Sunday, August 09, 2009


Or, A Good Walk Spoiled

[Originally Aired November 23, 2005]

Ana Lucia takes in some target practice at the firing range, then she meets with her shrink. They discuss whether or not she's ready to return to work. Ana thinks so, and so does the shrink. He hands her back her LAPD badge. Hurley, Charlie and Kate play some golf on the beach and nearly teabag Jack with one of the balls. Jack gives Kate some advice on her swing since he's a doctor, and the two wager for a round for bragging rights. In the jungle Sayid pulls his gun and gets in Ana's face but Eko jumps him and knocks him out. Ana demands Eko tie up Sayid but he refuses. Ana then forces Libby to tie up Sayid at gunpoint. Back in L.A. Ana returns to work but her captain assigns her to a desk job. Her captain is played by Rachel Ticotin who has played a cop like 9,000 times in her career, and her presence is almost comforting. Ana asks if she's been given a desk job because the woman is her captain or because she's her mom. Both, is the answer. Ana complains and mom relents and sends her back out into the streets. Ana's partner is one of the Band of Brothers. The one that was always chewing on a cigar like he was Hannibal from The A-Team. The two patrol the safe (i.e. very white) neighbourhood of Westwood. They hear a call about a nearby domestic dispute and head to the scene. During the stop Ana pulls her gun on a bickering couple and nearly has a meltdown until her partner calms her down. Later he expresses concern that she's gonna pull her gun on every harmless yahoo they run into. Back at the station Ana is informed they've found the man that shot her. Back in the jungle Eko picks up Sawyer and tells Ana he is taking him to the doctor before he dies. Ana then bargains with Michael saying she'll trade Sawyer for some clothes and blankets and ammo. Michael doesn't want to leave Sayid behind but Jin lets him know he'll stay behind and keep an eye on him. While playing their golf game, Dr. Jack, Legendary Golfer hits one into the brush. He sucks. He and Kate head into the shrubery to find the ball and while they're stumbling around Eko bumps into them and asks they take him to a doctor. Back in the jungle, Bernard and Libby decide they don't want to be part of whatever dumb plan Ana has concocted and head to the beach. Sayid tells Jin to go too, leaving only him and Ana alone in the jungle. At the police station, Ana refuses to identify her attacker saying the man in custody is not him. Jack throws Sawyer under the cold shower to help bring his fever down. Sawyer is septic, and needs meds. Jack sends Kate scouring the bunker for antibiotics. Later, Kate is able to convince Sawyer to take some pills by whispering in his ear. I am reminded of her dying mother. Jack interrogates Eko, but Eko just sits in silence. Michael arrives at the bunker and they all consider taking up arms and freeing Sayid. Eko says he will take Jack to Ana, but only if they go alone and only if they go unarmed. In L.A. Ana sits in a bar and watches the man that shot her. She follows him to the parking lot where she yells at him. "Do I know you?" he asks. She repsonds "I was pregnant" before shooting him to death. In the jungle, Ana tells Sayid about how she feels dead inside since she was shot. Then she frees Sayid and gives him the gun, telling him to shoot her. He says there is no point since they're both already dead. Sayid returns to Shannon's body, holding her for a while. On the beach Bernard, Libby and Jin arrive much to everyone's surprise. Jin is reunited with Sun and Rose is reunited with Bernard. Meanwhile, as Sayid begins to carry her back to the camp Jack and Eko arrive. Ana and Jack share a moment of recognition.

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