Friday, February 26, 2010

Criswell Predicts Pt. 5

[I, Criswell, America's greatest clairvoyant, present to you, humble follower, the final portion of my mindbending Criswell Predicts: From Now to the Year 2000, for your contemplation.]


What part will hypnosis play in your future? I predict that hypnosis will be used to ease the violent pain on the death bed, where the body is beyond human repair. When death is desired it will be reached through a hypnotic spell. The physical body will relax and peacefully enter the next world, silently and without effort.


I PREDICT that Juvenile Delinquency in America will increase steadily every year, as will teen-age use of drugs. A curbing of the trend will not take place until 1979, when laws will be passed sentencing juvenile offenders to "ray treatment"-a revolutionary system that uses controlled radiation to turn obstinate transgressors into meek conformists. It will be used on all criminals.

New York And The Shifting Coastline

New York will not exist as we know it today after January 21, 1980. Shifting ocean currents and earth tremors will begin to remake the Eastern coast of the U. S. beginning in 1971. At first the changes will be small, but within three years our geologists will know what is happening. As the coast-line shifts, the land will sink and the ocean will pour inland. Before 1978, Long Island will be mostly under water. Only the areas that can be protected by hastily erected dikes will escape--and they, not for long. Manhattan will become a city of canals, like Venice. Billions of dollars will be spent to save New York, but by 1980, all efforts will have failed and a new New York will rise, further inland, at a great expense.


As I envision it, invention will make your world of tomorrow brighter, easier and much lazier! YOU will do well to even turn over your hand for any effort. The most YOU will do will be to push a button! YOU will use sonic booms to cleanse your skin, dust your house, mow your lawn and wash your windows! YOU will have a tiny machine to tune in vibrationally for stomach upset, for a narcotic or alcoholic effect, to feel sad or elated! A handy dental machine will brush, clean and repair any tooth damage you may have. Another machine will repair any physical damage to any organ, your blood stream or your skin almost instantly! The day of the Doctor, the Nurse, the Dentist will be over! A Legal Machine will solve all of your legal problems once and for all! YOU will be able to find out about any one by merely pushing a button, and the innermost secrets of their lives will be told you in a clear unfaltering voice! Even YOU will be shocked to hear about your own life, deeds and misdeeds! Once a deed is done, it is recorded and nothing can erase it! YOU will live in a world of broadcast electricity and atomic power! There will be no wires to your telephone, TV set, radio or toaster, for none will be needed! YOU will live in an effortless world, without worry, concern or privation! INVENTION will see to it that every minute of your life is planned! INVENTION will keep you in a state of deep satisfaction! Even sex will be accomplished in a solitary way with a deep sonic boom with a "built-in" feeling of being wanted and adored! INVENTION will keep you from being inventive!


We think of cannibalism as a thing of the past practiced only in the wildest jungles far from our civilized way of life. However even today cannibalism is practiced in our own society but acts of such savagery are kept hidden from the public. I predict an outburst of Cannibalism that will terrorize the population of one of the industrial cities in the state of Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh!

Our entire nation is dotted with experimental laboratories which are kept under constant guard and operated in complete secrecy. Little is known about these many plants and laboratories for the experiments they conduct would startle and shock the entire world. Extreme precautions must be taken for the safety of every employee but quite often there are accidents which cannot be avoided. Naturally these accidents are hushed for word of them would violate the secrecy which is so essential. However I predict one terrible accident which will become known for it will be impossible to keep it within the confines of the walled and carefully guarded laboratory. I predict that one of the largest experimental laboratories in Pennsylvania will have a sudden release of gas from a large chamber which will be swept through every sector of the installation. I predict that these fumes will enter the ventilation system carrying to every corridor of the laboratory and will effect thousands of employees. This gas will have been developed by a scientist who is working on nerve gases that affect man's mentality. This unfortunate scientist will be the victim of a fatal heart attack and his sudden collapse will permit the dangerous fumes to be released and swept through the entire laboratory. The effects of this gas will be ghastly for it will create in man a desire for raw flesh and it will be an uncontrollable hunger and lust. Men employed in the laboratory will seek to quell their appetites and the acts they commit within the confines of these walls cannot be told. I predict many of them will satisfy unspeakable urges there but others will leave the laboratory and search elsewhere to appease their maddened crazed hunger. No one outside the laboratory will know what happened behind its guarded walls and the public will receive no warning until it is too late. I predict that over one thousand flesh mad and blood crazed men will wander through the streets suddenly attacking unsuspecting victims, I predict that many of these animal like men will be captured but others will seek hiding places and elude the authorities. Countless numbers of men, women and children will be kidnapped suddenly disappearing and will never be found. The state of Pennsylvania will go all out in an effort to stop this horrible mass murder and will begin the greatest man hunt the country has ever known. I predict that hundreds of terrorists will be found and imprisoned but they will have had a chance to bring death to a great many innocent victims. Each and every day more bodies will be found. Their flesh torn from their bones in a hungry manner. Many others will be found stripped of their clothing, bound and gagged in cellars and attics meeting a most horrible and foul death. I predict that the wife of a government official fortunately will be rescued and she will tell the most horrifying tale ever to be released to the public. She will relate in detail the actions of three crazed men who abducted her and threw her into a cellar with many others, all of whom were tied and gagged and half-eaten. This poor woman will reveal that the clothing was ripped off her body and she was pushed into a corner with several male victims who were also stripped. She will tell how one by one the helpless captives were brought to the center of the cellar and while still alive they were attacked by three mad men who tore the flesh from their writhing and tormented bodies. I predict that this woman's story will be anonymously recorded and it will later be found that she is the wife of the Governor of Pennsylvania. I predict the citizenry of Pennsylvania will demand added police and military protection and a curfew will be enforced. I predict no one will be permitted to enter the streets at night and during the day everyone will be ordered to travel in pairs. However at night husbands will return home to find their wives and children missing. Clerks will disappear from shops and empty trucks will be found on road ways. People will refuse to leave their homes. Business will shut down and a state of terror will reign. Policemen will disappear from their corners and post office employees will suddenly be gone. I predict that many innocent men will be accused of cannibalism and dragged away by angry mobs and put to death. I predict that the number of missing people will be frightfully high but many will later be found unharmed. This horrible orgy will continue for several weeks until the last crazed man is found and only then will the shocked and terrorized city return to normal. Mass mournings will be held for the victims. A smile will be unknown. The fate of this city of Pittsburgh, Penn., will never be forgotten and I predict that added safety measures will be taken in all chemical laboratories to make certain there is no similar accident. Date: November 28 to December 21, 1980.


I predict that John F. Kennedy, Jr. will serve the state of Massachusetts as a U. S. Senator but will not seek the presidency of the United States.


I PREDICT that it will be impossible for you to lie under a new medication which will be given you before you enter court to testify.


I predict that your television set will come on one side of the wall and the figures will be laser-caused, tri-dimensional and walk out into the room, in natural color, breathing, living, with odors to match. You will enjoy the bracing air of the Northwest, the warm enchantment of the South Seas or the swill of the swamps.


In Florida, billions of dollars will be spent to prevent the Atlantic Ocean's gradual inundation of the entire peninsula. Entire cities will be relocated beginning in 1979.


I predict that all newspapers, magazines and books will be printed on a spun plastic. They will come from a slot in your wall which will be radio controlled.

You will not only have a television screen that will keep you up to date all over the world but you will also receive from your television set type at the same time and when you are finished reading you can dip this plastic spun paper in a special chemical which will soften and clean turning the paper into a cloth.

Disease will be overcome completely through an artificially induced fever which can be instantaneous in its action and will destroy any hovering germ and bring you back to normalcy within ten seconds.

I predict that chance will be taken out of gambling completely for you will be able to afford a small electric brain in your own home. You can feed it equations and questions and get the correct answers, the right horse, the trumps in your opponents' hands and the right number on the roulette table. I predict a contometer which will reveal how long you will live and what disease will carry you beyond to the golden shores. Your life will be laid out like a checkerboard as nights and days. It is true you will have these choices and you may make your own choice. But nevertheless, it will be laid out for you in a checkerboard fashion.

I regret to predict the fabulous diamonds of today will lose their value completely for it will be found that a nearby planet is made up largely of diamonds. I predict that diamonds will be used openly and commonly as dress decorations as easily as we use rhinestones today.

I predict that there will be nothing to pollute our air. There will be no smoke from factories. Garbage disposals will be performed chemically and there will be no fumes from vehicles. Our garbage will be disposed of by a tiny pellet which we will place in our garbage pails. It will completely evaporate any solids and we are ready for the next garbage pail full.


I PREDICT that a small town in Nebraska will produce a woman physicist in the late 1970's who will develop a theory of magnetism which overcomes gravity. Practical application of her theory will result in aircraft and space vehicles which require no sustained rocketry propulsion.


I predict that the rising star of the Latin World, will be the new Brazil! ... Brazil, who today is rich in coffee, minerals, and yet untouched natural resources. The land of vast, unexplored jungles. Nation of the mighty Amazon! Here lies the power of a world-wide Latin Empire. Once, the Latin races owned the world, and they will do so again! For Brazil will lead the parade into Tomorrow! New cities will rise from the plains, and the jungles, and will challenge the Wonders of the World! Temples of splendor! Fabulous hotels, apartments, schools, universities. Great Churches will be built by faith, in the future, and winding, white ribbons will span the nation.


I predict that on a summer's day in one of America's larger cities women will find themselves facing a situation over which they will have no control. I predict one of the most horrifying things to befall any woman. I regret to predict that women will lose their hair. I predict that scientists will try to prove that the cause of this falling out of the hair is due to the gaseous fumes polluting the city's air. This terrible affliction will have unbelievable, effects on everyone concerned. It will lead to law suits, suicides, divorces, murders, desertions and even massacres. I predict this city will be placed under martial law. The first news of this tragedy will strike during a statewide political convention with many prominent women present. I predict the leader of a political group will put her hand to her head while delivering a speech and a large lock of her hair will fall to her shoulders. In less than 10 minutes this terrified screaming woman will be completely bald. I predict some members of the audience will laugh but they will soon realize the seriousness of this situation when they too find their hair is turning brittle and falling out. Within a very short time each and every woman present will be a victim of this strange malady. Hysteria and panic will be uncontrollable. Doctors and nurses will be called because many women will have to be placed in hospitals and sanitariums. I predict the situation will be much the same over the entire city; for no apparent reason hair will drop from the head. With no apparent reason I predict women in the beauty parlors will emerge from the dryers bald headed. Law suits will be brought against every beauty shop in the city. Several male hair dressers will be murdered. I predict beauticians will be beaten, slashed and shot. Divorce courts will be swamped with irate husbands seeking freedom from their bald-headed wives. Many men will leave the city, deserting their wives and families. Despair and unhappiness will burden every woman. Special laws will be passed to protect women from ridicule by men, cruel husbands, even mocking sons and brothers. I predict that one judge who grants divorces to any man who seeks one will be bodily removed from his bench by a group of women. His hair will be pulled from his head and he will be dressed in women's clothing and paraded through the streets of the city. Conditions will be so grave that I predict the National Guard will be called upon for assistance. Many women will place the blame on the water supply. Others will accuse the food distributors, the druggists and the doctors. I predict that many doctors will close their offices, druggists will shutter their stores and markets will not open for business. A group of scientists, medical men will not be able to cope with this terrible situation. But it will resolve itself. After three months new hair will be grown as mysteriously as it disappeared. Only the hair itself will have been destroyed. The roots and the oil glands will not have been harmed. And I predict that when the women of Missouri once again regain their hair, peace will be restored and all will return to normalcy in St. Louis. Dates: February 11 through May 11, 1983.

JUNE 1, 1995

Let us venture, you and I, to the year 1995. Dismiss the present moment filled with personal worry and grief. Shake off the shackles of man-measured time and man-made distance, and let us, in the twinkling of an eye transplant our personalities to June 1st, 1995--a mere few years ahead. You doubtless have anticipated a visit to a place that you've never been to, in fact you have projected yourself there so thoroughly that when you actually were there you were slightly disappointed! You lived for the moment in reverse. Let us do the same thing now! ... What is a mere few years to the millions of years already past? Even five minutes from now is the future -- so why fear it? Come with me to this day in 1995!

You awaken in the bright sunshine of your room. As you lie in your boxed bed and look up you see a glass ceiling of stainless gervo, so transparent that it is hardly visible to the naked eye! You look around and notice the severity of design. Clean, cool walls. Rugs made from airfoam. Furniture made to fit the contour of the body. You are puzzled by the neutral shade of everything, and then you spy the lighting system, which colors the room to suit your fancy of the moment. All the lighting is indirect, scientifically balanced to protect the eyesight. You throw off the coverlet which will keep you warm or cool, no matter what season. No night clothes are worn as this has been proven unhealthy, and besides they are not needed, due to the excellence of the coverlet. You are instinctively lead to the bathroom and there you find a deep sunken tub, a wash bowl and the lavatory. As you enter, the lights automatically turn on, painting the scene in a bluish purple, which you recognize as ultra violet ray. You use the tub, and turning on the water you notice that it churns and foams, and upon climbing in, you are aware that each portion of your body was being gently massaged, the muscles tightened, the fatty substances removed, and vitality restored. After a few minutes of complete relaxation, you step out of the tub only to find that the lights have grown brighter and that you are quickly being automatically dried. You comb your hair with a vibrator which smooths the hair in place without pomade. You look around for something to wear, and the only thing you are able to find is a cooley coat of the same spunglass material as your bed coverlet. The coat is roomy, light, airy, and is comfortable. You see some sandals there and slip them on. They have a cushion sole, straps that fit snugly, made of an elastic material, and are air conditioned.

The sun is now very bright, and the walls of your room are suddenly transparent. You are able to see the entire neighborhood, and you look toward the other houses to notice that they are quite solid looking, and then it dawns on you that you are able to see them thru your walls, but they are not able to see you. Suddenly you stand aghast--there is a woman, absolutely nude, romping on her lawn with her pet dog! You cannot believe your eyes--but other people passing do not notice it--for nudity is the accepted thing, and if anyone cares to shed their togs, they are perfectly in style to do so.

You go to the combination kitchen, dining room and pantry, only to find this reduced to one small stove, ice chest, and one shelf on which is an array of bottles, filled with powders and pills! You press a button by the stove and a yellow light appears from the very center. A small kettle made of unbreakable glass is handy, and you fill it with sparkling water, placing this over the yellow flame. The water immediately comes to a boil. You ponder this and find that the yellow flame is solar, and that the house is solar heated, and the water you drew from the tap was highly medicated to ward off any disease. You continue to examine the row of bottles and find that they are all concentrated foods-celery, onions, cabbage, potatoes, beef, lamb, pork, puddings, pies, turkey, apples, soups, stews, eggs, salads, and every conceivable edible your mind can recall. You choose grapefruit, bacon, eggs, buttered toast and coffee, and take one pill from each of these labeled bottles. The grapefruit is to be mixed with cold water, and you do so, which gives you a cup of concentrated grapefruit, which you drink. You also notice that the directions read, "Can be taken as is, or mixed with water." Some people are still old fashioned enough to want "bulk" in food, but the highly centralized education is veering people away from that "old" idea. Many of the children now scientifically raised have never known anything but pills and powders, and show a remarkable gain of health and intelligence over the "bulk!' eaters who still insist upon stuffing themselves. There is much rivalry on the two schools of thought, and there have been many public debates, riotous demonstrations and cries between the "Pill Takers" and the "Bulk Takers." You no longer class yourself as a "Republican" or "Democrat," but as a "Pill Taker" or a "Bulk Taker"-and these are true fighting words in 1995! You mix the concentrates with hot water and soon you have bacon and eggs, buttered toast and steaming coffee, which you enjoy. The plates are paper which are discarded after use, and the coffee cup is of non-breakable plastic, which keeps the liquid piping hot.

Suddenly you notice there is a voice that seems to float on air--soothing, clear and in measured sentences, giving you the news of the day: "And here is the news of the day--and today is a very routine day--The scheduled flight to Mars, Venus and Neptune by a group of holiday seekers was suddenly called off today because of the full eclipse of the sun. The authorities feel that they do not wish to be responsible for a similar accident as happened last year when the moon eclipse was visible and caused a shift in gravity, which ripped the ship apart in midair. The Government will no longer be responsible for the health and welfare of individuals who rebel against the new edict of the eight hours of sleep requirements, careful watch on the calorie totals consumed and flagrant violation of not using the outdoor swimming pools three times a week. All law breakers will be segregated until their habits are corrected. In your homes tonight you will enjoy one of the treats of 1995--it is the famous film, all talking, color and music--of a novel called "Gone With the Wind" circa 1939--and although this film is only 60 years old, it shows clearly the misdirected thinking of that period. You will laugh all the way through it at the quaint language, customs and philosophy. Other items will be an antiquated Mickey Mouse Cartoon, a travelogue showing our old National Capitol before it was moved to Wichita, and a style show of 1962. The style show is excruciatingly funny--This all-request period of revivals of 1940 to 1965 is of extreme interest to everyone as it clearly shows how the misdirected energy of that period brought ruin. And now if you will stand by, your complete daily paper will be delivered to you."

With this, the soothing voice stops, and a click informs you that a long roll of paper is hanging from a slit in the wall. You tear it off to read. The type is clear and bold, giving forth the chitchat of the day. You read further and find that "Children's classes in Occultism, Astrology, Spiritualism and Hypnotism will start as planned in the City Park, with a special course in Numerology added for the semester. This is required, and you are held responsible for the education of your child, so see that they assemble." "Three thefts were announced yesterday on a country-wide survey. The crime wave is showing a steady decrease." "Socialized Medicine has no record of diphtheria, smallpox, polio, mumps, indigestion, heart ailment, or malaria for the past ten years within our boundaries." "Artificial insemination controls the sex of expected child" and a last shocking article on "All Males and Females between the ages of 18 and 35 are requested to register for military service at once." Did this period of miracles fail to erase the greatest blot of human crime, that of war?

You decide to go out into the street and find it is a thriving place. You notice that there are no tall buildings, but small buildings and shops neatly spaced on plots of ground. Each lot has a portion of garden where vegetables are growing. There are no real shopping centers, no actual cities, as population has been scattered and decentralized after the disasters of the 70's and 80's. You walk into one of the shops and are surprised to find that there is no variety to the merchandise, no trademarks or brand names. There is only one soap, which is the best that can scientifically be manufactured, so why must all the money, effort and time be expended to sell the public one similar soap in place of another similar soap.

Hair oil, pomade, cologne, shaving cream, cold cream, tooth paste, mouth wash, razor blades, cold tablets, cough medicine, cosmetics, and chewing gum are all of one brand and only one. You later find this mono-market has spread to automobiles, autogyros, tires, house furnishings, cigarettes and food. The shelves are neat and clean, with uniformally sized vacuum packing of peaches, pineapple, pears, and other fruits. Pastries and breads are all of the concentrated style, resembling dog pellets, but highly nutritional. You find that all tableware and silverware has been replaced by paper plates and paper knives and forks. There is no linen on sale. The only thing used for tablecloths, napkins, and bath towels was a heavy, absorbent fluffy-textured paper made from cactus and moss. The civilization of 1995 is absolutely through with the frills and the fancies that once kept man and woman in constant economic bondage. The change has been gradual but severe. No garment has a tight bodice or an uncomfortable stiff collar, and they continually stay in style. The most popular cloth is of balloon weight, semi-transparent, and an equal conductor of heat or cold, made from "gervo."

You come to a street corner where people are lined up in a methodical order. A huge atomic driven vehicle heaves into sight, running noiselessly on a column of air above the surface of the highly polished street. You enter the bus with others and for the first time get a good look at them at close range. They are from two to three inches taller than the average is today; are thin, have all their hair, good teeth, and the law forbids the wearing of glasses or carrying a cane! The full socialization of medicine has forced each and every individual to have perfect health! Scientifically developed health is the order of the day and the law of the times. Everyone seems in a very pleasant frame of mind. There are no personal worries and no one is in a great hurry, as everything is running on schedule. Everyone is given aptitude tests. The new generation is taught to live life the new way. The child is never left for the parents to instruct, for parents have a selfish way of rearing their offspring that makes them totally unfit for the new unselfish life! Any physical deformity is corrected through plastic bone surgery. The slums and the underprivileged have entirely disappeared, but every now and then there are faint reports of some family going hungry or some individual in dire distress! Basketball, football, soccer, tennis, boxing and racing are extinct. People find looking on any sports events very dull, and only enjoy the sport if they are active participants.

There are no "dropouts" as all people by this time have been equally and uniformly educated. The question of love is purely put on a scientific basis without emotion or tenderness. Most children are the product of artificial insemination. There are a few that are romantically conceived, but they are of inferior stock.

Religion has ceased to be cultish, but there is an overall concept which everyone readily agrees to. The leaders of religion are women because the men have misused this great truth and caused wars, privation and want!

But all of man and woman's efforts to perfect this imperfect world will have been in vain, for this day, June 1, 1995, is a scant four years, two months and seventeen days before the end of this civilization we call Earth.


In another part of this book I have written of the dire predictions of Nostradamus regarding the WHITE DEATH. This will come about, says Nostradamus, as interpreted by the "Sleeping Prophet" Edgar Cayce, because of a shift in the poles. This will occur when a dying planet, which man shall name, as it approaches from the bowels of space, with the name Bullarion, races toward earth and passes within a short distance of our atmosphere. We will see this dying planet coming toward us for many years. We will fear a collision between our planet and this planet. But a collision it will not be in our future.

When Bullarion passes near us, it will exert an incredible magnetic pull on the gravity of the earth, shifting our poles away from their current axis. It will be this great gravitational pull by the passing of Bullarion that will cause the WHITE DEATH of which Nostradamus spoke.

It will be the passing of Bullarion so near our earth that will cause many of the earthquakes and the rising of the lost continent of Atlantis.

The gravitational pull actually will become so great, as Bullarion reaches its closest proximity to earth, that entire cities will be destroyed. Buildings will be literally uprooted from their foundations, in some sections of the world, as will trees.

All volcanoes believed dead will suddenly erupt, for the fires from the cores will be lifted and will wreck fiery havoc never before seen on the face of the earth. Only the oceans will remain intact, but great storms and tidal waves will completely wipe out islands and change the shorelines of vast continents.

I predict that this will come to pass in 1982.


I PREDICT that the most shocking medical news of 1971 will be "trans-sexual transplants." The first will be accomplished at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where trans-sexual operations are already taking place. But the trans-sexual transplant will include complete transplants of sexual organs from one sex to the other, enabling "former women" to sire children, and "former men" to bear children through normal pregnancy.


I PREDICT man will discover, through encounter, that life does exist on other planets.


I PREDICT a new one shot serum that will cure and control almost all diseases except leprosy and cancer.


Man will harness nature. Capture the sunlight, combine it with the atom and live in a push-button world! The Prophets of the world have predicted through trend, precedent, pattern of habit, human behavior, and the unalterable law of cycle, that the 20th Century would be our last. No prophet predicted beyond the date of 1999! Does this mean we will suddenly run out of time?

Even our Bible foretells the end of all the lives. So let us drink a toast to the days that remain, so that we may live each day at a time. "Ah, make the most of what we yet may spend, Before we too into the Dust descend; Dust into Dust, and under Dust to lie, Sans wine, sans Song, Sans Singer and sans End!" Yes, the fate of the world is in our hands. But our greed, plus the genius of science, will destroy! The final war, the most terrible war, is at the very end of the Ribbon of Time! But, this is not a war of man against man, nation against nation! This is a war of man against the Earth! Man, in the clutches of inhuman greed and lust, will destroy not only himself, but the very earth that gave him life! His knife plunges deeper and deeper into the heart of Mother Nature, until Mother Nature, herself, revolts against man! Just as the world was created in seven days, it will be destroyed in seven days!

Mysteries of Nature held captive since the beginning of Time, will unleash hellish, pent-up silent fury.

. . . . Our world will float silently through space which has no beginning, and has no end! The fortunate few who survive, must find new worlds ... perhaps the moon, Venus, Mars or perhaps a far-off undiscovered universe, beyond the Sun! Just as our great grandfathers sought a new world in the covered wagon, our great grandchildren must seek a new world, in Outer Space! Oh, my friend, we dare not doubt the honesty of God! For .... at the end of Time, God will give his final command! "Let there be Darkness!


There is a vision which repeats and repeats and repeats, It is a black rainbow in the sky. And this black rainbow will herald the coming of the end of the world as you and I know it now. This black rainbow will encircle the planet Earth and it will be seen from every vantage point on the face of the earth for at night it will glow with an iridescent light and at night it will be a black streak across our sky; a rainbow, a jet black rainbow; an ebony rainbow; a black rainbow which will signify the coming suffocation of our world. This black rainbow will seemingly bring about, through some mysterious force beyond our comprehension, a lack of oxygen. It will draw the oxygen from our atmosphere, as a huge snake encircling the world and feeding upon the oxygen which we need to exist. Hour after hour it will grow worse. And we will grow weaker. It is through this that we will be so weakened that when the final end arrives, we will go silently, we will go gasping for breath, and then there will be only silence on the earth.

Although it will be of no value for us to know the reason why, for we will no longer exist, the black rainbow will be a magnetic disturbance in our atmosphere, set about by change in gravitational pulls throughout the universe.

Talk to men of science about this and you will find, deep within them, a growing fear that this prophecy of mine may prove to be very true.

For after all life is gone on this planet earth, because of the absence of oxygen, the gravitational forces which stabilize our planet will soon be gone also. The sudden shift in gravitational forces will cause our earth to jump out of orbit and start flying through space, closer and closer to the sun.

Every tick of the clock brings us nearer and nearer to this destiny.


The world as we know it will cease to exist, as I have stated previously in this volume, on August 18, 1999.

A study of all the prophets-Nostradamus, St. Odile, Mother Shipton, the Bible--indicates that we will cease to exist before the year 2,000! Not one of these prophets even took the trouble to predict beyond the year 2000! And if you and I meet each other on the street that fateful day, August 18, 1999, and we chat about what we will do on the morrow, we will open our mouths to speak and no words will come out, for we have no future ... you and I will suddenly run out of time! Who knows but what future generations from some other planet will dig down through seven layers of rubble (Rome was destroyed seven times, and the first Athens lies under nine layers of rubble) and find us some 2,000 years hence, crowd around a museum glass containing a broken fragment of a Coca Cola bottle, a bent hairpin and a parched copy of our Bible which managed to escape the terrifying destruction of our civilization! They will wonder what on earth was meant by the words "Henry Ford" or "Hollywood", and what in heaven's name was a Criswell?

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