Thursday, December 24, 2009

New For Season Four

Okay, so this short-ass season is nearly over, but I thought I'd throw together another update of characters on Lost.

The Science Team:

Helicoptered onto the island from Kahana. Not here to rescue survivors.

Faraday: Physicist, mumbler, can't seem to complete a sentence. Knows something about distortion of time on the island.

Charlotte: Kind of an asshole. Found a polar bear in Tunisia. She's an anthropologist.

Frank: Helicopter pilot. Was supposed to be pilot on Oceanic 815.

Miles: Sees dead people. Psychic and total smart ass.

Naomi: Security for science team. Killed by Locke.

Kahana Freighter Crew:

Freighter sits 80 km off the island. Crew here to capture Ben and secure control of the island.

Gault: Captain of boat. Seems tough but fair.

Keamy: Mercenary doucheface. Kills a bunch of people. See below.

Minkowski: Radio operator. Dead after island drove him crazy.

Regina: Member of scientific team. Killed herself after island drove her crazy.

Ray: Ship's doctor. Washed ashore with throat slit.

"Kevin Johnson": Ben's spy on the boat. Saboteur.


Michael: AKA Kevin Johnson. Ben's spy on the boat. Guilt-ridden.


Charlie: Drowned shutting down radio jamming device.

Mikhail: Blew self up with grenade trying to stop Charlie.

Alex: Killed by Keamy.

Tom: Shot by Sawyer for abducting Walt and general malfeasance.

Karl: Killed by Keamy's team of mercenaries.

Rousseau: Also killed by Keamy's team.

Men Behind the Curtain:

Jacob: Leader of the Others. May be invisible. May be bullshit.

Charles Widmore: Hunting for island, and for Ben. Claims island was once his.

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