Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Oceanic Six

Who the hell are the Oceanic Six? Okay, so I know Jack and Kate and Hurley and Sayid and Ben are off the island. And whoever was in the casket. And Kate is living with someone. Unless the person in the casket is Hurley or Sayid or Ben. Someone who was sent to a cheap-ass looking funeral home. And was Kate one of the Oceanic Six? She's wanted. But was free when she met Jack at the airport. And Ben was never on the plane, so he can't be one of them, right?

I know i'll find out in a bit. But yesterday when I was picking up season five on DVD, they had a big display. The art was two groups of people, one of which was the Oceanic Six, I assume. They other, those who stayed on the island. I refused to look at it directly.

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