Thursday, July 09, 2009

Malia Wears Peace Shirt, Wingers Have Meltdown

Ah, predictability.

Malia Obama wore a couple of shirts with peace signs on them during her recent trip to Europe. Needless to say, wingnuts everywhere are up in arms because... well... I dunno. Peace is bad, maybe?

Let's go to the source, and check out what one of the wingblogs has to say:
My question is, did mommy and daddy influence Malia or is Malia helping daddy make important national security decisions? My question for all of y'all is do you still doubt the radical views of your President in Training Pants?
That's not really helpful is it? But as to the questions, I'd say, yes, Malia's parents do, indeed, influence her. I don't know from experience, but it is my understanding that that is part of raising a child. As for whether Malia is making policy decisions, that is, clearly, just a stupid fucking assertation.

And in what Orwellian dystopian view of the world is peace considered a "radical view"?

Also, "President in Training Pants"?

Maybe the author can clear up my confusion.
Malia has only been around Barack for 11 years--yes, that is how old she is--which is hard to believe looking at these pictures, and yet we are expected to believe that people like Jeremiah Wright, whom Barack knew for 20 years, had no effect on his thinking.
Okay, that's even less helpful.

Seriously, what the fuck is being said here? Malia is eleven (but doesn't look it, whatever the fuck that means) and is influencing the president because he was influenced by Jeremiah Wright to raise his daughters to be little socialist peaceniks? I'm really, really confused here.

Someone please explain this "outrage" to me.

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