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Or, The Return Of The Flashbacks

[Originally Aired February 7, 2008]

Flashback to a POV of two underwater camera bots surveying the ocean floor. Suddenly, wreckage of a plane comes into view. A voice on the radio says "Oh my god, it's Oceanic 815." The camera pulls out revealing the footage is a news broadcast. The newscaster says the wreckage was found in the Sunda Trench off Bali, which is totally not between Sydney and Los Angeles. A man watches the TV. It's the guy that parachuted onto the island at the end of the previous episode. A woman asks "Dan? Dan? Dan, why are you so upset?" He just sobs and says he doesn't know. Cut to a the interior of a helicopter. It's sputtering in the rain, out of control. There is confusion and chaos. Someone shoves Dan out of the copter. He parachutes down to Jack and Kate. Jack asks who he is. "I'm Daniel Faraday. I'm here to rescue you." Wow. Jack asks what happened and Faraday explains that the instruments went haywire and he lost his phone when he jumped out of the plane. Kate hands him Naomi's and he calls Minkowski. Then Faraday tells Jack and Kate that all the team is wearing GPS locators and asks if they'll help him find the rest of his crew. Elsewhere, Locke leads his people through the jungle. Sawyer asks "Why are you going East? Thought you said the Barracks were due South." Locke tells them he's taking a detour to a cabin. Hurley says the cabin is the other way, then pretends he was talking about the cabin of the plane. Sawyer asks who the hell Locke is taking orders from. "Walt," says Locke. At the beach, Sayid asks Juliet why Ben told them the people on the boat would kill them. "Because he's a liar. And he's trying to scare us, that's what Ben does. Or, because the people coming here intend to do us harm. How many guns do you have left?" Kate, Jack and Faraday wander through the jungle looking for the chopper crew. They find a container from the copter. Jack opens it and it is full of gas masks. Jack asks what's up with that, but Faraday just says he's not in charge of packing so he doesn't know. Then the ask him why he has a gun. For protection. From what? "Okay, see, rescuing you and your people: Can't really say its our primary objective." Then the radio picks up someone's location. "It's Miles!" Across the island, Sawyer grills Locke about Walt. Locke says Walt is taller. That's because he got his pubes and grew like two feet in the last year, even though it was only supposed to be like a month since he left. "He said I had work to do. That I had to stop this woman, Naomi, from bringing the rest of her people here." Sawyer is incredulous. Locke continues "Ben had shot me and left me for dead, Walt saved my life, so I pretty much took him at his word." Sawyer is still disbelieving, and asks how the hell he's stomping around all fit as a fiddle if he'd been shot. Locke lifts his shirt and shows off his wound. "The bullet went in one side, came out the other. I'd probably be dead if I still had a kidney there." Jack and Kate and Faraday find Miles. He's lying down, unconscious, near the shore. Jack approaches and Miles pops up, aiming a gun at Jack. He asks where Naomi is. Flashback and Miles pulls up at a suburban house. He meets a woman and tells her it'll be $200. She says it was supposed to be $100. "That was before my buddy at the police station told me your grandson was murdered." Then he heads upstairs to the young man's room. He pulls some sort of Ghostbuster Dustbuster out of his bag and turns it on. Miles sits down on the bed. He shivers and says "You're not doing your grandmother any good staying here, man. You're causing her a lot of pain. I wanna go downstairs and tell her you've gone, but the only way I'm gonna be able to do that is if you tell me where it is. So where is it?" There's a noise and Miles looks behind the dresser and finds a wad of cash and drugs. Miles pockets the money and heads back downstairs. Miles tells the woman her grandson is at peace now and gives her a $100 refund. Back in the jungle Faraday asks what Miles is all on about. "You remember when Naomi said tell my sister I love her, well she doesn't have a sister. That's what we're supposed to say if we get captured, have a gun to our heads." He again demands they take him to her body. Across the island, Ben says he needs to tell Karl something. Karl tells him to shut up. Then Ben asks Sawyer why he came with them, because now Kate is totally going to start boning Jack. Sawyer beats on Ben. Jebus, is he a masochist? Does he like being the island punching bag? Locke breaks up the fight. Sawyer asks why they're even keeping Ben alive. Because he's been on the island a long time and has information and is harmless. Sawyer reminds Locke that Ben shot him a couple days ago. Miles hunches over Naomi's body, whispering. After a moment he stands and says Naomi died just like they said. Faraday says "The light is strange out here isn't it? It's kind of like it doesn't scatter quite right." The phone picks up a third crew member. "It's Charlotte, only three kilometers from here." Jack says they won't go any further unless Miles and Faraday put down their weapons. And why should we do that, they ask. "Because our friends are out in the jungle right now holding a gun at your head," Jack says. As if. Then gunfire erupts and Sayid and Juliet appear from the jungle. Miles and Faraday drop their weapons. Flashback and Charlotte is in Tunisia. She bribes her way into an archeological dig. She examines some bones, it's a Ursus Maritimus. A polar bear. In the middle of the Tunisian desert. She pokes around and finds a collar near the bear's neck. A collar with a Dharma logo on it. Cut to the island and Charlotte is hanging from a tree about twenty feet above the water. Her chute has become tangled in the branches. She cuts herself loose and falls to the pond below. She swims ashore where Locke is waiting. Oops. Across the island, Sayid asks Miles and Faraday what they do. Faraday is a physicist. Miles collects soil samples. No mention of talking to the dead? Sayid says "Maybe you can help me. You say you're not here on a rescue mission, and the world at large believes us to be dead. But here we are alive and well, and you don't seem remotely surprised to see us." Meanwhile Charlotte and Locke chat and she says her friends will be here soon. Locke says it's time to move, and Charlotte says they need to stay so the ship can find them. "See, there's your problem. We don't want to be found." Sayid picks up Charlotte on the sat phone and she is fast approaching. The signal gets closer and closer and then Vincent comes running out of the jungle with the transponder tied around his neck. "Locke's got her." Flashback and Jeff Fahey (AKA Frank) watches a report about the Oceanic 815 discovery. He picks up the phone and calls the FAA. He says the report is bullshit. He knew the pilot, and that ain't him. How does Fahey know that? He was supposed to pilot 815 that day. On the island, Frank stumbles through the brush. Then he falls over and sees Mikhail's cow. He checks his phone. Busted. He pulls out a flare gun and fires it. Charlotte sees the flare and wants to see who shot it. Locke says no. Charlotte asks what the hell is wrong with them. Locke says they keep moving as planned and Sawyer says "Who are we to argue with Taller Ghost Walt." Charlotte says bye, she's going alone then. Then Ben steals Karl's gun and shoots her in the chest. Damn. Sawyer beats on Ben again. Charlotte falls and sputters and then opens her shirt to reveal a bulletproof vest. Jacks and co. find Frank. He wakes and tells them about the cow. They ask about Charlotte. They ask if the copter crashed. No way, I'm no suck-ass pilot, he says. He points down the hell. The helicopter sits in a meadow, seemingly unscathed. Wow. Flashback and Naomi meets with Abaddon. She's some sort of mercenary and her mission is to look after "a head case, ghost buster, anthropologist and a drunk" on their trip to the island. She's what to do if they find survivors from 815? "There were no survivors of Oceanic 815. Don't ask questions, just do what you were hired for. Every member of this team was selected for a specific purpose, everything relies on you, getting them in, getting them out, and preventing anyone from getting killed." Sayid inspects the copter while Juliet patches Frank up. He says there was no Juliet on the plane's manifest and tells Miles she's a native. Miles freaks out and whips out a picture of Ben and demands to know where he is. "We're here for Benjamin Linus" he yells. What the hell? Elsewhere, Locke and Sawyer decide who gets to kill Ben and Locke says he'll clean up his mess. He tells Rousseau to take Alex away so she doesn't have to watch. Ben pleads "I have information that you need. I have answers." Locke asks what is the smoke monster. Ben doesn't know. Good-bye, Locke says. Ben blurts out "Her name is Charlotte Lewis! Charlotte Staples Lewis. Born July second, nineteen seventy-nine, Essex, England. Parents David and Jeanette. Eldest of three, all girls. She was raised in Bromsgrove. Did her undergraduate studies at Kent. Took her PhD in Cultural Anthropology at Oxford. She's here with two other team members and a pilot. Their names Daniel Faraday, Miles Straume, Frank Lapidus." Jebus. They've come for him, Ben says. How does he know all this? "Because I have a man on their boat."

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