Friday, January 29, 2010


Or, The Killer

[Originally Aired March 25, 2009]

Title card: Tikrit, Iraq. A father drags his kid to the chicken coop and tells him must kill a one. The boy can't do it. The boy's brother walks up and snaps the chicken's neck. The father says "Well, at least one of you will be a man. Well done, Sayid." Cut to the island, and Baby Ben brings Sayid a sandwich. Baby Ben tells Sayid "Four years ago I ran away into the jungle and Richard found me. I said I wanted to leave. That I wanted to join you. So I've been patient. And if you're patient too, I think I can help you." Title Card: Moscow. Sayid follows a man into his apartment. Sayid aims his gun at the man. The man offers him four hundred thousand Euros. Sayid shoots him. Later Sayid meets Ben and asks him who's next. "We're done. Andropov was the last one. You've taken care of everyone who posed a threat to your friends." Ben says goodbye and Sayid is all what the fuck do I do now? "You should go live your life. You're free, Sayid." At the Barracks, Horace removes Sayid's cuffs and asks him why he was in the perimeter. Sayid is silent. Horace says if he doesn't talk he will "have to take this to the next level." Christ, were people really using that dumbass phrase in the Seventies? Horace visits Sawyer who is trying to reassure Juliet they won't break up now that Kate is back. Horace says if Sayid doesn't talk he's taking him to Oldham. "That psychopath? No way! Just let me have a go at him alone. He'll talk to me." Sawyer visits the security building and asks Sayid how he's doing. "A twelve-year-old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I'm doing?" Sawyer tells Sayid he needs to say he was defecting and everything will be cool. If not, he's on his own. "Then I guess I'm on my own." Hurley works as a chef and tells Kate and Jack that Sawyer and Juliet are together. "They live together. Like, not as roommates. You know, together like you guys were. I thought it was kind of obvious. I mean, who couldn't see that coming?" At the security station Roger calls Sayid a dumbass for getting caught. Sayid calls Roger a dumbass for being a janitor. Baby Ben arrives with another sandwich, pissing dad off. Roger shoves Baby Ben and tells him to go home then flings Sayid's sandwich at the wall. Which is dumb since he's just gonna be the one to clean it up. Ben visits Sayid in Santo Domingo and tells him that Locke has been murdered. He also tells him someone is staked out in front of Hurley's hospital. Sayid acknowledges that Ben is trying to manipulate him, and asks why. "You're capable of things that most other men aren't. Every choice you've made in your life, whether it was to murder or to torture, it hasn't really been a choice at all, has it? It's in your nature. It's what you are. You're a killer, Sayid." At the barracks, Sawyer offers Sayid one more chance to talk. He refuses. They take him into the jungle to meet Oldham. Oldham is J.F. Sebastian but instead of living in a crumbling building with Daryl Hannah in the future, he lives in a tepee made out of Seventies macramé blankets. Sayid asks who Oldham is. Sawyer whispers "He's our you." Sayid is strapped to a tree. Oldham puts what looks like LSD on a sugar cube and the guards shove in in Sayid's mouth. Sayid struggles but Oldham tells him "It's beyond your control, so fighting it is a poor use of your energies. You see, whether you struggle or not, one thing's for sure, friend. You will tell us the truth." Cut to L.A. and Sayid is at the marina telling Jack and Ben to go fuck themselves. He leaves. Later, he's at a bar drinking MacCutcheon scotch. Ilana sits next to him and orders dinner. They flirt and she asks him to buy her a glass of scotch. In the jungle, Oldham interrogates Sayid. He says he's not an Other, that he came to the island on a plane. He knows they're all going to die. How do you know that, Oldham asks. "Because I am from the future." Oldham thinks maybe he gave him too much LSD. They take him back to the barracks and hold a meeting to determine what to do with him. Radzinky wants to kill him. Sawyer is dead-set against it. Horace puts it to a vote. Everyone votes for death, except Sawyer. Horace looks at Sawyer and says "I would really like to say it's unanimous." Sawyer raises his hand. Back in L.A., Sayid takes Ilana to his hotel room. Sayid starts to pull off Ilana's clothes and she kicks him in the head. She puts a gun to his face and says "I was hired to bring you to Guam. You're going to answer for what you've done." Sawyer visits Sayid at the security station. "Hit me in the face. Go on. You owe me one anyway, so make it a good one. Then I want you to take these keys out of my pocket and let yourself out." Sayid refuses, saying he'll stay right where he is. Sawyer tells Sayis they're going to kill him, he has to go. "When I woke up in the jungle and I realized I was back on this island I felt there was no purpose to it. But now I know exactly why I'm here." Sawyer says he's crazy. Sawyer visits Kate and asks her why Sayid is going on about his purpose and demands to know why they came back. "I don't know why everyone else came back. I just know why I did." Before they can talk further a Dharma van screeches by and slams into a bungalow. The bungalow bursts into flames. Chaos ensues. Security races to the scene. Fire hoses are grabbed. Inside the security office, Baby Ben approaches Sayid. He's bruised up. His glasses taped together. Sayid asks who did that to him. "My dad." Baby Ben asks if Sayid will take him to the Others. "Yes, Ben, I will. That's why I'm here." Cut to LAX. Ilana has Sayid in cuffs. He sees Hurley and Kate and Jack. He asks if they can take another flight. She says no and boards the plane. As they sit waiting for takeoff, Ben boards. Sayid asks if she's working for him. Who is he, she asks. "He's a liar, a manipulator. A man who allowed his own daughter to be murdered to save himself. A monster responsible for nothing short of genocide." She asks why the fuck she'd work for a douche like that. "I did." Baby Ben opens Sayid's cell and the two sneak out. They head down a dark road toward the jungle. A van approaches. It's Jin. He asks Sayid how he got out. "Sawyer let me go. They were going to kill me." Jin gets a call on the radio alerting him to the escaped prisoner. As Jin monkeys with the radio Sayid hits him in the head and knocks him out. Baby Ben is impressed. Sayid picks up Jin's gun. He tells Baby Ben he was right. "I am a killer," he says and shoots the boy in the chest.

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