Monday, June 21, 2010

Whatever Happened To Barret Oliver?

You remember Barret Oliver, don't you? Yes? No? Maybe? Well, I do. We were roughly the same age, and growing up, he was in a lot of my favourite movies. He was totally cute, and was in a bunch of rad movies, so he held a special place in my heart. He was in the totally awesome The NeverEnding Story and got to ride a luckdragon, and that is a great movie about being a total book nerd, which I was back then, so yeah, that was rad. Plus he was in D.A.R.Y.L. and who didn't want to be a robot when they were a kid? (Yeah, I know, technically the Data Analyzing Robot Youth Lifeform was more a cyborg than a robot, per se, but whatever, his best friend was Danny Corkill and his dad was Michael McKean, so, you know, let's not quibble.)

Besides The NeverEnding Story and D.A.R.Y.L. he was in both Cocoon movies. Plus he was the titular Frankenweenie in Tim Burton's directorial debut and lots of TV crap too. And then, poof! He just disappeared. It's like he jumped on Falkor and rode of to Fantasia or something and is now hanging out with Moonchild and Atreyu and Deep Roy. He's been a ghost for twenty years. So where is he now?

I don't know. But I've come up with some excellent theories:

1) Works as a actuary by day, a bluesman by night.

2) iPhone app developer. Most popular creation: iFart.

3) Moved to Norway. Works part-time as a cod fisherman.

4) Still in Hollywood. Shopping around spec script for Cocoon 3.

5) Cashed out his The NeverEnding Story trust fund. Went on four month coke binge. Now lives in Yuma with his mother.

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  1. He is actually a photographer, printer and teaches it ! He specializes in a special mechanical technique created in the 19th century by Walter Bentley Woodbury

    Barret lives n Los Angeles and recently authered a book called 'History Of The Woodburytype'

    You will not recognize Barret anymore.He is 38, has a bushy beard, glasses and his hairline has receded a somewhat over the years!