Monday, July 13, 2009


Or, What The Hell Is THAT Doing Here?

[Originally Aired September 29, 2004]

Dr. Jack, Kate and Charlie head back to the beach, and along the way Charlie gets his flashback. It was a shoe full of smack that had him scurrying from the crew. He was trying to flush his stash when the plane fell apart. Back on the island, a boy wanders the jungle, leash in hand. I guess I was wrong about that dog. His dad is Augustus Hill from Oz, but he's not in a wheelchair in this show. The kid finds some handcuffs, and dad finds him. There must have been a prisoner on the plane. Back on the beach, Sayid (a former Iraqi Republican Guard) and Sawyer (a current redneck) are duking it out in the sand. Sawyer thinks Sayid blew up the plane. Dr. Jack, Kate and Charlie arrive, break up the fight, but don't mention the monster and confess the transceiver is busted. Sayid volunteers to fix it, much to Sawyer's dismay. Meanwhile an Asian man and his wife (whom is treated more like property than a partner by her spouse (of course, that he's her spouse is just something I am assuming)) scour the tide pools for urchins. Uni's on the menu, but no one is biting. Except the pregnant woman. The urchin causes her baby to kick, a very good sign. Meanwhile, a young, prettyish lifeguard and his sister bicker. Her belief that help is on the way is beginning to waver, and her time spent polishing her nails and sunbathing has left her feeling a bit useless. Sayid informs everyone the transceiver is fixed, but there is no signal, not at sea level. Sayid, Kate, Lifeguard, Sis (was her name Shannon?), Sawyer, and Charlie all trek to higher ground, looking for a signal. They bicker and hike until something growls in the jungle. "It's coming this way." Everyone flees in the opposite direction, except Sawyer. When the lumbering beast gets near he pulls out a pistol and shoots it dead. It's a polar bear. In the South Pacific? Huh. The old bemused guy teaches the boy about backgammon and asks "Want to hear a secret?" The walkabout party wants to know where Sawyer got the gun. They seem less concerned why there's a fucking polar bear on the island. Most are convinced he's the escaped prisoner, though he claims to have found the gun on another passenger. Dr. Jack with the help of Hurley, the big haired guy, operates on a shrapnelly passenger. Kate gets her flashback and we find out she was the prisoner. Back on the island, the patient wakes up and we see he's the marshal escorting Kate. "Where is she?!" he gasps. Up the mountain, trying to get a signal. And they've found one. But it's not incoming, it's outgoing. Someone is broadcast from the island. It's a loop. In French, followed by a count of how many times the message has been beamed out. Shannon translates, proving herself not so useless after all. "Help me. I'm all alone. It killed them all." It's been repeating for 16 years, 5 months.

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