Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Or, The Good Doctor

Sayid wakes up, a little confuzzled after his bout of death. Dogan is kind of concerned, since dead people aren't supposed to come back to life, not even on the island. (Hurley, at one point, pointedly asks "You're not a zombie are you?") So, Lennon and Dogan escort (which means "drag") Sayid away to ask him a few questions. They strap him down, a blow ash on him. Then electrify his nipples. The burn the fuck out of him with a poke poker. Sayid asks why they're doing this. They tell him it was just a test, but it's okay, he passed. Which is a lie. Later Sayid goes all Han Solo and says "They didn't even ask me any questions." Karma is a bitch, Sayid. In L.A. Kate makes her getaway from the feds. BUt her cabbie ditches the cab at a stoplight, leaving her to drive herself. She eventually boots Claire from the car and finds a shady mechanic willing to the cut her free from her cuffs. After she's free, she rifles through Claire's bag and finds a bunch of baby stuff. Apparently feeling like a total douche, she heads back and finds Claire. She offers Claire a ride and Claire asks her to take her to Brentwood to meet the people who are adopting her baby. When they arrive, they find the woman distraught, saying her husband left her. She shuts the door on Claire and Kate and then Claire goes into contractions. Right there on the woman's lawn. Kate speeds her to the ER (still in the stolen cab). Claire's doctor is Ethan, who I guess left on one of the subs in 1977 but still grew up to be a doctor, but not an evil one like Dr. Frankenstein or Mr. Wizard. Meanwhile, Sawyer is really pissed that Sayid has come back to life, saying "He's an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids, he definitely deserves another go around." So Sawyer gets a gun from someone and leaves the Temple. Lennon is pissed, and asks Jack where Sawyer would go. Jack doesn't know, saying him and Sawyer aren't exactly close, especially since Jack killed the man's girlfriend. Lennon says it is very important Sawyer is returned to the Temple so Kate volunteers to track him. Lennon sends her out with two of his goons and Jin. On the way, Kate kicks the escorts in the head and tells Jin she's escaping. He doesn't want to escape, he wants to find the Ajira flight and Sun. Kate head to the barracks and finds Sawyer's old bungalow. She sneaks and and sees him crying over some of Juliet's belongings. Later, they sit at the dock and Sawyer confesses he was planning to ask Juliet to marry him. He throws the engagement ring into the water and tells Kate to go back to the barracks. He walks away and she cries. Jack visits Dogan and asks him what is up with Sayid. He tells Jack that Sayid is infected and hands him a homemade pill. He tells Jack that Sayid has to take it to get all better. Jack takes the pill to Sayid but Sayid doesn't really want to take it, saying he'll only do it if Jack wants him to. Jack returns to Dogan and says he didn't give him the pill, and demands to know what is in it. Dogan just says "Trust me." Okay then, says Jack, here's some trust, and swallows the pill. Dogan kicks him in the stomach so he coughs up the pills. Jack asks what was in it. "Poison." Dogan finally explains that Sayid has been "claimed" and that what is inside him will eventually consume him. Just like happened to his sister. In the jungle Jin heads back to the Temple, and runs into the guards, now awake, and kind of pissed. As one is about to plug Jin, shots ring out from the jungle and the two men fall dead. Jin looks up at his savior. A disheveled woman stands in the distance, looking a little bit mad. "Claire?"

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