Friday, December 04, 2009


Or, Two Tribes Go To War

[Originally Aired May 23, 2007]

Flashback, Jack is on an Oceanic flight, and he has a beard. He's also drunk and the stewardess refuses to serve him another. She hands him the newspaper instead. Jack looks at it, notices something and frantically tears the section of the paper out. Later, he's driving in his Jeep. He pulls over, looks at the clipping again and opens up his phone. "Hey. It's me. I just read..." He starts crying then hangs up and exits the car. He walks out onto a bridge overlooking the L.A. River. He climbs up onto the rail. "Forgive me," he says. But before he can jump, the sounds of screeching tires followed by a car crashing can be heard. Jack turns around. A fire, somewhere off screen, flickers on his face. A child screams. On the island Jack asks Sayid if his crew is ready. "The dynamite's in place. We won't miss. Jack, no matter what happens here, I want you to keep moving; keep moving for that radio tower. Don't turn back for any reason. I'm willing to give my life if it means securing rescue, but I'm not giving it up for nothing." They wish each other luck. Rose makes Bernard repeat "I am a dentist. I am not Rambo." Hurley reassures Claire. Sun asks Jin why he is doing this. "Because we have to go home." Then Rousseau and Jack lead the survivors away from the beach. Along the way, Naomi shows Jack how to use the sat phone, in case something happens to her. All they need to do is wait for Charlie to disable the jamming device. Speaking of which, down in The Looking Glass, Charlie is bound and the women are playing a game of Bad Cop Worse Cop in which one of them punches him in the face while they argue about calling Ben. One of them radios Ben and he asks why the hell they're breaking radio silence. Because Charlie is there. Ben tells Mikhail to head down to The Looking Glass to find out what's going on. "You told us The Looking Glass was inoperable. Flooded." Ben says he lied. He then radios the attack party. But they've already turned off their walkie-talkies. Uh oh. This is going to hurt, isn't it? They Others split into three groups. One approaches the first time. They enter and pull back the blankets. It's a bed full of coconuts. Oops. Sayid aims, fires. Ka-fucking-boom! Toasty Others fly everywhere. Bernard fires. Boom! More dead Others. Jin fires, and misses. In his defense, he has a pistol and his pals have rifles. A firefight ensues. Jin is captured. Then Bernard is captured. Then Sayid is captured. Well... fuck. Flashback and Jack is at the hospital getting stitches. The doctor calls him a hero for saving the mother and her kid from the burning wreck. "Thank god you were on that bridge." Yeah. Jack's ex-wife, Sarah, walks in. She asks what happened, asks if she's drinking again. No, he lies. Then he asks what she's doing here. Still on his emergency contact info. He asks for a ride home. She says no. She says goodbye. Back in the island, high on a hill, the survivors look back and see two columns of smoke rising from the beach. "Why were there only two explosions?" Jack assures everyone they shooters are okay. Sun wants to wait for them. Jack says no, they have to continue on. In The Looking Glass, the women ask what Charlie is doing there. "I'm here, to turn off your jamming equipment. It's in there, next to the flashing yellow light." They're rattled. They ask what the secret code is to turn the jammer off. He says that doesn't matter, the station is going to flood. But if this station floods, what happens to you? "I die." Tom radios Ben and tells them seven of his people were blown up. He tells them they've captured three survivors. Ben asks where the rest went. The captured aren't talking. "Shoot Kwon." They are about to kill Jin when suddenly Bernard spills the beans. "They're hiking to a radio tower. A woman parachuted here. She has a satellite phone and they're going to call her ship." In his tent Alpert asks if they're going to head to the radio tower. No, Ben, says, everyone goes on as planned. He'll go to the radio tower alone and stop them. How, asks Alpert. "I'm going talk them out of it." As he packs to go, Alex tells him she's coming with him. Across the island Kate tells Sawyer that the shooters should have caught up with them by now. She wants to go back. Of course, says Sawyer. She asks why he's been in such a shitty mood since he killed Locke's father. Well, she doesn't phrase it that way, since she doesn't know. She tells him Juliet was supposed to find out if she was pregnant too. Sawyer snaps "Well, let's hope you're not." On the boat, Dez wakes up. He looks overboard to the Looking Glass. Suddenly there are shots. Mikhail stands on the beach with a rifle. Dez jumps in the water and swims down to The Looking Glass. He pops up in the pool and Charlie tells him to hide, that there are people here. Dez hides in a locker. The women come back into the room, and ask who he is talking to. He starts singing "You All Everybody." He gets another punch in the face. Flashback and Beardy Jack checks a patient's chart. He's shaky and pops a pill. Another doctor enters and asks what he's doing. The two introduce themselves. The guy is Doctor Hamill, the new chief of surgery. He says the woman was lucky to Jack was there. Beardy Jack says, not so much, since her back is all fucked up. Hamill says he's going to fix it in the morning. Jack wants to do the operation but the other guy is all did you miss where I just said I am the new chief of surgery? " Last night you pulled this woman's eight year old son out of a burning car then you went back for her. I think you've done enough." Outside the room, a boy waves to Jack, who smiles in return. Back in the jungle, Sawyer tells Jack he's going back. Jack tells him no way. "I ain't asking permission." He continues "Look you got a job to do here. I ain't gonna stand in your way of doing it. And you sure as hell don't need me." Jack tells him it a suicide mission with no guns. Juliet says she knows where some guns are and that she'll show Sawyer. Jack kisses her goodbye and Kate looks jealous. In The Looking Glass, Charlie sings until he is threatened with a spearing from a harpoon gun. Then Mikhail pops up and everyone is kind of confused. The place is supposed to be flooded and the two women are supposed to be in Canada. Charlie agitates and tells Mikhail that they're jamming radio traffic down here too. Mikhail asks where Dez is but then the radio beeps and it is Ben. Mikhail answers. He asks Ben why he's such a liar, and Ben says it's Jacob's doing. Then he says, "I need you to help me. I need you to help me clean up this mess I've made. I need you to kill Charlie. Make sure that the jamming mechanism continues to function at all costs. And we can't risk Greta and Bonnie telling the others about what we've done, so you'll have to take care of them too." Elsewhere, Sawyer asks Juliet what they were building when they were on the chain gang. A runway, she says. For the aliens. He chuckles. He asks about the guns and Juliet tells them there aren't any. But it was the only way Jack would let them go. Then Hurley shows and asks to help. Sawyer tells him to get lost, that he'd only slow them down. Across the island Alex asks why Ben let her come. "I'm delivering you to your new family. I let you come because you betrayed me." She asks why he just doesn't let them go. "Because I can't." Somewhere else, Locke wakes. He's in the pit with the corpses. He sees a gun in one of the belts. He pulls it out and puts it too his head. "Don't, John. Put the gun down." Locke looks up and sees Walt standing above the pit. What the fuck? Walt tells him to get up. "He shot me and I can't move my legs." Get up, Walt says. Why? "Because you have work to do."

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