Thursday, July 30, 2009


Or, The Geodesic Underground

[Originally Aired September 21, 2005]

Flashback, and someone wakes in a retro apartment and punches at an old computer screen. (He keys in The Numbers, if you look closely.) He throws an old Mama Cass record on the hi-fi. I hope it's a quadraphonic system. He makes a smoothie, works out, then gives himself an injection. The cabinet is marked with an octagon and the word Dharma. As he's finishing up his injection, which looks like an immunization, there is an explosion, and the room shakes and the record skips. Oh, holy shit, this ain't no flashback, this is inside the fucking hatch! The man looks through his telescopic mirrored-up contraption and stares up the shaft at Jack and Locke. Okay, now to a real flashback, and Jack has on a shitty-ass wig and is in the ER when his eventual fiancé arrives on the brink of death. Jack must decide to help her or the other victim of the crash. He chooses Sarah. He saves her life but her spine is crushed and she may never walk again. At the hatch they discover the ladder down the shaft is busted, and they'd need to rig up some sort of hoist to get everyone down to safety. Jack decides it is too dark and too late to try it and they will come back in the daylight. On the way back to the caves, Jack asks Hurley why he freaked out. Hurley explains and Jack, not surprisingly, thinks it is hooey. Hurley tells Jack his bedside manner blows. At the caves, Shannon realizes she has lost the dog, and heads into the jungle to find him. Sayid follows and they see the dog but he disappears into the brush. Shannon and Sayid get separated and Shannon falls. (Seriously, when are they going to get on building those sidewalks? Haven't they all had enough of tripping over shit?) When Shannon looks up she sees Walt standing nearby, soaking wet. He shushes her, and whispers something unintelligible, then Sayid shows up and when Shannon looks again for Walt he is gone. Sayid thinks she's a loon. At the hospital Jack tells Sarah she'll probably never walk again and is kind of a schmucky doctor and his dad tells him sometimes false hope is better than no hope. Jack tells Sarah he's gonna fix her, and even seems surprised by that himself. He doesn't fix her, the surgery goes bad so Jack gets pissed and goes running on a Tour de Stade which is some craziness where you run up and down every set of steps at a stadium. Jack hurts his ankle and meets a dude named Desmond who is training for a race around the world. Desmond asks him why he is punishing himself. Jack explains how he couldn't help the woman, and Desmond says what if he did, and Jack says that would be a miracle. Jack goes back to Sarah to tell her she'll be paralyzed forever. So she asks him if that's so, why can she wiggle her toes? At the caves Jack gives an inspiring speech about sticking together, and as soon as he's done Locke leaves to explore the hatch. Kate follows. Locke lowers Kate down the hatch since she's lighter. Near the bottom of the shaft she realizes someone or something is down there and yells for Locke to pull her back up but suddenly the light goes on again, and Kate disappears. Locke heads in after her. Jack then leaves the caves and heads to the hatch. When he arrives Locke and Kate are gone. Jack explores the underground complex. There's tons of ancient computer equipment. There's a geodesic dome (Buckminster Fuller, woot!) There's a bricked up wall with a ginormo magnetic force behind it. Jack looks at the blinking computer and Locke appears and tells him not to touch it. Jack aims his gun at Locke and asks about Kate. The man in the hatch points a gun at Locke's head and tells Jack to drop the gun. When the hatchman fianally shows his face, he is revealed to be Desmond.

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