Monday, July 20, 2009


Or, This Time It's Personal

[Originally Aired February 16, 2005]

Sawyer wakes with a boar in his tent. The beast scurries off into the jungle, taking Sawyer's tarp with him. He follows the beast, and when he finds himself alone in the jungle, he hears whispering. Freaked out, he asks Sayid about it, but when Sayid asks him why he wants to know, Sawyer refuses to say. Flashback again to the death of Sawyer's parents, then fast forward to grown up Sawyer returning to his hotel room where the T-1000 is waiting for him. Sawyer says he's gonna kill him for what he did, but the T-1000 has come to make it up to him. He has info on where the Original Sawyer is. Meanwhile, on the island, Sawyer wanders the jungle and is attacked by the boar again. Now Sawyer is really pissed. He grabs his gun and decides to find the creature and kill it. Kate follows him, and offers to track him in return for "carte blanche" with his stash of supplies. In Australia, Sawyer buys a gun and finds the Original Sawyer who now sells shrimp at a roadside stand. Kate and Sawyer camp out for the night. In one of the best scenes of the series so far, Kate and Sawyer get drunk and play a game of "I Never" and reveal a lot about themselves to each other. We find out they've both killed men. But back in Sydney, Sawyer is unable to shoot Original Sawyer and goes to a bar instead. Kate and Sawyer wake up and find the boar has peed all over Sawyer's stuff but left Kate's alone. Locke appears and tell another one of his poignant stories. I'm wondering, how many stories does this guy have anyway? Kate then finds the boar's nest, and Sawyer tortures one of the piglets (boarlets?) to attract the parent. Kate calls him sick and the baby escapes and Kate storms off. At the bar Sawyer drinks himself silly and talks with the only other patron: Jack's dad. The old man tell Sawyer he's meant to suffer, and says something about baseball and tells Sawyer to go face his problem. Sawyer returns to the shrimp stand, plugs Original Sawyer, and as he's dying he says he owed the T-1000 money and Sawyer realizes he's been conned into killing the wrong guy. Sawyer finds the boar and decides not to kill it. He returns to the camp and gives Jack his gun. Jack says something about baseball and Sawyer realizes the old man at the bar was Jack's father.

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