Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Or, Boarding Time

[Originally Aired May 18, 2005 ]

In Sydney Walt watches the Power Rangers early in the morning, waking his dad. Michael is annoyed, the two argue and Walt has a total conniption. On the island, he wakes next to dad and heads for a pee and sees Rousseau wandering into camp. He raises the alarm and most everyone freaks out until Sayid arrives and explains who she is. She has some ominous news. She tells them how sixteen yeas ago there appeared a column of black smoke several miles away, then that night the Others came and took her son. She tells them they're coming back tonight for the boy. She tells them they can run, hide, or die. She doesn't tell them how she knows they're coming or how many there are or anything remotely useful. In Sydney Jack sits at the airport bar and flirts with a woman named Ana. Sawyer is at the police station, they know his real name (James Ford) and he is being deported for breaking a cop's coffee mug and generally being a scoundrel. Kate and the marshal head through the customs office and the agent explains about the toy airplane. He put it in the safe deposit box as bait since it was the only thing Kate cared about. Somehow she managed to figure out which bank, which box, and pull off the heist, largely just to spite the marshal. At the airport she tries to attack him but he knocks her down. Sayid asks Shannon to watch his bag but she just narcs him out to airport security. Sun fetches lunch for Jin but when she hears some 'Mericans talking shit about her (assuming she doesn't speak English) she dumps coffee on Jin's crotch. Work continues on the raft and as the boat is pushed close to the water the mast is broken. Michael blames Sawyer but won't let him fix it, claiming him and Jin just work faster alone. Black smoke appears on the horizon. Jack and Locke decide the best thing to do is hide inside the hatch. Sayid disagrees, arguing it might be the Others' hatch. Sawyer heads into the jungle to cut a new mast and Jack arrives to say good-bye and give him one of the pistols. They've an uncomfortable moment and then Sawyer tells Jack about the doctor he met in the bar and says how the doctor was really proud of his son. It's another amazing scene. Curiously two of the best moments this season both feature Sawyer. Rousseau offers to take Jack and Locke into the Dark Territory to the Black Rock to fetch some dynamite to blow the hatch open. Hurley, Kate, Jack, Locke and Daniel Roebuck follow her into the jungle. Daniel Roebuck is named Dr. Arzt which is, I think, German for "doctor," so his name is Dr. Doctor. What is that? Some sort of Thompson Twins joke? When they arrive at the edge of the Dark Territory, Arzt decides to return to the beach, but then a short time later comes running back chased by the monster. Okay, the monster sounds mechanical now. What is it? Mecha-Godzilla? Giant Robot? One of those things from The Incredibles? Rousseau says it's a security system for the island. Whatever that means. Sayid gives Michael a radar and flare gun salvaged from the plane. Locke and company arrive at the Black Rock, which is actually an old pirate ship. Miles inland. Walt gives his dog to Shannon, so she'll have someone to talk to about Boone. The new mast is attached to the boat and they are ready to sail off the island. Sawyer scans the beach looking for Kate and looks distraught he won't be able to say good-bye. Sun gives Jin a notebook of English words she made for him to help him communicate with his shipmates. The two reconcile and Jin tells her he is leaving on the boat so he can save her. Charlie gathers messages from everyone on the island and stuffs them into a bottle on the boat. Michael, Walt, Jin and Sawyer set sail. The black smoke continues to drift up.

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