Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Or, Daddy Issues: The Next Generation

Jacob appears to Hurley and tells him he has a mission for him. Hurley has to get Jack to sneak out of the Temple with him and cross the jungle. Jack doesn't want to until Hurley tells him Jacob says he has "what it takes." Jack is disturbed by this but is convinced to follow Hurley. They sneak out and head through the jungle. They bump into Kate. She doesn't want to go back to the Temple and she doesn't want to follow Jack and Hurley. She says she is going to search for Claire. In Alternative L.A., Jack is divorced (from whom we don't know) and has a teenaged son who is secretly a child prodigy. He disappears, and Jack finds him at a piano recital, trying to get into some school for piano nerds. Dogen is there too and he has a prodigy son too. Old Man Shephard is still missing. So is his will. Jack and Mom scour the house for it, and Jack wonders why his son won't talk to him. Mom thinks the boy is scared of him. They find the will and Mom asks Jack if he knows who the fuck Claire Littleton is. After the recital, Jack tells the boy (David) his father said he didn't have what it takes, and he's felt like an asshole ever since. He tells David he will never be a failure in his eyes. Claire rescues Jin from the bear trap he was stuck in and rubs aloe on his leg. She also takes one of the Others captive. She threatens the man with an axe. She wants to know why they took her baby. Jin says Kate took Aaron, but Clair kills the Other anyway. Then Jin says he was lying about Kate, that Aaron is at the Temple. He asks if she's been alone these last three years. She tells him her friend has been with her, whoever the fuck that is. Meanwhile Hurley and Jack reach their destination, a lighthouse. It's pretty awesome looking. Hurley climbs to the top and tries to set the mirrors to 108°. As it is turning Jack sees something in the mirror. Then he notices all the degree marks have names next to them. He's at 23 just like in the cave. He sets it to 23° and sees his house. WTF? He wonders how long Jacob has been spying on him and smashes the fuck out of the mirror. Jack wanders off to brood and Jacob appears to Hurley. Jacob reveals he really needed Hurley and Jack away from the Temple, because someone was coming. Who? Someone bad. Hurley wants to warn the people at the Temple, but Jacob tells him it's too late. Meanwhile, back at Claire's tent, they have a visitor. "John?" asks Jin. "No," Claire says, "that's not John, that's my friend."

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