Friday, July 24, 2009


Or, Mr. Fix-It Doesn't Always

[Originally Aired April 6, 2005]

Boone is completely thrashed and Jack tries desperately to save him. He sends Kate to get all of Sawyer's alcohol. Surprisingly, he gives it up without question, and he, again, proves he's not as big an asshole as he likes everyone to think. Someone says there is no way Jack can save Boone and he yells "Don't tell me what I can't do!" echoing Locke's outburst from earlier in the season. Meanwhile, in Flashbackistan, Jack is at his wedding rehearsal dinner and Scut Farkus is his best man. His soon-to-be-partner is Silas Botwin's ex-girlfriend (though, if we follow things chronologically, she's not his girlfriend yet... anyway...) whose broken back he operated on and allowed her to walk again after a horrible, horrible accident. Or, as she puts it, "He fixed me." Kate runs back up through the jungle but trips (they should maybe consider putting in some sidewalks or something, they've certainly got enough free time) and smashes a bunch of the alcohol bottles. When she pulls herself up from the ground she hears Claire moaning. Looks like she's about to go into labor. Kate yells for help and Jin comes running and, despite the language barrier, she sends him to the cave to get Jack. Back home, Jack is having trouble writing his vows, but his dad arrives and helps him with that. Sayid takes Shannon to a secluded spot on the beach for a romantic dinner. They make out. Boone has lost a lot of blood and needs a transfusion, so Jack sends Charlie around to find out everyone's blood type but no one knows their blood type so Jack has to give him his blood except he has no needles and can't make one out of bamboo. Sun brings him an urchin and they use its needles as needles and Jack pumps blood into Boone. Jin arrives and for the first time in weeks is forced to speak to Sun who interprets for Jack and tells him Claire is in labor. Jack can't stop the transfusion and sends Charlie and Jin back into the jungle with instructions for Kate to deliver the baby. Boone is getting no better, his leg is shattered and he's a collapsed lung and Jack realizes his injuries weren't from a fall off a cliff. The transfusion is doing no good, and Sun yanks the needle free, which is good because, as Hurley points out, Jack's looking kinda goth now. Claire doesn't want to have the baby, she's sure it will know she didn't want it. But Kate gives her a pep talk and changes her mind. Boone's leg is so bad it will have to be amputated. As Jack is about to cut it off, Boone wakes and mumbles about the hatch, and tells Jack to let him die and asks him to tell Shannon... He never finishes the sentence. Boone dies. Claire gives birth. The circle of life, hakuna matata and all that. Jack at the altar still has not come up with vows, and instead tells his new wife that she actually fixed him. Later Jack heads into the jungle to find Locke, thinking he's murdered Boone.

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