Monday, July 20, 2009


Or, Just Like Starting Over

[Originally Aired February 23, 2005]

Sun goes to the shore in her bikini but Jin freaks out, as he always does over her immodest displays of flesh. He drags her off the beach and she falls in the sand. Michael gets in Jin's face and the two shove each other a bit before Sun slaps Michael. Later, Jin asks Sun if she's fucking Michael. Flashback and Jin asks Sun's father for her hand in marriage. Jin says he dreams of owning a hotel/restaurant but takes a job working for her father instead. He also explains how his own father is dead. Michael's raft is coming along nicely. Sun later apologizes to Michael for slapping him, saying she did it to protect him from Jin. Michael tells Jack he's sold one of the seats on the boat to Sawyer in exchange for supplies. Jack disapproves. Sayid and Shannon get close, and by "get close" I mean "it totally looks like they're gonna do it soon." Sayid goes to Boone to tells him intentions and Boone gets all pissy (sister-fucking will do that to you) and tells him to be careful, she's just gonna use him. Sayid then goes back and tells Shannon they're through, even though they ain't even started. That night the raft burns down. Everyone assumes Jin did it to get back at Michael. Later, Sun finds Jin washing his burnt hands, and even she thinks maybe he did it. In Korea Jin is promoted to his father-in-law's special assistant. His first job is to tell some egghead from the government he is displeased. Jin goes by the man's house and for some reason Hurley is on the TV in the background and Jin passes along the message. The man gives Jin a puppy. The same puppy he gave to Sun a few episodes back. Shannon goes to confront Boone, but instead finds Locke, who gives her a very wise line of crap about starting over and basically tells her to stop giving two fucks what Boone thinks. Sawyer finds Jin in the jungle and kicks him in the head and ties him up and drags him back to the beach. Jin's father-in-law is now pissed because his plant is still closed under orders of the egghead. Jin now has to escort a killer back to the guy's house to finish him off. When they arrive, Jin intervenes and beats the shit out of the guy, and tells him the plant opens tomorrow. On the beach, Michael beats up Jin, until Sun screams out for him to stop. Everyone is shocked she can speak English, especially Jin. In Korea, Jin visits his father who wasn't dead, Jin was just ashamed of him for being a poor fisherman. He tells his father he wishes he and Sun could just get away and start over. His father tells him he should do just that, to just stay in America and begin his life over with his wife. Locke confronts Walt and asks him why he burned the raft. He says he is tired of moving and likes it on the island. In the caves, Sun asks Jin if they can just start over, but he says it is too late. Sayid and Shannon make out. The batteries go dead on Hurley's CD player. Sun goes to the beach in her bikini, a free woman.

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