Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Or, The Reset

The Season Six premier. Note: Frank, Alpert, Ilana are all now regular cast members. Claire returns to the cast list. Juliet is only a guest star tonight.

Jack sits on Oceanic 815. He chats with Rose. There is turbulence. Heavy turbulence. Then everything smooths out. Cindy offers Jack a drink. Bernard returns from the tail section. The plane doesn't crash. Nothing out of the ordinary. Aside from history being rewritten. The camera zooms past Jack, out the window, down through the clouds into the water below. And there, at the bottom of the ocean, is the barracks. And that statue's foot. Okay, so wow, the island is under water and everyone is on the plane and living happily ever after? That can't be right. And it isn't. Flashback to Jack dropping Jughead down the well. Juliet gets pulled into the well. She detonates the bomb. Blinding white of the explosion. Then Kate wakes up. In a tree. Her ears are ringing. She climbs down and finds Miles lying in the grass below her. He's in his Dharma jumpsuit still. So it didn't work? What the hell? She finds Sawyer and Jack and the Swan Hatch. Looking like it did when Desmond blew it up. Nearby, Sayid is bleeding to death and Hurley and Jin can't do anything to help him. Sawyer kicks Jack into the hatch crater and tells him he got Juliet killed for nothing. Then they hear Juliet cry out. She's down the hatch! The start digging her out. Jin heads to the crater leaving Hurley and Sayid alone at the van. Jacob visits and tells Hurley he has to save Sayid and instructs him to have Jin lead them to the Temple. Jin uses the van to pull rubble loose and Sawyer climbs down to Juliet. He tells Kate is Juliet dies he's killing Jack. Sawyer climbs down and finds Juliet but she's all beat to hell. She asks for a kiss and then tells him she has something important to tell him. Then she dies. Sawyer carries her out of the crater. Meanwhile Jack says there is nothing he can do for Sayid. Hurley says he knows how to save him, if Jin can get them to the Temple. Sawyer stays behind to bury Juliet and asks Miles to help him. In the statue, Locke tells Ben to go get Alpert and bring him inside. Ben heads outside and tells Alpert that Locke wants to speak with him. Alpert is pissed and drags Ben to Dead Locke's body. Alpert asks what happened in the statue. "Why don't you go inside and find out," says Ben. Up on the plane, Desmond sits next to Jack. The two almost seem to recognize each other. Jack visits the restroom. Gunfingers is there waiting for his prisoner. Kate exits and bumps into Jack. Oops, she says. Jack heads in and sees his neck is bleeding. How'd that happen? Elsewhere Arzt chats with Hurley about his successful chicken franchise. Sawyer tells Hurley he shouldn't tell people he's rich, someone might take advantage of him. Hurley laughs and says "Nothing bad ever happens to me." Boone and Locke talk about plane crashes. Locke says that water landings are survivable. Then he tells Boone about his walkabout. Boone says "If we get shipwrecked on an island I am sticking with you." Heh. Cindy makes an announcement asking if there are any doctors on the plane. Jack offers to help. Someone is passed out in the restroom. Sayid kicks in the door. Charlie is in the toilet, looking dead. Jack and Sayid try to revive him but there is something stuck in his throat. Jack wants to do a tracheotomy but can't find his pen. So he reaches down Charlie's throat and pulls out a baggy of heroin. Charlie sputters back to consciousness. On the island they reach the Temple wall. Hurley leads them inside. It's not long before they're captured. Cindy recognizes them from the plane. There is a Japanese guy named Dogan who is in charge. He speaks through Lennon, his interpreter. Lennon wears John Lennon glasses. Dogan orders them shot but Hurley tells them Jacob sent them. He throws open the guitar case Jacob gave him in L.A. Inside in an ankh. A big wooden one. Dogan snaps it in two and finds a note inside. He asks everyone to identify themselves. Then Dogan has some of the Others bring Sayid to the fountain. What did the note say, asks Hurley. "If your friend dies we're all in serious trouble," says Lennon. On the plane Jin asks why Sun is staring at Bernard and Rose. "They look so happy." Jin tells her to button up her shirt. Ah, yes, the asshole Jin. I didn't miss him. Charlie angrily tells Jack he was supposed to die as he's lead away in cuffs. Jack returns to his seat and Dez has disappeared. The plane lands at LAX and everyone disembarks. Locke is the last one out, waiting for a wheelchair. On the island, Sawyer asks Miles to tell him what Juliet had to tell him. "It worked," he says. At the statue Bram and Ilana argue about entering the chamber. Bram and two of his crew head inside with Ben. Locke asks where Alpert is. "He's not coming," Ben says. Bram and two men aim their guns at Locke. But he just walks behind a column. And disappears. Then the smoke monster shows up and beats the shit out of Bram and company, killing them. The smoke monster disappears and Locke reappears. "Sorry that you had to see me like that," says Locke. At LAX Jack is paged by Oceanic. They've some really bad news. They've lost his father's coffin. Oops! At customs, Jin and Sun have their bags thoroughly searched. A giant wad of cash is found in Jin's bag. He hadn't declared it and is dragged away. The custom agent asks Sun is she speaks English. She says she doesn't. Jack heads to lost luggage and meets Locke. Locke is missing his knives and asks what they lost of Jack's. "My father." Jack explains how his father was sent maude knows where and Oceanic can't find him. John gets all philosophical and says they didn't lose his father, not really. All they lost was his coffin. Which isn't as profound as it sounds. Jack asks what happened to Locke's back, since he's a spinal surgeon. Locke says his damage is permanent. "Nothing is permanent," says Jack and gives him a card offering a consult if he ever wants one. At the Temple fountain, Lennon notes that the water is no longer clear. It's a dirty, rust color. Dogan cuts his hand and submerges it in the pool. It doesn't heal him. He tells them putting Sayid in it carries risks. Sayid is placed in the water, face down, and an hourglass tipped. Sayid flails about. Jack tries to intercede but Dogan does karate on him. The hourglass runs out and Sayid stops moving. They pull him from the water. He is dead. "He was beyond saving," says Lennon. At the airport Kate tries to use the pen she stole from Jack to undo her cuffs. She's unable to, but manages to knock Gunfingers unconscious and steal his gun. She disappears into the crowded airport. Sawyer meets her in an elevator and notices her cuffs but says nothing about it to airport security. Kate ducks into a cab and tells the cabbie to get going. He already has a passenger, he says. It's Claire. She pulls a gun and they drive off. At the Temple the Others bring in Miles and an unconscious Sawyer. Cindy and Emma and Zach (the Tailie kids) offer up some food. Sawyer wakes and tells Kate he's not going to kill Jack. "I want him to suffer on this island like the rest of us." Hurley visits Dogan in private and figures out Dogan can speak English, but just refuses to. Douche. Hurley tells them Jacob is dead and the Others go into a panic. They spread ash everywhere and set up their catapults. They light off a signal flare. At the statue, Alpert sees the flare and looks very concerned. Then Locke wanders out and says to him "It's nice to see you out of your chains," before punching him in the throat. Then he says to the Others, "I am very disappointed in all of you." At the Temple, Lennon tells Jack he needs to see him privately. Jack says he can say whatever he has to in front of everyone. Lennon has his goons rough up Jack. Suddenly they all stop, and turn around. Sayid sits up and asks "What happened?"

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