Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Or, Where The Sidewalk Ends

[Originally Aired December 8, 2004]

Okay, two things. First off, Jack gets another flashback show and Hurley hasn't even had one? Wevs. Secondly, what happened to Rose? I assumed she was a major character, but I guess not. She hasn't been on in weeks. Anyway, Jack gets more flashbacks which add up to a patient of his dying on the operating table. Turns out he had to jump in and take over for Dad who was so drunk he fatally wounded the patient but Jack was unable to save her. Jack covers for his dad but feels like a tool for doing so. Jack, Kate, Locke, and Boone head into the jungle to search for Ethan, Charlie and Claire. Michael feels like kind of a douche because they won't let him come along. After tracking them for some time, the path splits, so Locke and Boone head one way, and Jack and Kate head another. Locke pulls more of his crazy ass Great White Hunter shit by telling Boone it will start to rain in sixty seconds. It does and Boone gets freaked out/awed. Jack and Kate get caught in the storm and Jack falls down a hill and gets his shit all fucked up. At the caves, Sawyer comes to confront Sayid and maybe get some revenge. All they end up doing is chatting though, and Sayid confesses he's not sure there are other people out there. Maybe he just heard the wind. While Jack is lying in the mud, Ethan shows up and tells him he will kill one of his prisoners if they don't stop following him. Then he beats Jack up, further fucking up his shit. It's worth noting that the squirrelly looking Ethan is something of a ninja badass. Later Kate finds Jack and doesn't really believe he was attacked (reminiscent of Jack's early reaction to the attack on Claire). Jack is determined to not let Ethan get away with kidnapping the two survivors and continues on the trail despite Ethan's threat. They find Charlie hanged from a tree. They cut him down but he is dead. In flashback, Jack hears that the woman who died was pregnant, so rats out his dad for being soused. Jack performs CPR until Charlie is revived. That night, Boone and Locke discover a giant metal hatch in the jungle floor.

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