Friday, January 15, 2010


Or, Nosebleeds

[Originally Aired February 4, 2009]

Jack and Kate lie next to each other in bed on The Searcher. Jack tells her he can't convince the rest of the Oceanic Six to lie, unless she helps him. He asks if she's with him on this. "I have always been with you." On the island, Juliet asks Faraday why Charlotte passed out. He tries to play dumb, but she presses. He relents, "I think it's neurological. Our brains have an internal clock, a sense of time. The flashes throw the clock off. It's like really bad jet lag." Juliet notes really bad jet lag doesn't make you hemorrhage. Locke suggests they head back to the Orchid. If he can bring their friends back, maybe this will stop. Charlotte wakes up and everyone agrees to head to the greenhouse. Flashforward, and Kate borrows a suit from Sun and visits Norton's office. She offers him a deal. She'll give him blood samples if she can meet with his client. He says he'll pass on the info to the client when he visits them later, but don't expect them to go for it. He tells her the best thing to do at this point is to prepare herself to lose Aaron. At the hospital, Sayid wakes up and warns Jack to stop Ben from seeing Hurley. Jack says Ben is cool now. Sayid is all wevs on that. Another doctor peeks into the room and asks for a word with Jack alone. She asks what the fuck he's doing here. He's on suspension for showing up to work stoned. Jack's phone rings. It's Hurley. Calling from jail. Ben shows up and asks Jack how Sayid is. Not good, because back in his room a nurse shows up and tries to shoot him with a dart gun. Sayid pulls more of his ninja bad-ass moves and strangles the guy. He asks who he is working for. The man says the address is in his pocket, then passes out. Sayid looks at the note and when Jack and Ben show up he asks if they know anyone there. "That's Kate's address." Jack calls Kate who is sitting in her car in front of Norton's office. She tells him it's not a good time so he agrees to meet her there. Back in the jungle, Locke and Sawyer and company head through the jungle. In the distance a column of light shoots up into the night sky. Locke tells them they should avoid that. Wow, that's freaky. Then they hear someone yelling in the distance. Sawyer heads to investigate. Through the bushes he sees Kate helping Claire give birth to Aaron. Sawyer watches solemnly, until there's another flash, and Kate and Claire disappear. Back in L.A., Jack appears and parks near Kate. Apparently the lawyer works on the only block downtown that has plenty of streetside parking. He leans into Kate's window and she tells him she doesn't have time for his bullshit right now. Norton drives out of the parking lot, and Kate tells Jack to get in or get lost, as she starts to tail the lawyer. Locke asks Sawyer who he saw in the jungle, but Sawyer says it was nothing. Locke knows when they were, so Sawyer asks him about the light. He tells about the night Boone died and how the light came on. Sawyer asks him why he didn't go visit himself and tell him not to make the same mistakes, maybe save himself the pain. "I needed that pain to get to where I am now." Miles nose starts to bleed and he asks Faraday why he and Charlotte are the only ones getting sick. Faraday thinks maybe it has to do with the amount of time spent on the island. Miles says that doesn't make sense, he's only been on the island a couple weeks. "Are you sure about that?" Uh oh. They make it back to camp but it's deserted. It looks abandoned and old. The food is gone, just empty cans. The zodiac is gone too. But there are a couple canoes on the beach. "Where did these come from?" Good question. Sawyer pulls a bottled water out of one of them and shows the label to Juliet. "Ajira," she says. "It's an airline. It's based out of India, but they fly everywhere." Locke says they should take one of the canoes and paddle around the island to the Orchid. They set out to sea. Sawyer tells Juliet he saw Kate and Claire in the jungle. Then they notice the other canoe pursuing them. There are gun shots. Who the hell is that? Juliet says they're not the Others. She takes the rifle and fires back, hitting one of their pursuers. Then there is buzzing and humming and time starts to shift. Sawyer shout a thank you to god. Suddenly they're in the middle of a storm. "I take that back!" Back in L.A. Kate and Jack follow Norton to a motel. They see him walk up to a room and knock. Claire's mother answers. Holy shit, how'd she figure that out? After Norton leaves, Jack heads up to talk to Claire's mom alone. "I understand that you feel the need to do this. But I need you to know that everything that Kate and I have done, it was for Aaron." Who's Aaron, she asks. Oh uh. Jack reports back to Kate "She doesn't know. She still thinks that Claire is dead. She doesn't even know that Aaron exists. She sued Oceanic, and she's in town to pick up her settlement. Whoever's trying to take Aaron, it's not her." Well, that doesn't clear anything up. Ben and Sayid stop in a secluded parking lot. (Ben's van has Canton Rainier Carpet Cleaning painted on the side of it. Anagram alert!) Norton approaches and tells Ben the D.A. has no case against Hurley, since the murder outside the hospital occurred before he escaped. Norton leaves and Sayid asks who he was. "That's my lawyer." Oh, you fucker. You're the one trying to take Aaron, aren't you? You're just fucking with Kate now! Locke and the rowers wash ashore. Too dark to tell where they are. No idea when they are either. Juliet asks Sawyer why he didn't talk to Kate. "What's done is done." Then Juliet gets a nose bleed. Charlotte finds some wreckage on the beach. All the writing on it is French. Somewhere, at sea, is a life raft. The passengers yell in French and point. Some distance away someone else floats aboard some wreckage. They paddle over and manage to pull the man aboard. It's Jin! Which, honestly, would have been more surprising if his name hadn't been in the opening credits all season. Still, it's nice to see him alive. And someone tell me these aren't the Frenchies that Rousseau crashed with back in the Eighties. Jack and Kate meet up with Sayid and Ben. Kate is pissed to see Ben and accuses him of trying to take Aaron. He totally admits to it. Back on the island, the Frenchies make it ashore. Jin tells them his boat sank. One of the passengers introduces herself. She's pregnant, she's young, she's Rousseau.

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