Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Antiques with Deeks: Books

Following up on yesterday's post about my trip to the antique mall, let me share another great find: Three delightful little books.

I am disappointed to say, there was not one boner in any of the illustrations featured within. In fact, it was mostly text! And here I thought they might be collections of photographs by Wilhelm von Gloeden. No such luck.

Oh, and who's that in the background? Is that Gabe Kaplan?

Why, yes, it is! It's an official Welcome Back, Kotter puzzle. Unfortunately, at only twelve pieces, it won't be offering much of a challenge. That's a real shame, but I won't do a puzzle that's less than twenty-four pieces.

Even better! The mate to the Kaplan puzzle: It's the entire Sweathog gang! Horshack! And Epstein! And Barbarino! And a bunch of other people I don't recognize. Who is that old guy on the left? The principal? More importantly, is Sweathog one word or two? Or is it hyphenated? These are mysteries, to be sure, that will haunt me until someone corrects me in comments.

(Continues tomorrow.)



  1. Where do you find this gems?

  2. these, and yesterday's, were snapped at a local antique mall.

    see also.