal authorities.

I predict a radical new law for protection of the citizen, not of the criminal; the super lie detector test. With this, there will be no chance of sending an innocent man to jail.

We are moving into the world of automated crime detection. The time will come when everyone will have a number on his forearm. This number will be tattooed in metallic paint which is connected to a huge police central computer. The police will know where you are every moment of the day or night. It will be impossible to move off the computers screen.

Not only will this be your Social Security number, but this will be your number through life. No matter where you go, your number will always register on the machine. The only time it will not register is when you are no longer breathing and no longer alive, for the energy that will signal the machine will operate on impulses from the human heart.

I predict free public law. No attorney will charge you for anything they do for you. They will be under salary to the government exactly as will be the doctors, the dentists and the nurses.

I predict our courts will be run in a very methodical manner. Within twenty-four hours after a crime is committed the defendant will be tried before a tribunal of twelve men who will run all the evidence through a computer. The machine will judge you guilty or innocent. If you are guilty, it will tell you what the penalty will be: a fine, how many days in jail or perhaps death itself.

I predict the courts will listen to anyone who has any troubles at all. You merely go and make your complaint and a machine will decide whether you are right or not and then they'll call upon the person whom you have a complaint about and the computer will decide who is right. Then the decision is handed down, free of charge. This will be free public law.


I PREDICT that a set of septuplets, all boys, will be born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on January 19, 1973. All will live--the first such case in history.


I predict that before October, 1968, one of the leaders of the Negro Civil Rights Movement in the United States will be assassinated. This will touch off one of the worst race riots to date, and will mark the beginning of the four years of riot-hell that will last until 1973.


Las Vegas, Nevada, March 10, 1990: The very first Interplanetary Convention will be held in the new Convention Center on the famed Strip with colony citizens of Mars, Venus, Neptune and the Moon in full representation. Gov. Sawyer will make the opening welcome address.


Along the Highway of Life, we are still to meet the greatest Despot of the 20th Century, who will be known as the Prince of Darkness.

From the plains of Asia will come this disciple of the devil ... and spread his power across the land, and the sea! And this Prince of Darkness will turn back the clock a thousand years. He will return women to a life of slavery and servitude. Gone will be the vows of marriage, the right to vote, and the power of choice. This tyrant of mankind will force woman to become a public prostitute, and servant of the state. And he alone, will enjoy the monies of their shame.

But ... this demon of Greed will not stop at the humiliation of women. He will enter the house of God, with the torch and his saber, and he will remove the name of God from the books, and from the tongues that dare to speak it. Then after a span of 13 years, he will be overthrown.

The period of his infamous rule will be 1975-1988…