Friday, December 04, 2009

In Which I Substitute an Email Conversation with Liss and Sparkletoes for an Actual Post

Mistress Sparkletoes: OFFS.

Liss: Is it just me, or does the new Sunmaid girl also look darker-skinned, as if to suggest she might be an "ethnic" migrant worker? Ahem.

Deeky: LOL! I hadn't considered that. I just thought she was tanned. Because all the hot chicks tan. Amirite?

Liss: Yes, and the way all the hot migrant worker chicks tan is by working in the blazing sun all fucking day. Back-breaking, but cheaper than your local "Xtreme Tropix Tanning Salon. Walk-ins welcome!"

Deeky: Xtreme Tropix. I hate you. LOL!

Sparkeltoes: Mmm... cocoa butter!

Liss: Know what goes great with cocoa butter...? Raisins.

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