Thursday, January 14, 2010


Or, The One About The Atomic Bomb

[Originally Aired January 28, 2009]

Desmond scurries through an Asian marketplace. He is searcing for Efren Salonga. Who the fuck is that? After much searching, he finds Salonga, and asks if he's the doctor. Dez takes Salonga back to his boat, and the man helps deliver Penny's baby. It's a boy. A few years later, Dez tells the kid about a very special island he hasn't seen in years: Great Britain. Then Penny interjects and says he left out the part where he broke her heart. And the part about gramps being an asshole. Penny warns Dez not to go back to England, that her father will find them if they do. He insists he has to help Faraday. Cut to the jungle and Faraday, Miles, Charlotte, and some survivors wander through the brush toward the creek. Faraday notices a trip-wire and yells out for everyone to stop. The random survivors don't and are suddenly blown to bits by landmines. Ouch. A blonde woman with a rifle jumps out and says "You just couldn't stay away, could you?" She asks where the rest of the survivors are. Miles suggests they were blown up by her landmines. She says the landmines are Miles'. Swell. Somewhere else, Locke asks who their new prisoners are. Sawyer is all fuck if I know, I was too busy dodging flaming arrows and watching Frogurt roast to find out. Locke notes the M1 rifle they were carrying looks new. Sawyer suggests shooting them with it since they've no rope to tie them up with. Then the two men start speaking to each other in Latin. Juliet interprets and everyone is stunned. How do they know how to speak Latin? "The same reason I do. Because they're Others." Back to Miles and Faraday and Charlotte, they are lead through the jungle by the woman and her soldier companions. Miles whispers to Faraday "We just walked over a fresh grave. Four U.S. soldiers, dead just under a month. Three of them were shot. One died of radiation poisoning." Then they arrive at an encampment. A small group of olive drab tents. Richard Alpert is there. Same fucking age as always. He asks if they've come back for their bomb. Cut to Oxford. Desmond asks about Faraday. He is told there is no record of there ever having been a Faraday working at the school. Huh. Dez wanders to Faraday's lab, and sees it is sealed off, a sign taped to the door saying it is being fumigated. Dez sneaks in. The room is dusty, but some of Faraday's equipment is still there. A custodian walks in. Dez asks about Faraday. The man tells him the school tried to erase all evidence of Faraday having been there. Couldn't blame them, he says, not after what Faraday did to that girl. Huh? Back at the Others' camp, Faraday tells Alpert the bomb they have is unstable, and it will destroy the island and kill everyone on it, if he isn't allowed to render it inert. Alpert suggests Faraday is on some sort of suicide mission. Faraday assures him "I'm in love with the woman sitting next to me. And I would never do anything to hurt her." Oh, damn, she's hosed, ain't she? For all his time travelling and shit around the island, I guess no one told Faraday not to fall in love on this rock. It's a death sentence. Meanwhile, Juliet tries to make peace with their two prisoners. She asks them to take her to see Alpert. One of the guys agrees but then the other snaps his neck and runs off into the jungle. Locke doesn't raise the rifle and Sawyer asks why. "Because he's one of my people." Back in England, Dez visits a row house and asks to speak to Theresa Spencer. He says he got her name from Daniel Faraday. The woman at the door says she's Theresa's sister, and takes him to another room. Theresa is there, in bed, catatonic. "Sometimes she wakes up, thinks she's three, wants to know where her dolly is. Yesterday, she was talking to our dad. He died five years ago." She explains how Faraday ran off, leaving Theresa like this. If it hadn't been for Charles Widmore, who knows what would have happened. What? "He funded Faraday's research, and he took responsibility for the result of it. He's been taking care of Theresa ever since this happened to her. Everything here is due to Mr. Widmore, God bless him." Back at the camp, Charlotte tells Faraday he didn't have to lie about loving her. He says it was no lie. Yup, she's dead. Alpert tells them a bunch of army dudes showed up and made the camp. The Others asked them to leave peacefully. When they didn't, Alpert killed them all. Damn. The Other who escaped returns to camp, says he was outnumbered but made a getaway. The woman scoffs. "Shut up, Ellie!" What a little schmuck. From the hilltop above, Juliet, Sawyer and Locke spy on the group. Locke asks how fucking old Alpert is exactly. Really old, he's told. They watch as Ellie escorts Faraday into the jungle. Locke says he's heading down to talk to Alpert. Sawyer and Juliet go after Faraday. Ellie tells Faraday to stop ogling her. "I'm sorry. It's just, you look so much like someone I used to know." They find the bomb. It's big, it's green, it has the word Jughead painted on the side. Faraday inspects it, sees it has a cracked casing. He asks Ellie if they have lead or concrete. He tells her to bury it, and everything will be fine. How does he know that, she asks. He tells her that fifty years from now the island is still there, that's how he knows. He knows because he is from the future. Juliet and Sawyer show up and disarm Ellie. Back in London, Desmond bursts into Widmore's office. He says he wants Widmore to answer his question, and if he does he'll never hear from Dez again. Widmore asks if his daughter is alright. Des doesn't answer, he asks where he can find Faraday's mother. Widmore tells Dez to deliver his message to Faraday's mother, then to take Penny back into hiding. "You're getting yourself involved in something that goes back many, many years. It has nothing to do with you or my daughter." Locke walks into the camp and yells for Alpert. The neck snappy guy puts a rifle on him. Alpert comes out of his tent and says "Put the gun down, Widmore." Locke seems surprised and then wryly asks "Charles Widmore? Nice to meet you." Locke gives Alpert his compass back. Alpert does not know what Locke wants from him. Locke tells him he needs to know how to get off the island. Locke says he's his leader, so he needs to tell him. Alpert is skeptical, saying the selection of leaders starts at a very young age. Locke asks the date and tells Alpert to come see him when he's born in a couple years. Then the flashy hummy thing starts and Locke asks how to get off the island but before he can get an answer he is sucked through time. He tents and Others are gone. Faraday and his rescuers return to camp. Charlotte's nose bleeds, and she stumbles and falls. See?

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