Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Or, The Monster Rears Its Ugly Head

[Originally Aired January 12, 2005]

Boone and Shannon get their flashback episode. Shannon calls Boone, begs him to come get her in Sydney. She's in an abusive relationship. Boone come to see her but she rebuffs him. Boone goes to the cops, but they refuse to do anything. While at the police station, Sawyer is brought in in cuffs. Later Boone tries to pay off the abusive boyfriend to leave, giving him fifty thousand dollars. On the island, Boone tells Sayid to stay away from him sister.Boone and Locke return to the hatch, but cannot figure out how to open it. Locke tells a story about Michelangelo. Boone want to tell his sister about the hatch and feels like a turd for lying about hunting. Locke asks if that's what he really wants, and when Boone says yes, Locke bonks him over the head. Hurley has a bad case of the shits, Jack tells him to eat some protein. There is no more boar. So Hurley tries to catch some fish. He asks Jin for help but Jin is still holding a grudge because he wouldn't eat his urchin. Hurley sucks at fishing. Then he steps on an urchin and begs Jin to piss on his foot. Jin refuses, but feeds him urchin. Hurley pukes. Sun and Kate start a garden and Kate figures out Sun can speak English. Locke bumps into Sayid in the jungle. Sayid is trying to make sense of Rousseau's maps. Locke gives Sayid his compass. Later, Sayid shows Jack the compass and the two agree it doesn't point north. Boone wakes up and finds himself tied up. Locke sets a knife in front of him then dresses his head wound with some goop from a tree. Locke tells him he'll free himself when he finds the proper motivation. Back in Sydney, Boone realizes his sister has conned him, and has done it several times. Later she arrives at his hotel room and tell him her boyfriend scrammed with the money. Then the two fuck. Incest. Nice. Back on the island Boone awakens and hears Shannon screaming for help. He manages to free himself and then finds and unties her. Then the monster attacks. The two flee. The thing uproots trees. It sounds like an elephant. Is it an elephant? The monster grabs Shannon and carries her off. Boone chases and find his sister all chewed up. She dies. Jin gives Hurley one of his fish. Boone returns to camp and is about to gut Locke when he sees his sister. She's not dead. Boone realizes the goop on his head was a hallucinogen and the whole monster thing wasn't real. Locke asks Boone how he felt when his sister died. "I was relieved."

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