Friday, December 25, 2009


Or, Fathers Dead and Living

[Originally Aired May 1, 2008]

On the beach, Juliet tries to wake up Jack. He's very lethargic. He rises to see Rose and Bernard getting in Charlotte and Faraday's faces. They want to know why the boat won't answer now. Charlotte is all, fuck if I know. And Rose busts out with "Just watch your tone, Red." Heh. Bernard insists they're lying, but Jack reassures him "I know they're lying. I know it. Sooner or later, their people are going to come back for them, and when they do, we'll be waiting for them." Then Jack stumbles and falls down. I thought people weren't supposed to get sick on this island. Flashback or forward or somewhere. Or somewhen, I guess. Anyway, Jack is lying in bed. His phone rings. It's his office, confirming his surgical consult for this morning. Jack says he'll be there. He strolls downstairs and steps on a toy Millennium Falcon. Where is he? Someplace with kids. Kate's? He walks into the bathroom. Kate steps out of the shower and wraps herself in a towel. Kate's it is, I guess. They kiss. Later that night Jack reads Aaron (better known as Turniphead around these parts) "Alice In Wonderland." Kate calls him a natural, and tells him she's glad he's changed his mind. In the jungle, Miles, Claire and Sawyer continue their trek back to the beach. Miles suddenly stops and asks "Who's Danielle and Karl?" Then he drops to his knees and starts digging in the dirt. He quickly unearths Rousseau and Karl's corpses. Damn. Sawyer asks how Miles knew they were there and if his buddies did this. Miles says he didn't sign up for this shit. Sawyer tells Claire everything will be okay once they get back to the beach. Meanwhile, Juliet asks Jack what's wrong. He says it's food poisoning. She disagrees and jabs his side. Appendicitis. Has it ruptured? Not yet, he says. "I guess we're just going to have to take it out," Juliet suggests. She makes a list of equipment and asks Sun to get it from the medical station. She doesn't know what half this shit is so Faraday says he'll go along. No one trust him or Charlotte and Charlotte is all big whup if they wanna think we're killers, fuck em, let em think that. Then Faraday says that shit-eating attitude is exactly why no one trusts them. Juliet hands her pistol to Jin and say if either of them try to run, shoot them in the leg. Kate asks why they just don't take Jack to the medical station. Too risky, his appendix might rupture, which will kill him for sure. In the jungle, Miles give Claire a glance and Sawyer is all "Don't look at her. Don't talk to her. Don't mess with her. You got a restraining order. Twenty feet." He then threatens to kick Miles's face in if he doesn't comply. Meanwhile Rose wonders why Jack got sick. People don't get sick on the island. They get better. Back home, Jack receives a call from Santa Rosa. He goes to visit Hurley and the shrink tells him he's stopped taking his meds, stopped sleeping. Jack asks why. "He doesn't think I exist." Hurley is convinced they never left the island, that they all died. He tells Jack that Charlie comes to visit him and talk. About what? "Yesterday, he told me you were gonna be coming by. He wanted me to give you a message. He made me write it down so I wouldn't mess it up. You're not supposed to raise him, Jack. Does that make any sense?" Jack gets upset and tells Hurley to take his meds. Jin and Faraday and Charlotte and Sun reach the med station and they pull open the doors. Faraday gallantly goes in first, lest something happen to Charlotte. Sun and Jin speak in Korean about whether or not Charlotte knows he is sweet on her. In the station Faraday wonders where the power is coming from. Sun tells Jin they're not going to get help from these people. Jin promises no matter what he'll get her and the baby off the island. Elsewhere in the jungle Claire stumbles and Miles offers assistance. Sawyer tells him again to back off. Then Frank comes out of the jungle. He tells them to hide. That Keamy is heading this way. "If he sees you, he'll kill all of you." They duck behind some bushes and Keamy and some other mercs show up. One is bleeding badly. Frank tries to get them to head to the copter but Aaron coos and Keamy hears it. He peers around as Frank begs him to come back to the chopper. Keamy follows Frank away. Back at the beach, Juliet preps for surgery. She asks Kate to help. She can hold the mirror while Jack watches and talks her through the procedure. Yeah, because that sounds like a good idea. In California, Jack comes home late at night after spending his evening staring at the bench where Charlie visits Hurley. He wakes Kate and tells her Hurley has gone insane and then asks her to marry him. She says yes. Which would be totally sweet except we already know they split up after this. Jin and co. return to the beach. Faraday and Juliet start sterilizing the instruments. Jin speaks to Charlotte in Korean, saying he knows she can understand him. She plays dumb until he says "If you continue to lie I'm going to hurt your friend Daniel. I'm going to break his fingers one at a time. Do you understand that? When the helicopter comes for you, you're going to take my wife off this island." Awesome. Meanwhile Bernard offers to chloroform Jack. He refuses. Bernard tells him the local anesthetic will only help so much. Juliet slices him open. Jack grunts and groans and starts to thrash. Juliet tells Kate to leave and for Bernard to chloroform Jack. Cut to Jack working late at his office. He hears a beeping out in the hall. He follows it and finds a smoke detector on the fritz. He pops the battery out. As he glances out at the waiting room he sees his father sitting there. He hears a voice behind him and spins around and sees another doctor. He looks back and his father is gone. She asks him if he's okay. Yeah, he says, just a little stressed out. Then he asks her to write him a prescription for Xanax. Uh oh. She seems hesitant but gives it to him anyway. Back on the island, Claire wakes next to a campfire. Miles and Sawyer sleep nearby. Aaron is gone. Then Claire sees her father (who I totally forgot was Jack's father too) holding the baby. At the beach Bernard tells Kate the surgery went fine. Juliet says "The other day, when you came back from the other side of the island, Jack kissed me. It was nice. But it wasn't for me. It was for him. I'm pretty sure he was trying to prove something: That he doesn't love someone else." Kate thanks her for saving his life and leaves. Juliet looks down at Jack and says "I know you're awake." Ouch. Back in California, Kate comes home. Jack is waiting. There are empty beer bottles around. He sips some whiskey. He asks where she was. She tells him to trust her, to let it go. He doesn't. She says she was out doing something for Sawyer. What, he asks. Nothing he needs to worry about, she insists. "He made his choice. He chose to stay. I'm the one who came back. I'm the one who's here. I'm the one who saved you," Jack says. She tells him not to be an asshole, not around her son. "Your son? You're not even related to him!" Ouch. Back on the island Sawyer wakes to find Claire gone. He asks Miles where she went. She left with her dad, he says. From somewhere, Aaron cries out. Sawyer runs through the brush and finds the baby under a tree, safe. He yells for Claire but there is no reply.

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