Monday, July 13, 2009

Dramatis Personæ

I'm making a list of the characters. Here goes.

Jack: A doctor and designated good guy. Saves lives, breaks up fights, performs the occasional mercy killing.

Kate: A fugitive on the run.

Hurley: Resident Everyman.

Charlie: Heroin addicted musician. Has an accent.

Sayid: Former Iraqi soldier. Good with electronics, maps, and soldiery stuff. Also has an accent.

Sawyer: Scoundrel and tough guy. Maybe. Seems only intersted in self-preservation. Also has an accent.

Locke: Was a parapelegic prior to the crash. Taking advantage of newfound mobility.

Walt: Boy who recently lost his mother and has been reunited with his estranged father.

Mike: Walt's estranged father.

Shannon: Poor little rich girl.

Boone: Her lifeguard brother. The two constantly bicker.

Claire: Very pregnant woman. Also has an accent.

Rose: Saved by Jack. Was travelling with husband who was presumed killed in crash. Is aloof.

Jin-Soo: Domineering and abusive husband. Speaks no English.

Sun-Hwa: His timid wife. She does not love her huband.

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