Monday, July 27, 2009


Or, Everyone's Being Deceitful

[Originally Aired May 4, 2005]

Jack wanders around the jungle looking for Locke, but he's just walking in circles until Kate finds him and brings him back to the beach. There is a funeral for Boone, during which Locke appears, shirt drenched in Boone's blood, and he says Boone's death was his fault but calls him a hero for trying to get out a distress call. Jack pounces on him and punches him some. Sayid is flashing back to Sydney. He's been bouncing around the world looking for Nadia. The CIA approaches him and tells him they will let him know where she is if he can infiltrate a local terrorist cell. Charlie convinces Claire she needs rest and babysits her son while she sleeps. The baby cries a lot. Hurley sings "I Feel Good" and the baby cries more. The baby cries until he hears Sawyer's voice. Shannon asks Sayid to do something about Locke. She doesn't say it, but it sounds like she wants him killed. Sayid tells Locke to take him to the plane. On the way Sayid questions Locke. He asks Locke about the hatch, and Locke lies and says Boone must have been talking about the hatch on the plane. Locke then gives the gun he found on the Nigerian to Sayid and tells him he was the one who clubbed him over the head and destroyed the triangulator. Sayid sticks the gun in Locke's face, but ultimately lets him go. In Sydney Sayid infiltrates the cell, as an old friend Essam is one of the terrorists. Jack is still pasty and tired but wound up about Locke so Kate drugs him so he can get some rest. While he's passed out, Shannon steals the key to the suitcase full of guns and goes after Locke herself. Sayid tells the CIA Essam is in over his head but they tell him he must convince Essam to go through with the mission so they can get the explosives and arrest the leader. Shannon finds Locke and wants to shoot him maybe and Kate and Sayid and Jack try to talk her out of it. As she squeezes the trigger Sayid knocks her down and the bullet merely grazes Locke's Head. Jack does not offer to patch him up. Sawyer reads auto magazines to the baby (whom Charlie has dubbed Turniphead). Essam and Sayid are given a truck full of explosives and Sayid tells his friend he's working for the CIA so Essam shoots himself in the head. The CIA gives Sayid a plane ticket to L.A. so he can be reunited with Nadia, but he asks them to delay his flight so he can claim Essam's body and give him a proper burial. On the island, Sayid demands Locke take him to the hatch.

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