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Criswell Predicts Pt. 2

[I, Criswell, psychic extraordinaire, present to you, dear reader, the complete text of my magnum opus Criswell Predicts: From Now to the Year 2000, in five parts, for your bemusement and befuddlement.]


When you carefully check past history you will find that all the powerful leaders of the world were men; however. if you will look into the private lives of each of these men, you will discover that the motivating power behind these great leaders was the women in their lives.

As far back as the reign of the Caesars, it was woman who formulated the history of the world. It was a woman who unknowingly caused the eventual fall of the Roman Empire. The mistress of Nero, probably the cruelest man ever known, was his motivating force, hut his cunning and warped mind twisted her request and brought on all the horrible orgies and terror which finally ended the whole decadent period.

There were other great women who are mentioned in the history books who are quite familiar to us, but the true story of these women has never been told. Think back and you will recall such great women as Josephine who was the back-bone of Emperor Napoleon; Martha Washington who was really responsible for this nation having George Washington for the first President and leader; and as great a man as Abraham Lincoln was, he would have remained obscure as a lawyer had it not been for the driving force of Mary Todd Lincoln Eva Braun, though little known, controlled the powerful Adolph Hitler who tried to rule the world.

An American woman changed the history of England, when King Edward abdicated the throne far her love

I predict that in later issues of history books these women will be mentioned more and more and eventually they will become the great names of the past. The men will become insignificant and these women will be mentioned first and foremost; studies will be made into the lives of wives and mistresses of powerful men and the findings of these investigations will shock the world. Our schools will teach the influence of woman on the patterns of history. We will know the truth of the power behind such men as France, Castro, De Gaulle, Mussolini, Stalin and thousands of others who are in our personality parade of the great and the near great.

I predict that women will fully gain power throughout the world. Today they are in a much more potent position in society than ever before.

I predict that in 19S5, a woman will become the leader of the Orient. She will be of Caucasian birth and will be loved and revered as no past leader ever was. She will be known as the Lady of Light and Oriental women will believe she was sent to them directly from the heavens. She will make unbelievable changes in the Far East. Men will be placed in slavery and bondage and she will elevate woman to the highest position ever known. Men will revolt against her, but will rapidly be pushed aside and each time they attempt to regain their farmer status, they will become weaker, and weaker and weaker. I predict this Lady of Light will become the heroine of history and she will appoint women to government offices, to thrones, to cabinetships and place them in charge of industry and social activity. Men will be mere puppets to the female members of their families. Mere man will reach a new low and will be little more than a beast of burden which will be repayment for all the past blunders and the death and the ruination he brought through his selfishness and his wars.

I predict the world will gradually follow the influence of the Lady of Light, and she will place her personally trained leaders in many countries. Her power will be world wide and she will succeed where men failed. In the past, men tried to conquer. The purpose of this woman will be for the betterment of humanity and the release from bondage of the members of her sex. Through the leadership of the Lady of Light, magnificent cities will be built and slums outlawed and destroyed. Every unsightly building will be tom down and replaced by a beautiful modern one. Roadsides will be made beautiful and trees will be planted. Hunger will be unknown.

Everyone will be treated kindly, equally and with interest and respect. Cleanliness will become law and alcoholic drinks will be prohibited; tobacco will be a death penalty. Each child will receive an education. There will be freedom of religion throughout all of the Orient which she controls.

I predict there will be a great holiday throughout the world and the Lady of Light will be prayed for and revered in every country. No work will be performed on this holiday and there will be an occasion for prayer and celebration, like the Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. I predict in backward nations where men kept their people enslaved and bled the countries of their resources, great changes will come about, education will be unexcelled, natural resources developed and modem machinery will help to build beautiful cities. Farm implements will create fertile fields where once there was only wasteland. Where there was starvation, pestilence and fever, prosperity and good health will reign. 1 predict the Lady of Light will personally enter forbidden sections of the world where savages murder other trespassers and she will change living conditions, destroy all semblance of idolatry and human sacrifices and establish peace and harmony.

In the wilds of Burncu she will build a beautiful capital. This great leader will visit every nation in the world entreating all the leaders to act in accordance with her wishes and that no one takes improper advantage of their petition. Women who desire to remain with their men will be permitted to do so but they will have to relinquish their rights and perform the same duties as required of the men.

I predict prisons will be condemned and destroyed and all criminals will be placed an a large island where they will be reeducated. They will be offered kind treatment and their environment will bring forth the needed mental reform, No one will be locked in a cell, for the Lady of Light will believe this type of imprisonment only males man more bitter. Capital punishment will be a part of the past and the penal code will be completely rewritten. I predict the Lady of Light will show that all crime has a reason and instead of bringing about punishment for the crime itself intense study and research will find the inner reason for the crime and the criminal will be treated from that angle. It will be crime prevention, not crime control.

However, if any men are unchangeable in their attitude, they will meet the death sentence.

It will be psychologically proven that women's unhappiness stems from not being treated properly by a man, and woe to the man who makes a woman unhappy I predict when a man marries a woman, he must enter a contract under which the woman is always right and he has no recourse through law. Man will have to agree to complete subservience to his wife, of his mind, of his body and his spirit. The man must work or the woman will have the power to throw him out of her home and out of her life.

I predict that no marriage contract will be terminated by a man but must always be ended by the woman. The woman marries the man, the man has no rights when he marries a woman. I predict that the reign of the Lady of Light will come to tragic end. She will be mourned by every woman throughout the entire world I predict while touring a completely new district in an African country and walking among her people she will be overpowered by a group of men, and brutally raped.

The Lady of Light will be very ill for many months and will give birth to a baby girl as a result of her terrible ordeal and this will end in her death.

I predict that every nation in the Orient will construct a magnificent memorial with a glowing statue of gold dedicated to the memory of this glorious woman, the queen of womankind. I predict the Lady of Light will go dawn in history as the most wonderful, the most powerful and the most blessed woman ever to walk our lonely pathway of light.


It was Edgar Cayce, known as the "Sleeping Prophet" who beheld visions of our future which have come to pass. And it is in interpreting his visions, that I have found visions of my own regarding the incredible future.

Elsewhere in this book I have written of the shifting coastlines of our Eastern seaboard and the disappearance of such cities as New York and San Francisco. Edgar Cayce and I share this vision.

We share, too, the vision of the lost continent which shall arise from the depths of the ocean in the mid 1980`s. It will comprise a virtual bridge between western Africa and eastern South America. And upon it, we will find the ruins of a lost era of civilization which has came down to us through the annals of time as the continent of Atlantis

When this body of land rises from the depths of the ocean, where it has lain hidden thousands of centuries, the ruins man enplores upon it will answer many mysteries about the history of our world. Particularly we will know the secret of the Mayans and Incas.

It will in many ways not yet clear, convey to man how this earth shall end in 1999.


The face of our earth is ever changing. The world of 1000 years ago was entirely different from our world of today for time has made changes beyond imagination. And I predict that the world of tomorrow faces repeated onslaughts by the uncontrollable forces of mother nature -- more onslaughts, of a stronger type than have ever been recorded in a comparable short span of history.

I predict that in the year 1977 the face of the earth will be completely changed. Rain will not fall for a period of ten months. I predict that our great lakes will become beds of sand and rivers will slow down to a trickle. Waterfalls such as the Niagara and the Victoria will be silent for there will be no water to create their endless roars we know of today. The tides of the ocean will end, leaving huge ships stranded and aground. This will have a far reaching effect, for world trade will be practically halted. When the world is struck by this horrible drouth, I predict that the electric power will fail in many sectors for the dams which supply this energy will stand useless and deserted and empty. Scientists will be called upon to help save human lives for the world reservoirs will become dangerously low. Every nation will limit the use of water. Chemicals will be used for cleansing purposes. Drinking water will be measured for every individual and cattle will be slaughtered to prevent their death by dehydration. You will be given so much water each day. A cupful of water which you will guard very carefully and of course, value beyond precious gems. I predict that our world faces the worst drouth it has ever known. Only Switzerland will have an ample supply of water which they will obtain from the great snows of the Alps. This little nation will come to the aid of their fellow man and supply the much needed water for dangerous spots but this will hardly alleviate the suffering of countless millions. The results of this drouth will be catastrophic. I predict starvation, disease, insanity and death on an unprecedented scale. Hospitals will be overburdened and the death rate will be so high, that the dead will remain unburied for weeks at a time. This will be known as the era of the black death, the 20th Century black death. I predict that New York City will become a ghost town with industry at a standstill, for power will go dead, subways will be emptied and out of service, and the entire transportation system of this once steaming metropolis will be totally crippled. The populace will leave by the thousands in their search for water. The nation's highways will be filled with helpless, struggling people.

In the great Midwest, I predict that the dust bowl of Kansas will be the death trap for countless humans and animals alike. Farms, fields and homesteads will be covered by mountains of sand and dust and no form of life can exist.

I predict a sudden discovery of water in the State of Utah which will cause people to swarm there like flies. I predict the unearthing of a waterhole will create panic as thirsty men and women will behave like wild animals just for one drop of water.

I predict that these tortured souls will attack each other and this will result in a mass slaughter. Families will be wiped out. Brothers will kill brothers. Sons will destroy their own mothers. Husbands will slay their wives and children for water. There will be an endless trail of blood in the Utah area.

I predict that all parts of the world will be affected by this seemingly endless drouth.

The English Channel will be so shallow that people will walk from the British Isles to the shores of France.

In Africa, there will be the greatest mass slaughter ever known. Wild animals will leave their jungle areas and attack cities and villages, destroying all in their path. These vicious beasts will kill for human blood to quench their mad thirst.

I predict all ports of the black continent will be closed. There will be no place of safety in all Africa. Even men will kill other men to quench their thirst with human blood.

I predict there will be a migration to both the North and South Poles. Water will be available at both of these extremities due to the great abundance of snow and ice but there will be little or no food available for those who are able to reach there and death will result not only from thirst but from starvation and cold.

I predict that swamp land all over the world will dry out, forcing strange, hitherto unknown reptiles and serpents to invade populated areas which will create wild panics. Disease will prevail and these sections will quickly be ordered evacuated.

A strange and terrible fever will sweep the Orient. I predict that people will stumble about while clutching at their throats gasping for breath. Death will be quick and this malady will always remain a mystery. This sudden fever will attack even those in the best of health and medical science will find itself utterly helpless. I predict that the lack of rain will cause the entire surface of the earth to become a soft crust. Mountain sides will crumble, cities will collapse. Great sands and dust storms will plague large sections of the world. The mortality rate will reach fantastic proportions. And I predict that the percentage of babies who survive birth will be pitifully small.

Hospitals will be unable to operate properly for water will not be available and cleanliness will be almost unknown. Even by sonic cleaning this will not be possible for there will be no electric power.

I predict that two nations at war will suddenly end hostilities and will join each other on the battlefield in an effort to combat the tremendous forces of mother nature who will prove to be their greatest enemy. I regret to predict that human flesh will dry and crack and a terrible disease, very similar to leprosy, will rage. Not only limbs will be affected but skin will actually fall from the body and will peel and rot. There will be only one simple preventive: Bodies must be heavily oiled at all times to stave off this dreaded affliction.

In India and Ceylon, I predict that natives will go to the sea by the millions, drinking the salt and muddy waters which will result in death of over one and one-half million. Over one-third of the entire population of the Far East will die or become helpless cripples.

I predict that universal prayers and religious ceremonies will be held pleading for rain. I further predict that this drouth will gradually cease but mother nature will shower the helpless earth with even a more horrible disaster.

I predict the first rain will fall on the Island of Sicily in the Mediterranean. Ships from all nations will carry their human cargoes to this small island which will soon be overrun and overcrowded. The rains will continue but soon the dusty and sandy streets will turn into rivers of mud. The torrential beating of the rain will crush rooftops which will collapse, and no building in Sicily will be considered safe. The entire Mediterranean area will be on a verge of complete destruction. People will huddle in the streets for there will be no shelter to offer them protection. Yes, where once there was not a drop of water, it will suddenly be hated and unwanted. Water will be everywhere. It will be almost impossible to breathe because there will be so much water in the air and if we are not careful we could easily strangle or we could drown by merely walking across the streets in the sheets of water that fall from the heavens.

Black rain clouds of devastation will hover over Europe and the deluge will begin. It will be slow at first with small showers each day. Later, I predict, the rains will increase until, in time, the sun will be blacked out and rain will fall in an endless cascade. Production in Europe will begin again and electric power will be restored. Water will be plentiful and the fields will grow fertile once more. Gradually the sewers of the city will fill and the population of the continent will be thrown into wild panic as the streets begin to flow. I predict that the continuous rains will produce flood conditions which will create the need for emergency measures.

I predict in England a lost jet plane will crash blindly into the tower of London.

The lakes of Europe will refill, the rivers will soon overrun their banks, cities will return to normal, but evacuate again as the flood waters fill their streets undermining homes and public buildings. I predict that large sections of Belgium, Holland and France will be completely inundated and the roaring of the sea will plunge inland destroying all in its wake. I predict that a two mile section of land in Belgium will be so weakened that it will split apart swallowing entire villages as well as a midtown district of a large city. I predict that this city will be Brussels. I predict that for a time and a period of three months, the sun will not shine as the deluge continues. I predict that tremendous ocean going vessels will be lifted by the great tides and swept inland.

An English passenger ship fully loaded will suddenly be ripped from its pier, washed inland and overturn at the outskirts of Glasgow. I predict' that suffering in the Orient will be terrible and the foundations of the great wall of China will soften causing the wall to crumble in large sections. The city of Hong Kong will be totally inundated. Whole areas of Japan will disappear beneath the sea taking with them thousands of inhabitants.

Parts of Japan will cease to exist. There will be many parts of the world cut off and governments will mark certain areas off limits. I predict Niagara Falls will no longer be a paradise for newlyweds but will become one of the greatest danger points in the United States. Everyone will be evacuated for the power of the falls will cause the earth to tremble for miles around.

I predict the sandy waste of Egypt will turn into mud. I further predict the Sphinx will sink into the mire until only the top of his head is visible.

In Europe, a wall of water will sweep across Spain dividing the country in two. I predict that from the air the entire continent will resemble an ocean merely dotted with islands. I predict that Moscow will not be heard from for several weeks and all means of communication with Russia will be shut off. When that city is finally reached, it will be found that the government has moved and Moscow is a dead city with flocks of vultures hovering overhead as far as the eye can see, beyond the imagination of mere man.

I regret to predict that Washington, D. C. will be under water and all government files and records will be moved inland to safer quarters. I predict that New Orleans will become a part of the ocean and this will mean the death of the famed French Quarter.

I predict the coastline of California will undergo a dramatic change and the mountains will crumble into the Pacific. I predict the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, will be closed to all traffic.

I predict the tiny nation of Switzerland will not do as well as she did during the preceding drouth for terrible rains will create avalanches and village upon village will crumble under tons of snow, mud and slush.

I predict a terrible train disaster when the streamliner crossing the plains of the American Midwest will be caught in the sudden swirling tides and ripped asunder.

Planes will fall from the air and their entire passenger lists will be completely lost with not even enough left for a decent burial.

I predict there will be a story of heroism which will come out of this great deluge which will strike our earth. I predict this story will originate in the small community of Pratt, Kansas, where a woman will be responsible for saving the lives of five hundred people. I predict through her tireless efforts, this woman will row from house to house in a small boat, rescuing entire families and taking them to a higher ground. This brave woman will work night and day for one solid week without rest, sleep and very little food. Only her faith and love for humanity will give her strength to carry on. Eventually, this woman will collapse from sheer exhaustion and die. I predict this great woman will be immortalized by a beautiful memorial which will be constructed in Pratt, Kansas, to her memory. It will tower a mile high and it can be seen from the prairies and plains for many hundreds of miles.

I predict that the state of panic will exist in Florida for no city, town or section of that state will be safe. Alligators and reptiles will terrorize the citizens of Orlando and Jacksonville. Daytona Beach will cease to exist. Hotels on Miami Beach will crumble and collapse and Key West will disappear beneath a roaring sea.

The world will give up hope for everyone will believe this is the end of time for humanity but I predict the rains will stop falling in every corner of the globe at the same precise moment.

I predict that tremendous tasks of rebuilding and rehabilitation will then be undertaken and this will be a gigantic job. I predict that each and every nation will begin a restoration program and every man, woman and child will be ordered to help. I regret to predict that some nations will not survive and their remaining inhabitants will be evacuated to other countries. These poor individuals will have to adapt to the manners and customs and languages of the remaining countries, for these countries will be very strong, much stronger than those who are now gone.

I predict that the receding waters will reveal the bodies of countless thousands who were victims to this crime of mother nature. I predict the job of burial will be almost impossible and in Russia, the Middle East and the Orient it will result in an epidemic and disease of dreaded typhus. All over the world stagnant waters will be a menace. I predict that the body of Europe's most famous and powerful leader will be found beneath a layer of mud, his hand will be clutching the key to a strong box. This man will die in an attempt to rescue his wealth and his final act of greed will lead to his death.

In this great rebuilding of nations, I predict that war will be forgotten, petty grievances set aside for a while and everyone in the world, regardless of race, religion, creed or political belief will work side by side, hand in hand, united in their efforts to rebuild an earth which was shattered by a power far beyond their control, mother nature. These people will live in peace and prosperity for three short years and then will come another catastrophe.


The present method of embalming will soon be completely discarded for a new revolutionary arterial fluid which will preserve the body for a thousand years in a perfect life-like state. Your body will then be dressed in a fiberglass burial garment and encased in a fiberglass plastic casket which will outlast the elements and endure as long as time itself.

The natural enemies of the grave, insects, rodents and water will be completely conquered and it is very possible that in a thousand years your descendants from another planet might look upon your preserved life-like remains. Our body is a temple which will be preserved forever, even after all life here is gone.

Would It Have Made A Difference?

O my friend, would it have been different had all of the successes been miserable failures? What if Alexander the Great had failed to conquer his world of that time, but had lived to be an old, bitter man, dying in poverty? What if King Midas had lost every cent of his vast fortune? What if Caesar had not been killed on the Senate steps in Rome? What if Clovis, the first king of France, had combined with the Germans? What if George Washington accepted the British bribe of a royal title to keep the Colonists in line? What if Queen Victoria had backed the Confederate States 100% and had brought the Northern States to their knees? What if the slaves were freed in 1812 and moved to Africa at that time? What if Booth had missed with his bullet in Ford's Theatre?

What if Alexander Graham Bell had destroyed his invention the telephone thru discouragement? What would have happened had Karl Marx become a business success instead of a failure, and had written a book preserving capitalism rather than seeking to destroy individualism thru his Communist Manifesto? What if England, Italy, Japan, France and America had joined Germany against Russia in 1941? What if all the failures would have become blooming successes, would you be in a different place today, speaking a different language? The future is merely a continuation of the past, and success or failure could actually mean very little in the grand sum total of us all!!


A strange manner of death will come from the skies that cover China. Death from the unknown, from the elements of mystery! And the people of China will look to the heavens, in wonderment, and despair, and pray for deliverance. But they too must remember that in the Halls of the Ancients came the decree, that one day, the life of China must end! For this is the Day of Infamy!

Feeble and obscure China, will be unable to fight the black death, from the great beyond! Many will flee! Many will hide! But none will be able to escape the pointing finger of Death! Village after village will become cities of the dead. The Smiling Buddha will cease to smile, and the Temples of Fortune, will become The Temples of Misfortune! Famine and pestilence will cause the plague to spread like locusts. From the Sea of China, to the Gateway of Tibet, the cries of the dying will echo, as this age-old Prophecy comes to pass. But, one thing the Wise Men of the East could not foresee, was that the Great Wall of China could not hold back the Incredible Future! As Mother Nature destroys, Mother Nature also creates! And, as an old nation dies, a new nation is born!


I PREDICT that Ronald Reagan will not seek re-election as Governor of California.


I PREDICT that one of America's larger "merger conglomerates'' of business will begin to topple by mid-1969 and will bankrupt within six-months thereafter.


In the vision of many men, we have seen the inhabitants of other planets who have visited our earth. I predict that these visits will increase in frequency over the next 20 years. By 1988, there will be substantiated records of visits to earth from other planets.

And, from time to time, many earth people will leave this earth to return to alien planets with the visitors from outer space. And, in the long run, these will be the lucky ones. For they and their descendants will escape the doomsday that will come on August 18, 1999.


I predict drastic changes in the law. We will be completely subjugated by the state. That means that you will live for the state. This is not as bad, however, as it may sound. You will live under certain prescribed laws and that is all there is to it. It will be a super spiritual dictatorship. Just as you follow the laws of your religion you will be required to follow the laws of your state. Even the mildest traffic infraction will be so unforgivable and unthinkable you will not dare to do it in the first place. The radical new laws which we face will be for our protection, for after all, it is you and I the state wishes to protect. We will have a great respect for legal authorities.

I predict a radical new law for protection of the citizen, not of the criminal; the super lie detector test. With this, there will be no chance of sending an innocent man to jail.

We are moving into the world of automated crime detection. The time will come when everyone will have a number on his forearm. This number will be tattooed in metallic paint which is connected to a huge police central computer. The police will know where you are every moment of the day or night. It will be impossible to move off the computers screen.

Not only will this be your Social Security number, but this will be your number through life. No matter where you go, your number will always register on the machine. The only time it will not register is when you are no longer breathing and no longer alive, for the energy that will signal the machine will operate on impulses from the human heart.

I predict free public law. No attorney will charge you for anything they do for you. They will be under salary to the government exactly as will be the doctors, the dentists and the nurses.

I predict our courts will be run in a very methodical manner. Within twenty-four hours after a crime is committed the defendant will be tried before a tribunal of twelve men who will run all the evidence through a computer. The machine will judge you guilty or innocent. If you are guilty, it will tell you what the penalty will be: a fine, how many days in jail or perhaps death itself.

I predict the courts will listen to anyone who has any troubles at all. You merely go and make your complaint and a machine will decide whether you are right or not and then they'll call upon the person whom you have a complaint about and the computer will decide who is right. Then the decision is handed down, free of charge. This will be free public law.


I PREDICT that a set of septuplets, all boys, will be born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on January 19, 1973. All will live--the first such case in history.


I predict that before October, 1968, one of the leaders of the Negro Civil Rights Movement in the United States will be assassinated. This will touch off one of the worst race riots to date, and will mark the beginning of the four years of riot-hell that will last until 1973.


Las Vegas, Nevada, March 10, 1990: The very first Interplanetary Convention will be held in the new Convention Center on the famed Strip with colony citizens of Mars, Venus, Neptune and the Moon in full representation. Gov. Sawyer will make the opening welcome address.


Along the Highway of Life, we are still to meet the greatest Despot of the 20th Century, who will be known as the Prince of Darkness.

From the plains of Asia will come this disciple of the devil ... and spread his power across the land, and the sea! And this Prince of Darkness will turn back the clock a thousand years. He will return women to a life of slavery and servitude. Gone will be the vows of marriage, the right to vote, and the power of choice. This tyrant of mankind will force woman to become a public prostitute, and servant of the state. And he alone, will enjoy the monies of their shame.

But ... this demon of Greed will not stop at the humiliation of women. He will enter the house of God, with the torch and his saber, and he will remove the name of God from the books, and from the tongues that dare to speak it. Then after a span of 13 years, he will be overthrown.

The period of his infamous rule will be 1975-1988…

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