Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dream Journal No. 3

I'm at the dentist, and I'm lying down in a bed. And a spider fell from the ceiling and landed on the blanket. The hygienist (played by one of the techs from my vet's office) handed me a rolled-up newspaper and told me to squash it. So I did. Then I noticed more spider webs hanging above the bed. I got up to get a better look and saw a huge web with like hundreds of spiders. Then a snake slithered across the bed. Eep! Then another! Then another! So I walked out of the examination room, and told the staff I was leaving. But they were having a meeting and paid no attention to me. I apparently left my shoes in back by the bed. Out in the parking lot I see another snake. Except this one is huge. (Hello, Dr. Freud!) Like Anaconda-starring-Ice-Cube huge. A stranger shows up and starts fighting the snake. He punches the snake, and the snake bites him, and he says shit like "bad snake." This thing is his pet. Also, it's the middle of the night for some reason. After a while the man throws the snake into the passenger seat of his truck and drives off. The hygienist shows up, my shoes in hand. I ask her if she saw the snake fight.


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