Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Or, You're Fucking Kidding Me, Right?

[Originally Aired January 5, 2005]

I'm telling you right now this episode irritated me. More flashbacks for Kate. (And still none for Hurley.) She's in a bank applying for a loan. While chatting with the bank manager a crew of robbers bust in and start getting all crazy with their automatic weapons. A do-gooder intervenes and a gun goes flying. Kate picks it up but is unable to get the safety disengaged and gets dragged off by one of the robbers. Meanwhile, on the island, Kate and Sawyer frolic in a newly discovered lagoon. While doing some cliff diving they discover some dead passengers, still in their seats, at the bottom of the water. Also, they find a bitchin' eighties-style silver drug dealer suitcase. Kate tells Sawyer it's hers but then gives it to him after she can't get it open. Shannon asks Boone what he and Locke are up to. She asks is Locke is Boone's new boyfriend. Boone gives her a look and I am not sure what it means? Is Boone a homo? Boone calls her useless. Again. In the bank, it turns out Kate is in on the robbery. Not a huge surprise. On the island, she tries to steal the briefcase from Sawyer. Which annoys me. Seriously, why did she give him the briefcase to begin with if she wanted it? She should have just kept it. Sawyer makes Kate an offer, he'll give her the briefcase if she just tells him what is in it. She refuses. In the bank, Kate double crosses the robbers and shoots them all. Then she forces the bank manager to open a safe deposit box. She snatches a small, lumpy envelope from the box. The robbery was a ruse to get to the safe deposit box. Sayid asks Shannon to help him translate the writing on Rousseau's maps. It's mostly gibberish. Or she is a shit translator. One or the other. She also says it all seems so familiar. Kate steals the briefcase back from Sawyer and tells Jack it belonged to the marshal and it contained guns. The key to it is in the marshal's wallet. So she and Jack dig him up. He's kind of grody. Kate tries to palm the key but Jack doesn't fall for it. He opens the briefcase and finds the guns and the envelope Kate took from the bank. Inside the envelope is a tiny toy plane. Seriously? She robbed a bank for a tiny toy plane? What the fuck. Jack asked her about it. It belonged to the man she loved. The man she killed. Wevs. I am so not buying this. Rose reappears and helps Charlie rediscover his faith. Shannon realizes what the writing was: the lyrics to "Beyond the Sea."

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