Friday, December 04, 2009


Or, Getting A Dial Tone

[Originally Aired May 23, 2007]

The survivors continue on toward the radio tower. Jack tells Kate that Sawyer didn't mean it when he told her he didn't want her to come with him. He was just trying to protect her. She asks why he's sticking up for Sawyer. "Because I love you." Flashback and Beardy Jack parks his car in an urban neighborhood. He looks at the newspaper clipping again and opens his phone. He puts the phone away without calling and exits his Jeep. He walks to a rundown funeral parlor. The place is empty, except for a lone coffin. The funeral director enters and Jack asks him if anyone came to the funeral. "Nobody showed up. Just you. My deepest condolences. Friend or family?" Neither says Jack. The director offers to open the casket but Jack says no, and just cries. Back in the jungle, Jack asks Rousseau how far to the tower. About an hour. She tells him she's not going back with them. The island is her home now. They look ahead of them and see Ben and Alex. Ben says "Hello, Jack, we need to talk." In The Looking Glass, Mikhail asks Bonnie and Greta about the jamming equipment. It's waterproof, and it can only be turned off if you have the code. So, he asks, why are they down here then? Just following orders, they say. Mikhail shoots them both, saying he too is just following orders. Bonnie doesn't die, and before Mikhail can do her in, Dez pops out and shoots him with the spear gun. Meanwhile Ben tells Jack he just needs five minutes of his time. Alone. Flashback and Beardy Jack tries to fill his oxycodone prescription. He tries to pass off a prescription written by his dad, but has no luck. Someone recognizes him as the hero on TV. He storms out of the pharmacy. Ben tells Jack "Not so long ago, Jack. I made a decision, that took the lives of over forty people in a single day. I'm telling you this because, history is about to repeat itself, right here, right now. The woman you're travelling with. The one who parachuted onto the island from that helicopter. She's not who she says she is. She's a representative of some people who've been trying to find this island, Jack. She's one of the bad guys." Jack laughs, "Oh, I almost forgot, you're the good guys." Ben tells him to give him the sat phone then take his people back to his side of the island and he'll go to his side. Jack says no. Then Ben picks up his walkie-talkie and tells Tom that if he doesn't hear his voice in one minute to shoot their prisoners. Jack refuses to turn over the sat phone and three shots are heard over the radio. Jack jumps on top of Ben and pounds the shit out of him. Then he picks up the radio and says "Tom, I'm going to lead my people up to the radio tower. And I'm going to make a call and I'm going to get them all rescued, every one of them. And then I'm going to come find you, and I'm going kill you." In The Looking Glass, Charlie asks Bonnie for the code. She tells him it is "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys, he needs to play the melody with the buttons. Meanwhile, Jack drags Ben back to the rest of the group and throws him at Alex and Rousseau's feet. Ben looks up and says "Alex, this is your mother." Jack pulls Kate aside and tells her that Ben just had Sayid, Jin and Bernard killed. She asks why he just didn't kill Ben then. "Because I want him to see it. I want him to experience the moment that we get off this island, and I want him to know that he failed. And then I'll kill him." Back at the beach, Tom and the other Others argue. He says they should have shot their prisoners for real. Whew! I thought for sure Bernard was going to be a dead man. Not too far away Sawyer and Juliet watch and strategize how to attack without any weapons. Then Sawyer hears something. Oh fuck, is that the monster? Holy shit, no, it's Hurley in the Dharma Van! Yes! He barrels out of the jungle and plows down one of the Others. Yes! Fuck yes! Tom falls and drops his gun. Sawyer runs behind the van and grabs Tom's gun. Sayid trips one of them, then wraps his legs around the guy's head and snaps his neck. Yes! Tom holds up his hands and surrenders. Sawyer shoots him in the chest. "That's for taking the kid off the raft." Fuck yeah. Way to go, Sawyer! Beardy Jack then steals some oxy in a flashback at the hospital, but he's so stoned he knocks a bunch of shit over. Dr. Hamill asks him if he's okay then asks to speak to him alone. Jack refuses so Hamill tells him about what the woman in the car crash said. She saw someone on the bridge getting ready to jump and it distracted her and that's why she crashed. So how did Jack get there so fast? Jack says Hamill has no idea what he's been through, and then Hamill asks if he's drunk and Jack says to bring his dad down here because there is no way he's as drunk as him. Hamill gives him a weird look. On the walkie-talkie, Hurley's voice can be heard. He says "Attention, Others. Come in, Others. If you're listening in, I want you to know that we got you bastards. And unless the rest of you wanna be blown up, you best stay away from our beach." Jack is surprised. He radios back and asks about Jin and Sayid and Bernard. All safe. Jack tells them to stay put at the beach, they're almost to the tower. Things are going well. Which is never a good thing on the island. Meanwhile Charlie tells Dez to prep some scuba gear while he works on the jammer. Charlie disables to equipment, then the the console lights up "Incoming Transmission." Woah! The monitor comes to life and Penny is visible on the other side. Woo hoo! He yells for Desmond and asks her if she's on the boat. "What boat? Who's Naomi?" Uh oh. Something taps on the porthole. Shit, it's Mikhail. He points to a grenade in his hand and smiles menacingly. Charlie quickly closes the door to the control room. Mikhail pulls the pin. The window shatters and sea water floods in. Desmond pounds on the other side of the door. The monitor fizzles out and Penny is gone. Charlie grabs his pen and writes something on the palm of his hand. The room fills with water. Charlie presses his hand to the small window. "Not Penny's boat," is written on his hand. Dez nods. Charlie crosses himself and dies. Damn. Up on the hill Naomi yells "Jack!! Jack, he did it!! Your friend bloody well did it! The green light, it's on. The jamming's stopped." She fires up the sat phone, but all they hear is Rousseau's distress call. It's okay, they're at the radio tower. Naomi, Rousseau and Jack enter the radio tower. They disable Rousseau's transmission. Naomi returns outside to get a clear signal. Then she spits up blood and falls over, a knife in her back. What the fuck? Locke stands not too far off and and tells Jack to stay away from the sat phone. Damn, Locke is a fucking loon, ain't he? Locke whips out his gun and points it at Jack. Ben tells him to shoot Jack. Jack gets in Locke's face. But Locke can't pull the trigger. Jack dials out to Naomi's boat. "Can you get a fix on our location?" The reply comes. "Hell yeah we can. Sit tight. We'll be right there." Flashback and Beardy Jack sits on the floor of his apartment. He opens his cell phone and calls someone. He begs them not to hang up, that he really needs to see them. The agree to meet out near the airport. Cut to later, Jack sits in his Jeep, near the end of the runway. A car pulls up. Someone gets out and approaches. It's Kate. What? They didn't know each other before the crash. Oh. Oh shit. This isn't a flashback! This is the future! Oh. My. God. Kate tells him he looks terrible. He laughs and hands her the clipping, saying he hoped she would show up at the funeral. She wrinkles her nose, "Why would I go to the funeral?" He says he's been flying a lot. "Yeah, that golden pass that they gave us. I've been using it. Every Friday night I fly from LA to Tokyo or, Singapore, Sydney. And then I get off and I have a drink and then I fly home... I want it to crash, Kate. I don't care about anybody else on board. Every little bump we hit or turbulence, I mean, I actually close my eyes and I pray that I can get back... I'm sick of lying. We made a mistake." She says she has to go, "He's going be wondering where I am..." She walks back to her car. "We were not supposed to leave. We have to go back, Kate." Behind him, and Oceanic plane takes off.

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