Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nerdz/Not Nerdz?

Earlier today Liss and I were having an email conversation about Lost, which we do about nine thousand times a week. Along the way I mentioned a weekend purchase at Kum & Go.

Deeky: I played Powerball on Saturday. Sparkletoes asked if I used the Lost numbers. I said 'Yeah, and if I win I'm gonna have to share the jackpot with 9,000 other nerds in the state.'

Liss: LOLOLOLOL!!! And I would naturally take a 10% finder's fee.

Deeky: I'd totes give it to you too.

Liss: I'd buy all the Lost action figures with it.

Deeky: But would you play with them?

Liss: Nope. IN DA BOX!

I replied with a "Wevs!" and snapped the following image to send along:

Liss: LOLOLOL!!!


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