Friday, January 22, 2010

Just Like Rosa Parks

Introducing "Markus": Dumber than a bag of buttplugs, as deep as a puddle of jizz, and America's first ever legal male prostitute. Now, fellas, before you go ditching all the rentboys on Santa Monica Blvd., Markus has something to tell you: "My sphincter isn't for sale."


But he's no homophobe:

I think gay people are very put-together. I think they're very classy, very well-organized people. They have great personalities. I have nothing against them, but that's not me.

Since talking to Details, Markus has been prohibited from doing press interviews, in no small part to this quote:

It's more of a civil rights thing now. Basically this is the first time in the economy of the United States that a male has actually stood up and said, "I want to do this for a living." And be protected under law to do it. It's just the same as when Rosa Parks decided to sit at the front instead of the back. She was proclaiming her rights as a disadvantaged, African-American older woman. And I'm doing the same.

No. Markus, no, you're not. I know it's "going to be a tough job" because "there's going to be times where there's an ugly woman — ugly physically," but you trying to get your fuck on is a million miles from the hardship and struggles Ms. Parks endured.

She made the country, the world, a better place for millions of people. You, not so much.

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