Saturday, January 30, 2010


Or, "Luke, I am your father."

From IMDB:

When Miles receives instructions from Dr. Chang to dispose of a dead Dharma worker's body, Miles and Hurley learn more about what the Dharma Initiative is constructing in a remote part of the jungle, and what Miles' connection is to Dr. Chang. More of Miles' background story is shown about his upbringing and ability to communicate with the dead. Meanwhile, Kate arouses Roger's suspicion to his son's disappearance, and Phil discovers that Sawyer/Phil was responsible for abducting Ben and delivering him to the Others/Hostiles.

Horace needs Sawyer to deliver a package to Radzinsky. But since Sawyer and Kate went to go give Ben to the Others, Horace is forced to turn to Miles for help. Sawyer and Kate return from the Others, and Roger begins to believe that Kate had something to do with Ben being taken. Phil confronts Sawyer after he discovers that it was him that kidnapped Ben.

And the title is a Star Wars reference.

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