Thursday, February 25, 2010

In Which I Substitute an Email Conversation with Liss for an Actual Post

Liss: What. the. Fucking. Fuck.

Deeky: No.

Deeky: Seriously. This story is a hoax, right? As is this line: "The pair has Walter the Farting Dog in development at Fox, with the Jonas Brothers starring." There is no way this could be happening. No. It can't be.

Liss: I'm just... WHUT? There is no way that anyone thinks this is a good idea.

Deeky: George Lopez thinks the big fat paycheck he's getting is a good idea.

Liss: What a total jerk. And I don't know why I'm under the totally absurd impression that people in Hollywood would consider this a BAD idea, considering the existence of the multi-part Shrek franchise, the central character of which is literally just a collection of nasty Scottish stereotypes. Still. They don't even play Speedy Gonzales cartoons anymore because they're FUCKING OFFENSIVE. Still. Jeff "Jose Jalapeno" Dunham has his own show on Comedy Central. Still. Christ.

Deeky: Also in development: Beaners: The Motion Picture, Wetback: The Musical, and the dramedy Lazy Mexicans.

Liss: And the new Baz Lurhman musical, Picante Immigrante.


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