Monday, July 13, 2009


Or, Everyone Gets A Fresh Start

[Originally Aired October 6, 2004]

The walkabout gang heads back down the hill as night falls. They make camp, fearing whatever is in the jungle. More flashbacks for Kate. They are: She wakes up in some Bruce's barn. Bruce offers her a job, seeing she's desperate and on the run. Some months later he turns her in for the reward. There's a car chase. And a crash. Kate saves Bruce from the wreckage, which gets her pinched by the marshal. Back on the island Dr. Jack and Hurley find out Kate was the prisoner. Dr. Jack tries to save the marshal's life, but he's not going to make it. Kate suggests putting him out of his misery, probably for obvious reasons. The father asks his boy (Walt) what the crazy man told him. "He said a miracle happened to him." His name is Locke: see episode title for reference. Locke carves a whistle. Sayid organizes the survivors into teams, one responsible for gathering rain water, one for rationing food, the third for scavenging electronic. If they can gather enough electronics, maybe they can boost the transceiver's signal. Kate tells Dr. Jack about the outgoing message. The father wanders the jungle looking for Walt's dog. There is something out there, sounds like a boar. He scurries back to the beach. The marshal tells Dr. Jack not to trust Kate, and before he dies asks to see her alone. Dr. Jack leaves the two alone, then there is a gunshot. Sawyer walks out of the tent, having put the marshal out of his misery. Or so he thought. He missed the marshal's heart, hit the lung. He'll take hours to bleed to death. Despite projecting an image of being the resident badass, Sawyer is obviously shaken by what's happened. Dr. Jack is forced to choke the marshal, ending his misery. Locke uses his whistle to call Walt's dog in from the jungle. Locke lets Walt's dad (I need to find out his name) take credit for finding the dog. Kate tells Dr. Jack she wants to let him know what she did to get arrested. He tells her he doesn't want to know. Everyone gets a fresh start, is his way of looking at it.

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