Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Or, You All Everybody

[Originally Aired May 25, 2005 ]

Jin heads to the restroom to clean up his pants and some white dude asks him for a paper towel, but Jin doesn't know what the hell he's talking about, and then the guy switches to Korean and tells Jin he works for his father-in-law and he's being followed and watched and can't ever escape. Charlie scours his hotel room for his drugs, and some woman in a Poison t-shirt wakes up and the two fight over the smack. She leaves without it. Michael calls his mom and tries to get her to take Walt. She refuses. Hurley has more bad luck as he oversleeps, can't get in the elevator, has his rental car break down, goes to the wrong terminal and is forced to pay for a second seat because he's fat and then gets to the gate too late. In one last bit of bad luck they actually let him on the doomed plane. The airline has lost its wheelchair for loading disabled passengers, and Locke has to be carried onto the plane. Sayid is eyed suspiciously by some other random white dude. On the island, Locke, Kate and Jack enter the hull of the Black Rock and learn it was a slave ship. They find the dynamite and carry it outside. Then Arzt lectures them all on the history of safety of dynamite, and in the process blows himself up. It's messy. Hurley is freaked out by it. They decided to carry two bundles of dynamite to the hatch, just in case, and they draw straws to see who will carry the backpacks. Locke and Kate win. While heading through the jungle Kate and Jack see something that looks like the Predator, that is to say, something blurry and fast running through the bushes. The monster approaches, and they set down their packs and run for safety. On the beach Rousseau tells Charlie she needs Sayid's help, so he leaves her alone with Claire and Turniphead. Rousseau asks to hold Turniphead. Claire refuses. On the boat, they get a good look at the island and wonder how someplace so huge has gone undiscovered. Sawyer reads the letters in the bottle and wonders who Hugo is with the 160 million dollars. Then they hit an errant log and the rudder is dislodged and starts to sink. Sawyer dives into save it, almost drowns, but manages to bring it back to the boat. As Michael helps him get dressed he discovers Sawyer's gun. The monster grabs Lock's foot with its tentacle, like its a Graboid from Tremors (but it clinks and whirs like a machine) and drags him off. Jack gets a hold of him just as he's about to be sucked into a hole in the ground and he tells Kate to chuck some dynamite down the hole. She starts to unpack her pack when Jack tells her he switched their packs and the dynamite is in his. She gets the dynamite and Locke tells her not to throw it but she does anyway and the monster lets go and there's some wispy weird ghosty smoke that dissipates unnaturally. When Charlie reaches Sayid they both hear Claire start screaming. They find her konked over the head and Rousseau and Turniphead are missing. Rousseau has kidnapped the baby. Charlie promises Claire he'll get the baby back. Claire names the baby Aaron Sayid and Charlie head toward the smoke, convinced she's gonna trade Turniphead Aaron for her son. Further in the jungle they find the plane. And the heroin. Later Charlie sees Turniphead Aaron, but it's a trap and he gets clobbered with rocks. His head is gashed and Sayid closes it by lighting some gunpowder on his head. Ouch. Eventually they find the source of the smoke but no one is around, not even any foot prints. The only people there are Rousseau and Aaron so Sayid convinces her to give up the baby. She says she thought she could trade him for her son, because she heard the voices telling her they were coming for the boy. On the boat the radar picks up something. Maybe a boat. Maybe a whale. Maybe some junk. They argue about using their lone flare. Meanwhile Locke and Jack rig the hatch with dynamite, and set the fuse but then Hurley sees the hatch is marked with 4 8 15 16 23 42 and so he freaks out and tries to stomp the fuse out and Jack saves him from being exploded like Arzt. Jack also tells Kate they're going have a problem soon with Locke (what's that mean?) and Jack needs to know if she's got his back. Charlie returns Aaron to Claire and there is much rejoicing. Michael shoots off his flare and the blip on the radar moves closer. Soon, an unusually small boat approaches. The raft crew rejoices too, until the grizzled boat captain says they're taking the boy. What?!? Sawyer pulls his gun, there's a shootout. Sawyer is hit and knocked into the water. Jin jumps in to save him. Walt is snatched. Michael falls in the water. The rescuers firebomb the raft. Damn! In the jungle Locke and Jack stare down the ladder into the darkness of the hatch.

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